The Glazov Gang-Dr. Phyllis Chesler on “An American Bride in Kabul.”


Dr. Chesler joined the program to discuss her memoir and all of its ingredients, including being trapped in Afghanistan as a young bride, her terrifying experiences under Islamic Gender Apartheid, her views on the burqa and on how the feminist Left has betrayed Muslim women, her main message, and much, much more:

American Bride in KabulPhyllis Chesler is an Emerita Professor of Psychology and Women’s Studies at City University of New York, best-selling author, legendary feminist leader, Fellow at the Middle East Forum and the author of 15 books. She is the author of her new memoir, An American Bride in Kabul.

Intelligent Multiculturalism – Survival and the Beauty of Openness

blind-multiculturalism-vulnerable-to-invasionBy Citizen Warrior:

Blind multiculturalism and political correctness seem to be the only things  standing in the way of simply adopting what should be commonsense  self-defense: Arresting or deporting those who propose the overthrow of our government (which is apparently happening in the majority of mosques) and stopping all concessions to this relentless band of interlopers (orthodox Muslims).

If you’ve got someone pushing for special concessions regardless of fairness, and who have stated their intentions to usurp  the legitimate government, you would think it a no-brainer to stop them.

The two things that prevent most Westerners from even knowing about this  issue are political correctness and blind multiculturalism. These two  cultural blots prevent politicians from speaking openly and directly  about orthodox Islam. They prevent newspapers and television reporters  from reporting openly and honestly about it, and they even prevent  individual people talking about it among themselves out of fear of  making a social blunder and being considered racist or bigoted.

Of the two, I would say blind multiculturalism is the more important one.  If that’s true, it means the single biggest barrier to being heard by a  significant portion of the population of non-Muslims — the one thing  stopping a widespread public education about Islam — is blind  multiculturalism, so let’s deal with it right now.

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