The Quran



Online Islamic Sources (via Answering Muslims)


The Quran’s doctrine of Abrogation


List of Abrogations in the Qur’an

Read the Quran Online via Citizen Warrior

LOTS OF web sites have the entire Quran available to read in English online:

A Chronological Qur’an




The Koran

The Holy Quran

The Quran

Pickthall’s Quran

Yusuf Ali Quran

Rodwell’s Koran


The Project Gutenberg Ebook of The Koran

Skeptics Annotated Quran


An Index for the Quran:

via Citizen Warrior: PETER FRIEDMAN, owner of Friedman Aviation Enterprises in Concord, California, has created an index for the Quran. Most books have an index, which makes it a lot easier to find what you’re looking for. Peter made one for the Quran. And he’s allowing us to make this freely available to everyone. It is on Google Docs as a PDF document.

We’ve got two different versions here, depending on which numbering system your Quran uses, Roman or Arabic. Download and print the one that matches your Quran:

Look up chapter (sura) and verse to find what you’re looking for in the Quran. Thank you, Peter Friedman, for this useful tool.

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