Benghazi: When America Switched Sides In The War On Terror And Armed Al-Qaida

Click here to go to the new 19 min. video Daily Caller, by Ginni Thomas: The Center for Security Policy’s Vice President for Research and Analysis, Clare Lopez, says in this exclusive video interview with The Daily Caller that very … Continue reading

The Benghazi Brief – The Entire Story Of Operation “Zero Footprint” In Libya and Why Further Benghazi Committee Hearings Are Futile…

Originally posted on The Last Refuge:
As with all complex stories the valuable discoveries come with time. This Brief has been updated to include the newly spotlighted research on Syria and ISIL.  Most importantly the previously unknown “Second Presidential Finding Memo”…

Released House Testimony confirms author Ken Timmerman’s Dark Forces allegations about the Benghazi Attack

NER, by Jerry Gordon, July 10 2014: Testimony of senior military released yesterday by  House Armed Services and Government Oversight Committees confirms author Ken Timmerman’s allegations in his expose, Dark Forces: The Truth About What Happened in Benghazi .  That the mortar … Continue reading

Herridge: Court Filings Reveal Benghazi Attack Had Nothing to Do with Anti-Islam Video

BY: Washington Free Beacon Staff: Catherine Herridge, Chief intelligence correspondent for Fox News, revealed documents filed by the U.S. Justice Department against Libyan militant Ahmed Abu Khatallah hurt the claim made by the Obama administration that the Benghazi attack developed from … Continue reading

Benghazi panel ramps up

By LAUREN FRENCH: There are no Benghazi hearings on the House calendar, but the silence doesn’t mean the investigation is fading away. Rep. Trey Gowdy is launching a special committee to wrangle a probe that’s sprawled across the jurisdictions of multiple … Continue reading

Death in Benghazi, Part II: Will the House Select Committee Find the Truth?

New English Review, by Jerry Gordon and Mike Bates (July 2014) Death in Benghazi, Part I: The Attack featured an interview with Kenneth R. Timmerman, author of Dark Forces: The Truth About Happened in Benghazi which presented a thesis that the attack … Continue reading

Update IV of The Benghazi Brief – “Operation Zero Footprint” – What We Know About The Benghazi Mission, And Subsequent Attack…

By Sundance, June 25, 2014: UPDATE IV –  In response to the Times of London report, and in a generally dismissed part of her congressional testimony,  Senator Rand Paul asked outgoing Secretary Hillary Clinton a very specific question – (See @2:20 of this … Continue reading

(Update Part III): “Operation Zero Footprint” – What We Know About The Benghazi Mission and Subsequent Attack…

By Sundance, June 22, 2014: (Hat tip Allen West) We now have a pretty good understanding of who, what, where, and why surrounding the 9/11/12 attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi Libya. We are also better positioned to understand … Continue reading

Shadowy Iranian spy chief helped plan the Benghazi attack

By Kenneth R. Timmerman: As a radical Islamic army marches across Iraq, America is making a deal with the devil. Qassem Suleymani, the head of Iran’s secretive Quds Force, is allied with us in Baghdad — but he’s plotted to kill … Continue reading

CLARE LOPEZ – Benghazi – Khattala – ISIS, A World on FIRE!

By J. Mark Campbell: “CenterVision” is a new micro-series produced by The United West which airs weekly. “CenterVision” will present a short, insightful video analysis of critical national security issue featuring subject-matter experts from the preeminent national security think tank in … Continue reading

More to ‘Hard Choices’ than Benghazi

By Lloyd Billingsley: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s new book has been in the spotlight over what she says about Benghazi. That chapter, which starts on page 382, is not the only fascinating passage in Hard Choices. Consider, for example, what Hillary says … Continue reading

Apprehension of Jihadist Suspect in Benghazi Massacre

National Review, By Andrew C. McCarthy: I’m out on the Left Coast to talk about Faithless Execution again today. But at the Benghazi Accountability Coalition, which I chair, we’re closely following the apprehension of Ahmed Abu Khatallah. Here is my statement on it: When … Continue reading

US captures Benghazi suspect, but most attackers remain free

By THOMAS JOSCELYN: Ahmed Abu Khattalah, who is suspected of taking direct part in the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, has been detained by the US. Abu Khattalah was the most conspicuous of the alleged attackers. He even … Continue reading