Russian Muslim clerics warn of unrest over ban on translation of Quran

President Putin: Champions Russian Orthodox Church as moral compass, but has also called for a multicultural Russian identity. — Reuters file pic - See more at:

President Putin: Champions Russian Orthodox Church as moral compass, but has also called for a multicultural Russian identity. — Reuters file pic – See more at:

MOSCOW, Sept 21 — Russia’s senior Islamic clerics warned the country’s leaders yesterday unrest could erupt in Muslim communities in Russia and beyond if a court decision ordering the destruction of an interpretive translation of Quran is not overturned.

The ruling on Tuesday by a court in Novorossiysk, a city in southern Russia, ordered the widely read text outlawed under a Russian anti-extremism law that rights activists say has been abused by local officials out of prejudice or to persecute groups frowned upon by the dominant Russian Orthodox Church.

Rights campaigners said that the decision, which will apply nationwide unless it is overturned on appeal, comes dangerously close to banning the Quran itself.

Russia’s Council of Muftis sounded the alarm in an open letter yesterday to President Vladimir Putin, who has frequently called for unity among the leading faiths and warned that ethnic tension could tear Russia apart.

“Russian Muslims are very strongly indignant over such an outrageous decision,” Rushan Abbyasov, the deputy head of the council, which has close ties with the Kremlin, told Reuters.

If the ruling is acted on, the cleric warned: “There will be unrest … not only in Russia but all over the world, we are talking about the destruction of the Quran.”

In the letter to Putin, the council drew a parallel with violence in the Middle East and Afghanistan over the actions of an American pastor, Terry Jones, who threatened to burn the Quran on Sept. 11, 2010.

“Is it necessary to discuss how the destruction of books, especially sacred religious books, has been received in Russia in the past?” it said.

“We recall how the burning of just a few copies of the Holy Quran by a crazy American pastor elicited a firm protest not just from Russian Muslims but from our entire society, in solidarity with the stormy and longlasting anger of the global Muslim community and all people of goodwill,” it said.

A lawyer representing the text’s author, Azeri theologian Elmir Kuliyev, said he will appeal the ruling, which calls for the text to be banned and copies of it “destroyed”.

“This is pure idiocy. Some local prosecutor sent this material to a local court and they together decided to ban a holy book,” lawyer Murat Musayev, who has one month to appeal the ruling, told Reuters.

“On the one hand there is freedom of religion in Russia, on the other they are banning fundamental religious texts.”

Experts say the more than decade-old translation by Kuliyev is a respected scholarly work, one of four translations of the Quran into Russian.

“This is one step away from banning the Quran,” said Akhmed Yarlikapov, an expert on Islam with the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“This is a very high quality translation,” he said. “The banning of Kuliyev’s translation is utterly unprofessional, you could ban the Bible just as easily because it also has passages that talk about the spilling of blood.”

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11 thoughts on “Russian Muslim clerics warn of unrest over ban on translation of Quran

  1. Just a comment on this: “you could ban the Bible just as easily because it also has passages that talk about the spilling of blood”.
    The Bible does indeed contain bloody passages but the difference is that the Qur’an insists that the bloodiness be carried on until everyone is converted to Islam. The Bible, on the other hand, recommends peace and love, i.e. in the New Covenant…”Love thy neighbor”, turn the other cheek”, etc. of Matthew 5 to 7. There is nothing of peace in the Qur’an unless you are to refer to the peace between Muslims. That is hard to find nowadays with the constant warring between Islamic sects.

    I believe the Sira, the Qur’an and Hadiths should all be banned. The Sunnah creates more evil in the world than even the Satanic Bible or the Communist Manifesto ever created. It is much worse than Mein Kampf and I believe Hitler probably garnered many of his thoughts for Mein Kampf from the Qur’an and the Hadiths.
    Over 270 million innocent souls have been killed over the Islamic texts. Did the Bible ever do this much damage? I think not.

    • Clearly you don’t know a bit about Islam. Islam is all about forgiveness and accepting the other, If you don’t like the conduct of some Muslims attack the ignorance and the misconceptions that led them to this rather than spreading wrong ideas like that. Regarding evil and bloodiness i have one word for you CRUSADES.

      • so explain to me why it is that in Iraq Muslims have killed vastly more of their fellow Muslims than the Americans ever did

      • You had 2000 years with your stupid book and just look at your pathetic state of embarrassing muslim affairs and it’s lunatic followers making the news every day.
        Suicide bombers, now there’s a bright idea. I want to meet the instructor… “now folks, I’m only going to show you this once!”, LOL, pathetic losers!
        The book’s fundamentals don’t work in modern society, You f*cked it up! Religion and cultist b*llsh*t is over! burn it, along with all other books of blind faith, mass brainwashing, etc, so that humanity and the rest of us can live peacefully.

      • The crusades were defensive actions following centuries of aggressive Islamic expansion. Convert or die was pretty much the message during that expansion. Sounds all too familiar even today. Those who couldn’t say an Islamic prayer in the Nairobi shopping centre (Westgate) were executed, including 5 year old children – just because they were not followers of the “religion of peace”.

        I am neither Muslim, Christian nor Jew – I need scientific proof, tested and peer reviewed before I believe something to be true. Blind faith leads humans to do awful things, especially if your aggressive ideology demands it.

  2. Welllll, I may have a solution. GO BACK TO THE MIDDLE EAST.
    ​The Muslims are not happy…So true ..!
    They´re not happy in Gaza .
    They’re not happy in Egypt .
    They’re not happy in Libya .
    They’re not happy in Morocco .
    They’re not happy in Iran .
    They’re not happy in Iraq .
    They’re not happy in Yemen .
    They’re not happy in Afghanistan .
    They’re not happy in Pakistan .
    They’re not happy in Syria .
    They’re not happy in Lebanon .

    So, where are they happy?

    They’re happy in Australia .
    They’re happy in England .
    They’re happy in France .
    They’re happy in Italy .
    They’re happy in Germany .
    They’re happy in Sweden .
    They’re happy in the USA .
    They’re happy in Norway.

    They’re happy in almost every country that is not Muslim!

    And whom do they blame?
    Not Islam . . .
    Not their leadership . . .
    Not themselves . . .


    Paraphrase: “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting things to change is the definition of Insanity”
    Albert Einstein

  3. Imagine that: a believer in islam who is Angry & threatening violence. Who would of thought?
    …oh ya, EVERYBODY!
    …so much for the peaceful religion. Ha!

  4. Islam is not compatible with western cultures… The Crusades, Barbary Wars (US Marine Corp Anthem ), it will happen again and again, unless Islam or Western Culture is destroyed… If Islam wins they will continue their wars against each other, honor killings, neighbor revenge, etc.
    The mosques must be closed in western countries, as these are radical transit hubs into the local communities.
    Those that will not covert from Islam, must be deported to a country of their choice.

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