The Quran

1-1-quranarabic1 (1)2From the Internet Sacred Text Archive:

The Qur’an is the primary text of Islam, revealed to the Prophet Muhammed beginning in the year 610 C.E. It was canonicalized between 644 and 656. The Qur’an is required reading for anyone who wants to understand Islam. Qur’an means “The Recital” in Arabic; according to the story, the angel Gabriel commanded Muhammed to “Recite!”.

Hypertext Qur’an
This page links together all of the Qur’an versions at this site.

Unicode Qur’an
The Arabic text of the Qur’an presented using Unicode. For more information on Unicode see this file. Includes a parallel transliteration into the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA).

The Holy Qur’an: Arabic Text, Pronunciation Guide, Yusuf AliEnglish Text
A merged version of the excellent Yusuf Ali English translation in parallel with Arabic. Arabic script is presented using GIF image files.

The Qur’ân, Part I
tr. by E.H. Palmer [1880] (Sacred Books of the East, vol. 6)
This is a completely new etext of the first volume of the Palmer Quran traslation, with full introduction and footnotes.

The Qur’ân, Part II
tr. by E.H. Palmer [1880] (Sacred Books of the East, vol. 9)
A completely new etext of the second volume of the Palmer Quran translation, with full footnotes and the text of the index for Part I and Part II.

The Koran
translated by J.M. Rodwell [1876]
Another major Quran translation from the 19th century.

The Qur’an
by Mohammed Marmaduke Pickthall (1875-1936) [1930]
A modern and sympathetic English rendering of the Quran.

The Holy Quran
by Abdullah Yusuf Ali [1934]
One of the first modern English editions of the Quran, still in wide use today.


 David  Wood’s Quran page


Other Online Islamic Sources (via Answering Muslims)


See The Origins of the Qur’an


The Quran’s doctrine of Abrogation


List of Abrogations in the Qur’an

Read the Quran Online via Citizen Warrior
LOTS OF web sites have the entire Quran available to read in English online:

A Chronological Qur’an




The Koran

The Holy Quran

The Quran

Pickthall’s Quran

Yusuf Ali Quran

Rodwell’s Koran


The Project Gutenberg Ebook of The Koran

Skeptics Annotated Quran


An Index for the Quran:

via Citizen Warrior: PETER FRIEDMAN, owner of Friedman Aviation Enterprises in Concord, California, has created an index for the Quran. Most books have an index, which makes it a lot easier to find what you’re looking for. Peter made one for the Quran. And he’s allowing us to make this freely available to everyone. It is on Google Docs as a PDF document.

We’ve got two different versions here, depending on which numbering system your Quran uses, Roman or Arabic. Download and print the one that matches your Quran:

Look up chapter (sura) and verse to find what you’re looking for in the Quran. Thank you, Peter Friedman, for this useful tool.
An_Abridged_Koran-400x533-334x450By Bill Warner, The Center for the Study of Political Islam:The standard Koran is arranged by length of chapter. The longest chapter is at the beginning and the shortest chapters are at the end. This makes it confusing and hard to understand. You can read and understand AN ABRIDGED KORAN. The words of the Koran are woven back into Mohammed’s life. This is the way the Koran unfolded in the first place. It was recorded over the course of Mohammed’s life.

AN ABRIDGED KORAN recreates the historical order of the Koran of Mohammed’s day. The first chapters start with Mohammed’s first recitation and the last chapters are those he recited before he died. Mohammed’s life gives the Koran clarity, meaning, and order. When the Koran and Mohammed’s life are brought together, the Koran becomes a powerful epic story.

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