Feds’ San Bernardino Narrative Disintegrates as Picture of Terror Network Becomes Clear

First responders tending to the victims at the Inland Regional Center Source: NBCLA.com/Handout via Reuters

First responders tending to the victims at the Inland Regional Center
Source: NBCLA.com/Handout via Reuters

The ISIS Study Group, Dec. 8, 2015:

From the start the ISIS Study Group has maintained that the San Bernardino Shooting was the work of a cell based in Southern California’s Inland Empire (reference – “The Flames of War Come to San Bernardino, CA”). As the Obama administration’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS) attempted to push the narrative that this was a case of “workplace violence” that resulted from an argument at a Christmas party, we continued to dig into Sayid Farooq and Tashfeen Malik’s terror links. In “Some Interesting San Bernardino Developments” we laid out Farooq’s links to the Islamic Society and that organization’s deep ties to known terrorists and attacks on US soil. We followed that up with “San Bernardino UPDATE as of 06 DEC 15-More Terror Links,” which covered Tashfeen and her father’s ties to jihadist ideology and ties to Pakistan’s jihadist community. The Feds continue to cling to their faulty narrative, but the tighter they hold onto this fantasy more of the truth slips out.

San Bernardino UPDATE as of 06 DEC 15-More Terror Links

Some Interesting San Bernardino Developments…

The Flames of War Come to San Bernardino, CA

Ibrahim Simpson Source: Pamela Geller

Ibrahim Simpson
Source: Pamela Geller

So what’s new? Well, the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has been attempting to block journalists (international journalists-members of the American MSM don’t seem to care) from doing additional digging into Tashfeen’s associations with the Lal Masjid’s (aka “Red Mosque”). Something tells us we were on to something regarding Abdul Aziz and his wife’s direct links to the Islamic State (IS) External Operations Division – specifically the late-Junaid Hussein and later his widow Sally Ann Jones and acolyte Siful Sujan, who has also been in contact with Sayid Farooq. Okay, so Who’s Siful Sujan, again? Susan (aka “Abu Khalid al-Bengali”) was a Syria-based subordinate of Junaid Hussein. When Hussein died, Sujan began to take over some of his portfolio to include alternative attack planning by using individuals from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. He’s also the primary facilitator for dual-Bengali/Canadian citizen Ahmed Tamim Choudray in support of the effort to establish an official IS province in Bangladesh. More importantly, Sujan continues to maintain a close relationship with Hussein’s widow Sally. Sayid’s ties with a close associate of Garland Shooter Ibrahim Simpson identified as Mujahid Miski adds further weight to this assessment.

Source: SITE Intelligence Group

Source: SITE Intelligence Group

Source: SITE Intelligence Group

Source: SITE Intelligence Group

Pakistani Security Seeks To Tamp Down Reporting On California Shooter

Texas attack: The chain of terror tweets that led to Elton Simpson rampage at Draw Mohammed contest

Bangladesh’s ISIS Problem


The IS propaganda machine has been disseminating several images such as the one above Source: The ISIS Study Group

The IS propaganda machine has been disseminating several images such as the one above
Source: The ISIS Study Group

According to our sources, Sayid and Tashfeen had been in regular contact with Sujan, Sally and more recently an IS External Operations member identified as “Ahmed al-Ahmed,” who was tasked by Sujan to provide Sayid’s cell with everything they would need. The $28,500 USD deposited to Sayid’s bank account two weeks prior to the San Bernardino Shooting was likely sent by Ahmed to help cover his cell’s expenses. The IS External Operations Division likes to us a series of different methods to send money to lone-wolves and cells tasked with carrying out operations abroad – usually a combination of money being wired via Hawala (think of it like an Islamic “Western Union”), picked up then transferred to a specific account. In this case the money may have even been taken out as a loan by Sayid. He had converted $10,000 into cash and withdrew the money at a Union Bank branch in San Bernardino. He followed that up a few days before the shooting with at least another three transfers of $5,000. If this isn’t a big indicator of this being planned, we don’t know what is. We also

And here’s another one Source: The ISIS Study Group

And here’s another one
Source: The ISIS Study Group

know that Sayid had communicated with his IS contacts through someone else’s laptop and video game system at a third home he frequented daily. Oh yeah, and a day or two before the attack Sayid was in a bar (they usually do have a vice of some sort – check out “San Bernardino UPDATE as of 06 DEC 15-More Terror Links” to see what we mean) making anti-American comments, something to the effect of “Americans are the real terrorists.” People may hate on Fox News and Breitbart, but they’ve been the only ones in the American MSM doing any real substantive work to uncover this terror network. Perhaps the other news agencies in our country should start doing their jobs for once? You’d be surprised what doing one’s job instead of pushing an agenda to protect some elected official can do to boost credibility. Just a thought.

Bank records show $28,500 deposit to Syed Farook’s account two weeks before the shooting, source says


Enrique Marquez Source: The ISIS Study Group

Enrique Marquez
Source: The ISIS Study Group

Which brings us to Enrique Marquez – the guy who sold Sayid the assault rifles. He knew Sayid for 8 years and stayed in touch with him after moving away in 2012. Marquez was the the one who provided Sayid with the rifles, and was so distraught after learning about the attack that he drank excessively prior to checking himself in a mental hospital. According to our sources, he as acting “suicidal,” although he hadn’t yet progressed to where he actually had a plan to off himself. He’s currently on suicide watch and speaking with the FBI. None of the money withdrawn by Sayid in the two weeks leading up to the attack went to Marquez nor is he considered a suspect. However, he can shed some light on Sayid’s mindset. For instance, we know that Sayid and been acquiring weapons and ammunition for a total of 15 purchases made from NOV 11 – JUL 15. The majority of the purchases went to the Riverside residence while the last two went to the Redlands location. Four purchases shipped to a location in San Diego spanning NOV 11 – JAN 12. This was a very deliberate effort that spanned years. In other words, this attack wasn’t because of some argument.

The FBI was “Captain Obvious” when LA Field Office Assistant Director David Bowdich said the following (from CNN):

They “were radicalized and have been for quite some time,” Bowdich said.

“The question for us,” he told reporters Monday, “is how, and by whom, and where.”

Oh but we do know who and why – we’ve laid it out for you. They know it too – but are trying to draw this out in order to minimize the damage when it finally does come out that there’s still an entire cell Sayid and Tasfheen were associated with – there are at least six other members of this cell who remain at-large. According to our sources, there were actually follow-on attacks (first responders were supposed to also be targeted) that were supposed to have taken place but those were delayed by the IS External Operations Division. Why? We suspect it had to do with the poor performance of the attack carried out by Sayid and Tashfeen. Not to minimize the loss of life, but IS was expecting more casualties than what was produced. The delay was likely done to conduct an After Action Report (AAR), correct deficiencies identified in the San Bernardino Shooting then resume operations when things have died down. The area Sayid’s cell has chosen to operate places it in close proximity to LA and Las Vegas – both of which represent great potential targets for any jihadist. DHS is intentionally trying to downplay the threat, but we’re not going to let them off the hook. No, they deserve to have someone holding their feet to the fire to ensure they actually do their jobs and protect the most important thing – the lives of our fellow Americans.

It is ‘increasingly likely’ that San Bernardino killers were planning more attacks but their future targets are still unknown, security sources say

San Bernardino UPDATE as of 06 DEC 15- More Terror Links

The ISIS Study Group, Dec. 6, 2015:

There’s been a lot more information that our staff has been obtaining as well as foreign media. Wouldn’t it be nice if the American MSM did their jobs for once instead of defend the Obama administration every chance they get? In our articles “The Flames of War Come to San Bernardino, CA” and “Some Interesting San Bernardino Developments,” we discussed how this was a cell-based attack with Sayid likely the one in contact with foreign facilitators – and our strong suspicions that at least one was a representative of the Islamic State’s (IS) External Operations Division. Our latest article (“Some Interesting San Bernardino Developments”) laid out the latest and greatest on Sayid and his jihadist connections (e.g. the Islamic Society); in this article we will be getting more into his wife Tashfeen Malik, her family and their connections to terror.

Some Interesting San Bernardino Developments…

The Flames of War Come to San Bernardino, CA

What’s left of Sayid Farooq; head shot was either a larger caliber round or it was a rear entry wound to the back of the skull and exited though the front top bridge of the nose near the eye socket – either way he’s off to see his “Allah,” Satan or whatever Source: The ISIS Study Group

What’s left of Sayid Farooq; head shot was either a larger caliber round or it was a rear entry wound to the back of the skull and exited though the front top bridge of the nose near the eye socket – either way he’s off to see his “Allah,” Satan or whatever
Source: The ISIS Study Group

The reason we decided to dig into Sayid Farooq’s collection of literature found at his residence (the works of Sayid Qutb in particular) and ties to the Islamic Society’s Corona-Norco branch (the Islamic Society of Corona-Norco aka “ISCN”) in “Some Interesting San Bernardino Developments” is because we suspect his jihadist associations played a large part in how he was “matched” with Tashfeena. Our sources in the San Bernardino Police Department report that Sayid’s father stated his son had begun distancing himself from his family as far back as 2010 and that they didn’t really know Tashfeena all that well either. We can’t say that we’re surprised given how Sayid’s family have been going to the Islamic Center of Riverside (a real-deal moderate institution) in favor of the ISCN. That happened two years ago. You know what also happened two years ago? Sayid traveled to Saudi Arabia to meet his wife who he had first met online. In fact his family noticed he had become increasingly “conservative” since his trip. As previously stated in yesterday’s article, we assess that it was likely a foreign facilitator who recruited him that “paired” the two up for a marriage. Furthermore, we suspect that Sayid met with this individual during his time in Saudi Arabia. Our staff is working with our Saudi Mabahith contacts to identify this individual. We’d like to assume the FBI is already doing this themselves, but the vibe we’re getting from our Department of Homeland Security (DHS) peeps implies this isn’t happening.

Tashfeena Malik Source: ABC News

Tashfeena Malik
Source: ABC News

So who is Tashfeena? To understand her, you have to know about her father. The UK Daily Mail put out a great read on her father (the link is just below this section) , identified as Gulzar Ahmed Malik. Tashfeena is originally from Karor Lal Esan located in Punjab Province, Pakistan. From what we understand she relocated with her father to Saudi Arabia 25 yrs ago. Now sometime 5 or 6 yrs ago she returned to Pakistan to study at Bahauddin Zakariya University in Multan to become a Pharmacist. This area is interesting because it has a long history of being a hotbed for al-

We prefer this pic of Tashfeena – its by far her best look Source: The ISIS Study Group

We prefer this pic of Tashfeena – its by far her best look
Source: The ISIS Study Group

Qaida (AQ) and Lashkar-e Tayyiba (LT) recruitment, and more recently IS. She went there because that’s where she felt “comfortable.” Why? It has to do with the militant Islam her father had been drilling into her head while in Saudi Arabia. Its also highly likely that Gulzar had a trusted associate “look after her” – and that individual likely has affiliations to one of the above-mentioned jihadist organizations. Another interesting tidbit is that Tashfeena has two brothers and two sisters related to a former provincial Minister identified as Ahmed Ali Aulak – both from daddy’s side of the family. Anyways, her father still lives in Riyadh. Now, our Mahabith contacts did say that neither he or Tashfeena were considered a “threat” – although they did caveat that with a notice of their own stretched resources due to having to deal with the Iranian, IS and AQAP threats inside their borders.

EXCLUSIVE: ISIS loyalist woman in San Bernardino massacre is linked to Pakistan’s most notorious radical cleric and mosque known as center for fundamentalists

The Red Mosque Source: Associated Free Press/Getty Images

The Red Mosque
Source: Associated Free Press/Getty Images

The UK Daily Mail also dug up some additional terror links that add even more to this case than what we had already identified on our end. So in addition to the links Sayid has to the Islamic Society and online jihadists, Tashfeen and her father have been directly-linked to having frequented the Islamabad-based Lal Masjid or “Red Mosque”-run Jamia Hafsa Madrasa for women. So what’s the Red Mosque and why should you care? Well, for starters its well-known for recruiting suicide bombers (e.g. 07 JUL 05 London Bombings). For the uninitiated, the Red Mosque was founded by Maulana Qari Abdullah in 1965. Abdullah taught radical Islam and preached jihad during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. After the Soviets left Afghanistan, the Mosque continued to function as a center for radical Islamic learning and housed several thousand male and female students in adjacent seminaries. Since its founding, the Red Mosque was frequented by members of the Pakistani military (PAKMIL) and the government. Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, the Army Chief of Staff who would go on to successfully lead a coup that saw his rise to the presidency, was a close friend of Abdullah. More interesting is the fact that the Mosque itself is located near the main headquarters of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). In fact, several ISI members are known to go there for prayers (check out “Afghanistan: A Case Against a Residual US Military Presence” if you want to know why this is a problem).

California shooter linked to Islamabad’s controversial Lal Masjid

Profile: Islamabad’s Red Mosque

Afghanistan: A Case Against a Residual US Military Presence

Abdul Aziz Source: skpak.com

Abdul Aziz
Source: skpak.com

Abdullah was assassinated at the Mosque in 1998. His sons Abdul Aziz and Abdul Rashid assumed responsibility for the institution, where they would develop a close relationship with the late-Osama bin Laden. Under the new leadership, the Red Mosque’s involvement in terrorist activities increased significantly. These last few years have seen Aziz speak quite favorably of IS, which he came out to publicly announce his support of last year. Although Aziz claims to have no “direct-links” to IS despite fully supporting Baghdadi, he had actually maintained regular contact with the late-senior IS External Operations Division member Junaid Hussein as well as his associate Riyad Khan up until their deaths. We suspect that Hussein’s

Sally Ann Jones Source: The ISIS Study Group

Sally Ann Jones
Source: The ISIS Study Group

widow Sally Ann Jones and the infamous Siful Sujan continue to maintain contact with him. We talked about both Sally and Sujan in our 11 NOV piece “Bangladesh’s ISIS Problem.” Aziz has been able to export IS’ ideology to the masses in Pakistan thanks to the Red Mosque and his network of madrasas affiliated with it. We know that both Aziz and Tashfeena have the same ethnic background, but it remains unclear if they’re of the same tribe – at least for now. However, our sources have informed us that Tashfeena had participated in multiple events that would’ve placed her in direct contact with Majida Younis, who is Aziz’s wife. Another indicator that she was already part of the jihadist community should’ve been the fake address she gave in her visa application. Come to think of it, if she fell through the cracks like this, then how can we expect the US government to ensure 10,000-60,000 Syrian refugees are properly “vetted?”

Female San Bernardino shooter reportedly entered US on ‘fiance’ visa with inaccurate address

No regret over supporting IS, says Lal Masjid cleric

Suicide blast targeting police kills 16 at Pakistan rally

Pakistani soldiers storm mosque

Bangladesh’s ISIS Problem

Oh, and remember how Tashfeena had frequented the Jamia Hafsa? Last year some of the gals at the madrasa put together a video showing their support for IS:

Interesting, yes? For those who’ve been asking us how to spot a potential jihadist, the following are indicators to help you identify such individuals to report to the police:

1. Switching from one mosque or prayer center to another, for any reason: Muslims commonly change their religious attendance to more fundamental Islamic centers or mosques in order to attend more radical ideologies and clerics, but never the opposite. Thusly, changing Mosques is a key indicator.

2. Becoming stricter in their observance and practice of Islamic religious duties such as the call to prayer; changing their mode of dress to a more fundamental style, diet, or fasting during Ramadan especially if not previously observed, reading, quoting or discussing the Koran with co-workers and peers and classmates.

3. Withdrawing from family and friends, especially when social withdrawal is accompanied by other behaviors or indicators.

4. Many will have a vice of some sort – drinking, smoking, women, hardcore pornography (which may or may not involve women. Seriously).

Lookin’ good darlin’ – too bad you’re more concerned with potentially tampering a crime scene instead of digging into the attackers’ terror links – and not take the Feds’ claims as gospel Source: The ISIS Study Group

Lookin’ good darlin’ – too bad you’re more concerned with potentially tampering a crime scene instead of digging into the attackers’ terror links – and not take the Feds’ claims as gospel
Source: The ISIS Study Group

The list and all of the information that we and the UK Daily Mail have provided over the last few days should arm the American people on what happened – as well as what to expect in the near-future. The problem is none of this information should’ve needed to come from us – it should’ve come from DHS or at the very least our own American media. But it didn’t. Instead what we get were a bunch of reporters storming into the residence of Sayid, which quite possibly contaminated evidence. That in itself was straight up unethical – the fact that the crime scene was turned over to the landlord to do as he pleases so soon is even more disturbing. These so-called “journalists” are supposed to be searching for the truth and to keep the American people informed. Unfortunately, what we get are attempts to “shape” information that removes a great deal of the truth from the end product that gets briefed to the American people on TV. In fact, the American MSM should be running wild to question the FBI’s claims that this wasn’t the work of a “cell” when all of the evidence says otherwise? Or what about the denials of the attackers having go pros yet the packaging was there – or the fact that the FEDs really do have the go pros they say “don’t exist?” You can bet the media would be all over this like a fat kid on a cupcake had this event occurred 8 yrs ago – and they would’ve been openly questioning why the residence was turned over to the landlord so soon.

What’s worse is that Loretta Lynch and Jeh Johnson don’t think any of these connections or the recent IS announcement of the attackers being supporters are “important.” We’re hoping that the American people feel differently and are ready to rise up and demand action from the elected officials who sworn an oath to protect us and our way of life above all else. Remember, these people work for the American people – not the other way around. Its time we reminded them of that fact and we need to do it as if our future depends on it – which it does. Since the American MSM obviously can’t be depended on for anything more than reiterating whatever talking points DHS comes up with, the ISIS Study Group will continue to press on and work with those who want to learn the truth and wish to combat this clear and present threat to the US and the civilized world in general…

FBI Director: San Bernardino Killers Not Part Of Terrorist Cell – Update


Some Interesting San Bernardino Developments…

The ISIS Study Group, Dec. 4, 2015:

In an update to 02 DEC’s “The Flames of War Come to San Bernardino, CA,” we learned that 12 IEDs (pipe bombs) were constructed at the Redlands residence (although some were utilized in the initial attack but failed to detonate) that Sayid Rizwan Farooq (variant-Farooq Sayid, Syed Farook) was spending so much time at along with what we know now is six other individuals – who are still out and about. Personally we find it rather amusing that this whole attack could’ve been prevented had one of the neighbor’s living near the Redlands residence wasn’t so worried about hurting people’s feelings. Well, that guy’s sense of “social justice” is why we have 14 of our fellow Americans dead. That’s on your conscience, buddy – we hope you see the faces of each victim killed by the people who didn’t want to offend every night for the rest of your life. Anyways, the IEDs weren’t the only things the police found at the Redlands place – apparently they also found quite a bit of ammo there in addition to the 1,400 .223 rounds and 200 9mm rounds found on the bodies of our two dead jihadists. There are a lot of questions surrounding how Sayid acquired the weapons. We know that some were purchased legally and some weren’t (e.g. the assault rifles). We know that the previous owner of the weapons Sayid purchased is an individual named Enrique Marquez, but things get rather fuzzy after that. None of the equipment this cell acquired was cheap, yet the authorities are trying their hardest to downplay this as much as possible, with some in the media and government implying that this was “workplace violence.”

Authorities Search Redlands Home Tied To Suspect Syed Farook

The Flames of War Come to San Bernardino, CA

The explosive devices confiscated from the Redlands residence Source: The ISIS Study Group

The explosive devices confiscated from the Redlands residence
Source: The ISIS Study Group

The Redlands residence Source: KCal 9

The Redlands residence
Source: KCal 9

Anybody with an ounce of common sense knows this was a cell that received a great deal of support from external facilitators. Our sources informed us that one of the pieces of literature found in Sayid’s home was a copy of “A Social Justice in Islam” by Sayid (variant-Sayyid) Qutb which is available on Amazon. Sound familiar? He was a leading

Sayid Qutb Source: The ISIS Study Group

Sayid Qutb
Source: The ISIS Study Group

figure in the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) who was executed in 1966 for his involvement in a plot to assassinate then-Egyptian President Gamel Abdel Nasser. He wrote over 24 books and best known for his work advocating the political role of Islam, which can be found throughout “A Social Justice in Islam.” One of the things that may interest our dear readers and anybody in the FBI is that Qutb shared a very special hatred for America and its culture in particular. He was the driving force behind the MB’s involvement in terrorism and a case can also be said that he was one of the primary sources of inspiration for al-Qaida (AQ) and later on the Islamic State (IS). Oh, and btw, Sayid Qutb’s brother Muhammad was the mentor for current AQ leader Dr. Aymen al-Zawahiri. In fact Muhammad was apparently the one who recruited Zawahiri into MB and later Egyptian Islamic Jihad-which would go on to form the backbone of AQ. Muhammad’s lectures on his brother’s work laid the foundation of Zawahiri’s militant mindset. He wasn’t the only core AQ guy who went “all-in” on Sayyid Qutb’s work through his brother Muhammad – the late-Osama bin Laden and his brother-in-law Muhammad Jamal Khalifah both developed a relationship with Muhammad. Anwar al-Awlaki – of which IS named their Western foreign fighter unit in honor of – was also a student of Sayid and Muhammad Qutb’s teachings. Of course people are well aware of the other personal mentor of bin Laden: Abdullah Azzam. In fact the 9-11 Commission cited Qutb’s work as the foundation of the modern Sunni terrorist.

9-11 Commission: The Foundation of The New Terrorism

The Philosopher of Islamic Terror

Islamism, fascism and terrorism (Part 2)

Imam’s Path From Condemning Terror to Preaching Jihad

Is this the man who inspired Bin Laden?

Sayid Farooq’s admiration of the MB was probably why the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was so quick to respond. The damage-control was in overdrive last night. The guy CAIR had speaking in the press conference in response to the attack was Muzammil Siddiqi, and he’s a very interesting guy. Why? Well, despite his comments made in the press conference, Breitbart was able to dig up the following gems Siddiqi has said over the years:

“America has to learn — if you remain on the side of injustice, the wrath of God will come!” – From a White House protest against Israel in 2000

Here’s video of that 2000 rally against Israel:

“Those who die on the part of justice are alive, and their place is with the Lord, and they receive the highest position, because this is the highest honor…” – Said during a 1995 speech

You can find additional tidbits of info from the following Breitbart article:

Speaker at CAIR Presser After Shooting Once Said That Suicide Bombers Die For ‘Justice’

Siddiqi has been a naughty boy himself. He’s currently the Director of the Islamic Society of Orange County (ISOC) and formerly the President of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) that’s also affiliated with the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT). He still serves on the ISNA’s board of directors and is the NAIT Chairman. Now why does the Islamic Society sound familiar?Its because this is the very same Islamic Society whose Boston and Oklahoma City (OKC) branches have connections to the OKC lone-wolf beheader, the Boston Bombers, Khalid Sheik Muhammad courier Aafia Siddiqi and the late-IS senior propagandist Ahmed Abousamra. You can get the background info right here:

Islamic State Propagandist from Islamic Society of Boston Allegedly Killed in Airstrike

Boston Bomber’s Mosque Tied to ISIS

OKC Beheader Associations With Terror-Link Islamic Society

ISIS-Inspired Beheading and Other Activity Increases Inside The US

Islamic State wants to Trade Female Prisoners

Muzammil Siddiqi Source: Breitbart

Muzammil Siddiqi
Source: Breitbart

The so-called “moderate” Siddiqi has been a big advocate for countries where homosexuality is punishable by death and has also been one of the leading voices for pushing the Sharia Law agenda in America. You may also find it interesting that the ISNA was named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the 2007 in the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development and its ties to Hamas. It was even mentioned multiple times in internal MB documents from the late-80s and early-90s that was seized by the Feds and introduced in the trial. One of the things mentioned in these documents was how the process of settlement in the US was a “civilization-jihadist process.” They view settling in the US as part of the process to destroy the West from within by sabotaging its society by using its lax laws and its culture to their advantage.

MB Docs seized for Holy Land Trial

But there’s more. Siddiqi’s Mosque had hosted a lecture by Omar Abdul Rahman aka “the Blind Sheik” of 1993 World Trade Center Bombing notoriety and overall “Godfather” of all things AQ and IS. From the New Yorker (Reference “Azzam the American: The Making of an al-Qaida Homegrown”):

In December, 1992, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, a prominent Egyptian cleric and Islamic radical also known as the Blind Sheikh, visited the Islamic Society to lecture about jihad, and Siddiqi sat beside him to translate. Abdel Rahman dismissed nonviolent definitions of jihad as weak. He stressed that a number of unspecified enemies had “united themselves against Muslims” and that fighting them was obligatory. “If you are not going to the jihad, then you are neglecting the rules of Allah,” he said. The opportunities for jihad were virtually everywhere, ranging from apostate Middle Eastern regimes to “those who are taking the wealth of Muslims from petrol or from oil.” As he spoke, a red toolbox, with a slit cut into its lid for donations, was passed around the room. Videotapes of the lecture were later offered for sale at the society’s bookstore.

Azzam the American: The Making of an al-Qaida Homegrown

Equally as noteworthy is the fact that Adam Yahiye Gadahn aka “Azzam the American” (Reference – “Azzam the American: The Making of an al-Qaida Homegrown“) was a parishioner at Siddiqi’s ISOC. Siddiqi is said to have “kicked” him out of the Mosque-but we suspect that had more to do with the unwanted attention he was drawing to the institution. You may or may not recall Gadahn’s role as the American mouthpiece to AQ who was killed earlier this year during an airstrike. He was a special case in that he was born a Jew who converted to Islam in 1995 and spent a great deal of time in Pakistan.

Adam Gadahn, American mouthpiece for al Qaeda, killed

Adam Gadahn Source: The ISIS Study Group

Adam Gadahn
Source: The ISIS Study Group

You’re probably asking yourself, “why is the ISIS Study Group mentioning all this, and what does any of it have to do with the San Bernardino attack?” Its because our friend Sayid Farooq had stopped going to the Islamic Center of Riverside and started going to the Islamic Society of Corona-Norco (ISCN) – which is another branch of the greater ISNA just like the ISOC. In fact, many senior figure associated with the ISOC have participated in events hosted by the ISCN. That’s how CAIR was able to dig up his brother-in-law Farhan Khan so quickly – they already knew it would come back to them and they needed to preempt any unwanted attention that would come from the attack. With the Islamic Society’s long list of ties to terrorists its no wonder that they would have a slick operator like Siddiqi speaking in the press conference.

San Bernardino shooting suspect stopped attending mosque two years ago

The ISCN Source: The ISIS Study Group

Source: The ISIS Study Group

As if that isn’t shady enough, Sayid has been in direct contact with people in the LA-area who are currently under investigation on involvement in terrorism. Although simply going to Saudi Arabia isn’t a crime, wouldn’t these ties and his trip to the Kingdom raise some red flags? Of course they would – but it doesn’t fit the narrative being pushed by the government at the local and federal-level, which is precisely why they continue to not give a straight answer on the go pros the jihadist “Bonny and Clyde” were wearing. Why would they wear go pros? They wanted to record the attack for future use in a propaganda video. Law enforcement officials are puzzled at how such a “happy Muslim couple” could engage in such activities. They obviously weren’t paying attention to what happened in Paris and how Abdelhamid Abaaoud’s cousin Hasna Ait Boulachen was not only a “happy Muslim,” but one that appeared very “moderate” as demonstrated by her reputation as a “party girl” (check out “Abdelhamid Abaaoud DEAD-What Happened? Will USGOV Finally Take This Threat Seriously?“). From our end we think there’s a possibility that Sayid may have met with a terror facilitator during his Saudi Arabia trip – quite possibly the individual who recruited him into the jihadist community. The fact that he had no prior record likely made him even more attractive to terror recruiters (as we’ve seen in other attacks across the globe). Unfortunately that doesn’t fit into DHS’ narrative so all this will either be buried or dismissed outright without any real digging.

San Bernardino: Shooter was in contact with terror subjects, officials believe

California Shooting Puzzle: Syed Farook Alleged Terror Contacts ‘Not Significant,’ Official Says — Motive Unclear

Abdelhamid Abaaoud DEAD-What Happened? Will USGOV Finally Take This Threat Seriously?

We posted this early yesterday

We posted this early yesterday

DGSI didn’t think Hasna Ait Boulachen was a terrorist either – they were wrong Source: The ISIS Study Group

DGSI didn’t think Hasna Ait Boulachen was a terrorist either – they were wrong
Source: The ISIS Study Group

These two sure didn’t seem to raise any red flags despite warnings from the Russians and Saudis Source: The UK Sun

These two sure didn’t seem to raise any red flags despite warnings from the Russians and Saudis
Source: The UK Sun

The Feds were just as confused about the Chattanooga Shooter – and they dropped the ball despite an “insignificant link” to terrorism that came from the shooter’s father being on the watch list Source: The Daily Mail

The Feds were just as confused about the Chattanooga Shooter – and they dropped the ball despite an “insignificant link” to terrorism that came from the shooter’s father being on the watch list
Source: The Daily Mail

The motivation is clear – they were looking to kill the “Kafir” or “Kufar,” the “unbelievers.” The collection of jihadist literature such as the works of Sayid Qutb are big indicators that he’s not “mainstream” – his links to the Islamic Society strengthens this possibility. The part about him becoming “more devout” in recent years goes back to what we brought up in “Islamic State: The French Connection” and “Al Hayat Media Center Continues to Saturate North America with its Social Media Outreach for Jihadists.” The same thing applies to recent converts. To say that “there may have been planning” is a piss-poor response by the people charged with protecting the American people. The planning and acquisition of equipment that was involved in this attack likely took months. The 800 lbs gorilla in the room is that Sayid was likely in contact with a foreign facilitator – you know, one of those “insignificant” contacts. Needless to say, we have strong suspicions they were in contact with representatives of the IS External Operations Division. These people had a mission and no, it was most certainly not because of any “workplace grievance” or “climate change.”

Another indicator that this was not workplace violence is that Tashfeen Malik, the wife of Sayeed Farooq posted a pledge of allegiance to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdaid just prior to the attack. Stay tuned…

Tashfeen Malik, Mother in San Bernardino Massacre, Pledged Allegiance to ISIS Leader: Sources


Al Hayat Media Center Continues to Saturate North America with its Social Media Outreach for Jihadists

Islamic State: The French Connection

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Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez attacks Military Locations in Chattanooga

Additional IS Attacks Follow Chattanooga Shootings – US Asleep at the Wheel

The Flames of War Come to San Bernardino, CA

The Inland Regional Center Source: Mario Anzuoni (Reuters)

The Inland Regional Center
Source: Mario Anzuoni (Reuters)

The ISIS Study Group, Dec. 3, 2015:

At approximately 1100 hrs (SoCal time) a shooting began at the Inland Regional Center (MAP,) (MAP2)located at the Southern California Inland Empire (San Bernardino) in what has the makings of a cell-based attack. Two members of this cell were wearing full kit (BDUs, body armor etc) along with assault rifles. Thus far the casualty count is 14 dead, 17 wounded – but that number will likely change within the next 24-48 hrs. The primary target appeared to have been a gathering (Christmas party) at the center. As for the attackers, local police were able to find two of these individuals and neutralized them, a man and a woman. The third individual (getaway driver?) was arrested. So is this a case of “workplace violence” or the dreaded “climate change” that creates terrorists? Hardly – but the Obama administration would love to have you believing that.

San Bernardino shooting live updates: Syed Farook named as a suspect in attack that killed 14


One of the individuals involved has been identified as Pakistani-American Raheel Sayid Rizwan Farooq (variant-Farooq Sayid, Syed Farook). Our friend Sayid here studied Finance and Business Administration at Cal State Fullerton and found work in the banking sector. He also did a gig at a Domino’s Pizza before finally snagging a job as a health inspector for the county (yeah, a bit of a career change, isn’t it?). He was also described to us as being a “devout Muslim.” Publicly the media and law enforcement are only talking about the two who were killed, but there are more involved on the facilitation side. The facilitators are likely managing other cells. Its also worth noting that Sayid’s home address being in Corona yet he spent a lot of time at another residence in Redlands that we suspect belonged to his brother – although this is unconfirmed. Our sources report that the guy’s neighbors had concerns about him and the people coming and going from his residence – we found the part about bringing over packages to be very, very interesting. BTW, we hear 3-4 individuals were staying at the Redlands residence. Interestingly enough, there was a suspected IED found at this location. We’re working to flesh out the details that will be in follow up articles.

EXCLUSIVE: Father of San Bernardino shooting suspect Syed Farook says son worked as health tech inspecting restaurants, hotels

Sayid in happier times Source: The ISIS Study Group

Sayid in happier times
Source: The ISIS Study Group

A more “professional-looking” Sayid Source: The ISIS Study Group

A more “professional-looking” Sayid
Source: The ISIS Study Group

Sayid is quite the “family man,” isn’t he? Source: The ISIS Study Group

Sayid is quite the “family man,” isn’t he?
Source: The ISIS Study Group

Social media accounts known for being official Islamic State (IS) mouthpieces had posted some rather interesting things:

San Bernardino2
Source: The ISIS Study Group

San Bernardino
Source: The ISIS Study Group

And here’s some more from IS fanboys:

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 7.06.39 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 7.05.28 PM

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 7.06.39 PM

You can get the translations of what was Tweeted out in the following VOCATIV piece:

EXCLUSIVE: ISIS Adherents Praise San Bernardino Massacre, “America Burning”

Sayid is assessed to be the lead planner for the attack and the individual most likely to be in contact with the guy facilitating their operation. Furthermore, the woman who was killed – identified as Tafsheen Malik – may be his wife or girlfriend (still working to confirm), which isn’t that uncommon in the jihadist world – it just tends to occur outside of the US (check out “The Women of ISIS and “Sexual Jihad” for more info). Another thing to consider is that the equipment used and the weaponry utilized aren’t things that come cheaply and makes the possibility of a separate guy facilitating the operation more likely. Sayid was likely the one in contact with this individual. The way the attackers targeted the Regional Center is also indicative of planning and training that probably took place over a period of months. The High Desert and Big Bear-areas offer a plethora of locations suitable for such training without drawing the unwanted attention of law enforcement. They went in fast and hard, hitting their target and doing a tactical withdrawal. Sayid’s presence at the party prior to the attack was likely him casing the target just before “showtime.” As of this writing its too early to say if this event has any connections to the IS External Operations Division. Its also worth noting that although the IS propaganda outlets have praised the attack, they have not yet claimed responsibility. That said, the posts they made on social media does imply that someone in the structural IS leadership may have known about the plot in advance, although that’s conjecture on our part. As you probably figured by now, the situation remains fluid (like the Paris attack we covered recently). When we come across more information, we will update accordingly…

Another interesting tidbit on Sayid is that he traveled to Saudi Arabia to pick up his wife he met online.


The Women of ISIS and “Sexual Jihad”

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And this from Breitbart:

EXCLUSIVE–Islamic State Supporters Speculate Whether Lone Wolf Jihadists Carried Out CA Mass Shooting

The Metcalf Incident: California Power Station Terrorist Attack Reveals Highly Vulnerable National Grid

Grid Attack diagram WSJ 2-5-14NER, By Jerry Gordon:

Today’s  Wall Street Journal  (WSJ) had a front page story that raises question of the vulnerability of our national power grid to terrorist attack given an incident that occurred in Silicon Valley in April 2013. It is only now t surfacing  in the national media, “Assault on Power Grid Raises Alarms”.  In the early morning of April 16, 2013, the Metcalf, California transmission substation in Silicon Valley was attacked by what federal investigators believe was a highly professional terrorist team .  That sniper  assault  caused 17 transformers to crash severing power to  Internet Service Providers  and other power users in  Silicon Valley.  Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) was forced to  increase and reroute power to the area served by the disabled transmission station.  The recovery  took 27 days for PG&E to repair and bring  the transmission substation back on line.

Here is the time line of the Metcalf incident as compiled by the WSJ:

At 12:58 a.m., AT&T fiber-optic telecommunications cables were cut—in a way that made them hard to repair—in an underground vault near the substation, not far from U.S. Highway 101 just outside south San Jose. It would have taken more than one person to lift the metal vault cover, said people who visited the site.

Nine minutes later, some customers of Level 3 Communications,  an Internet service provider, lost service. Cables in its vault near the Metcalf substation were also cut.

At 1:31 a.m., a surveillance camera pointed along a chain-link fence around the substation recorded a streak of light that investigators from the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office think was a signal from a waved flashlight. It was followed by the muzzle flash of rifles and sparks from bullets hitting the fence.

The substation’s cameras weren’t aimed outside its perimeter, where the attackers were. The shooters appear to have aimed at the transformers’ oil-filled cooling systems. These began to bleed oil, but didn’t explode, as the transformers probably would have done if hit in other areas.

About six minutes after the shooting started, PG&E confirms, it got an alarm from motion sensors at the substation, possibly from bullets grazing the fence, which is shown on video.

Four minutes later, at 1:41 a.m., the sheriff’s department received a 911 call about gunfire, sent by an engineer at a nearby power plant that still had phone service.

Riddled with bullet holes, the transformers leaked 52,000 gallons of oil, then overheated. The first bank of them crashed at 1:45 a.m., at which time PG&E’s control center about 90 miles north received an equipment-failure alarm.

Five minutes later, another apparent flashlight signal, caught on film, marked the end of the attack. More than 100 shell casings of the sort ejected by AK-47s were later found at the site.

At 1:51 a.m., law-enforcement officers arrived, but found everything quiet. Unable to get past the locked fence and seeing nothing suspicious, they left.

A PG&E worker, awakened by the utility’s control center at 2:03 a.m., arrived at 3:15 a.m. to survey the damage.

Watch this video for the Santa Clara Police Department released in June 2013 published in the San Jose Mercury.

The WSJ noted that PG&E put out a news release saying it was “vandals” who caused the incident.  Note what former Federal  Electrical Regulatory Commission (FERC) head, Jon  Wellinghoff  uncovered after the event:

Mr. Wellinghoff, then chairman of FERC, said that after he heard about the scope of the attack, he flew to California, bringing with him experts from the U.S. Navy’s Dahlgren Surface Warfare Center in Virginia, which trains Navy SEALs. After walking the site with PG&E officials and FBI agents, Mr. Wellinghoff said, the military experts told him it looked like a professional job.

In addition to fingerprint-free shell casings, they pointed out small piles of rocks, which they said could have been left by an advance scout to tell the attackers where to get the best shots.

“They said it was a targeting package just like they would put together for an attack,” Mr. Wellinghoff said.

Mr. Wellinghoff, now a law partner at Stoel Rives LLP in San Francisco, said he arranged a series of meetings in the following weeks to let other federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, know what happened and to enlist their help. He held a closed-door meeting with utility executives in San Francisco in June and has distributed lists of things utilities should do to strengthen their defenses.

A spokesman for Homeland Security said it is up to utilities to protect the grid. The department’s role in an emergency is to connect federal agencies and local police and facilitate information sharing, the spokesman said.

The WSJ article drew attention to the problem of replacing the transformers, the target of the Metcalf terrorist  attack:

The country’s roughly 2,000 very large transformers are expensive to build, often costing millions of dollars each, and hard to replace. Each is custom made and weighs up to 500,000 pounds, and “I can only build 10 units a month,” said Dennis Blake, general manager of Pennsylvania Transformer in Pittsburgh, one of  [only]seven U.S. manufacturers.

Given our work on the EMP threat to our national grid, there are 300 critical transmission substations like Metcalf that are vulnerable to such a terrorist assault. See: Interview with Jerry Gordon on The Electronic Armageddon -The … .   A rolling assault by trained terrorist  teams  against  these 300  sub stations  could  create havoc  and a shutdown of the national  grid  far in excess of the 50 million who lost power when the Northeast grid crashed in 2003.  The grid  vulnerability  is reflected in the limited  US manufacturing capacity for large Extra High Voltage (EHV) transformers.  Most of the world’s EHV transformer manufacturing capacity is located in China, South Korea and Germany.  A study by the National Academy of Sciences indicated  that  replacement of just the 300 EVH transformers from  limited US and offshore producers could take upwards of a decade. Further national security concern is the more than 100 military bases  connected to these vulnerable civilian grids. The WSJ article also illustrates the underlying problem of utility industry opposition to HR 2417: Shield Act sponsored by  Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) which would set standards including provision for standby replacement transformers. Based on work of the  Congressionally chartered EMP Task Force a thin shield for the national grid might cost $200 million, while a more robust program could run between $10 to $20 billion.  The impact on electric utility users would be an increase in electrical rates per user of less than $.20 cents per annum.

The  North American Electric Reliability  Corporation (NERC), the principal electric utility standard setting organization,  has opposed passage of the Shield Act calling the network “resilient”.  Au contraire  says  an official of Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) cited by the WSJ: “The breadth and depth of the attack was unprecedented” in the U.S., said Rich Lordan, senior technical  executive. “The motivation”, he said, “appears to  be preparation for an act of war.”  When we checked the websites of House Energy and Commerce Committee  Chairman  Fred Upton (R-MI ) and  Energy and Power Subcommittee Chairman Ed Whitfield (R-KY) their major concerns as regards the security of the grid is vulnerability to cyber attack.  According to the WSJ  retiring  House Energy and Commerce Ranking Member Henry Waxman (D-CA) raised concerns  about the lack of federal  authority to undertake protective actions regarding the safety of the national grid during FERC oversight hearings in December 2013.

Whether it is  a terrorist attack like the Metcalf substation incident, the threat of a massive geo –magnetic storm during   or an EMP caused by either North Korea or Iran , this latest WSJ report should embolden US taxpayers and electrical users to request serious  Congressional  consideration of HR2417: The Shield Act .   If any of those events occurred  that would  bring us back to pre-industrial times. If that occurs, the estimates are that more than 200 million Americans could succumb to a  pandemic  virus from lack of food, water, sanitation  and  medical treatment caused by the breakdown of industrial , transportation and communications networks.  If you are concerned about this lack of security of the national  grid, you should consider signing a petition requesting Congressional consideration of the Shield Act , here.

Listen to this August 2012 Electronic Armageddon Rob Schilling Radio Show interview with Jerry Gordon.

Jerry Gordon is Sr. Vice President of World Encounter Institute and Sr. Editor for New English Review. He is a former Army Intelligence officer who served during the Viet Nam era. Mr. Gordon has published widely in such outlets as FrontPageMagazine, The American Thinker, WorldNetDaily, ChronWatch, New English Review, Israpundit and others. He has been a frequent guest discussing Middle East issues on radio in both the U.S. and Canada. He is a graduate of both Boston and Columbia Universities. He is the author of an excellent collection of interviews, The West Speaks. Mr. Gordon’s New English Review articles are archived here

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Is this the proper American Muslim response to jihad in America?

imagescapqspav (1)

By Pamela Geller:

AFDI has issued an 18-point platform for defeating jihad in America.  If Muslim groups in the U.S. were genuinely “moderate,” they’d endorse every point.  Instead, they smear us as “Islamophobes.”  It’s telling.

On Friday, October 11, a Muslim convert who calls himself Hasan Abu Omar Ghannoum was taken off a terror-bound bus in California and arrested for aiding and abetting the jihadi group al-Qaeda.  Another Muslim busted for jihad in America.

This is hardly new or unique.  We see these reports daily.  Muslims and converts to Islam wage jihad in the cause of Islam.  They cite the Quran, chapter and verse.  Muslims worldwide continue the 1,400-year-old war to impose Islam across the world — all citing the same Islamic texts and teachings.

There is a problem in Islam.

So what is the response of the Muslim community?

On the same day that Hassan Abu Omar Ghannoum was arrested, the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California issued a statement: “We share the collective concern for the safety of our communities and security of our nation.”  However, it went on to say: “We ask that law enforcement officials and members of the media refrain from assuming that the alleged criminal’s wrongful conduct, if any, was a product of his self-proclaimed faith or associations with members of the southern California Muslim community.”

Obfuscation, cover-up, and deceit.  The bottom line is that they know exactly what Ghannoum is doing and why.  Ghannoum’s brother said that after converting to Islam, Ghannoum had gone to Lebanon to learn more about the religion: “He wanted to view more of the religious things. Firsthand experience.”  His sister said that he went to Syria to study the Quran.  While there, he began posting on Facebook about how he was fighting alongside the jihad forces there, bragging about his “first confirmed kill” and writing: “So pumped to get more!!”

The Islamic Shura Council of Southern California never mentioned the possibility that Ghannoum’s study of the Quran inspired him to wage jihad.  They just warned everyone else not to consider that possibility.  Did the Shura Council call for the expunging in the Quran of the violent texts that call for jihad?  No.

We never see that from Muslim groups.  What we do see is this Islamic pattern of stealth jihad.  Muslim Brotherhood groups issue pro-forma, fill-in-the-blank condemnations after jihadi attacks or arrests (e.g., the Boston bombing), but they never address the Islamic texts that inspire jihad — nor do they attempt to organize programs that intervene in the recruitment of young Muslims or Muslim converts to jihad.  What are the Islamic Shura Council of Southern California, CAIR, ICNA, ISNA, et al. doing to stop the mosques preaching and teaching jihad?  Nothing.  Instead, these Muslim groups urge Muslims not to talk to law enforcement (as with the notorious CAIR poster telling Muslims not to talk to the FBI), and they seek to dismantle counter-terror programs in the USA.

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Saudi Slavery in America

Meshael Alayban

Meshael Alayban

By Michelle Malkin:

Yes, there’s a war on women in America. But it’s not the phony “war” that tampon-hurling feminists are always shrieking about — as they did last week in Texas to protest tougher regulations on dangerous late-term-abortion clinics. No, I’m talking about a real war on women waged by Saudi royals and elites who’ve imported human trafficking and abuse of domestic workers onto U.S. soil.

Meet Meshael Alayban of Saudi Arabia, wife of Abdulrahman bin Nasser bin Abdulaziz al-Saud. She apparently thought we Americans would look the other way at human trafficking and abuse of domestic workers — you know, the way they do in her misogyny-infested home country. The wealthy Meshael Alayban thought wrong.

Last week, Orange County, Calif., prosecutors charged Alayban (who lists her occupation as “princess” on her tourist visa) with felony human trafficking. Enslavement. A Kenyan maid escaped from Alayban’s compound earlier this month after allegedly being held against her will. She told police Alayban confiscated her passport, refused to abide by an employment contract, and forbade the worker from returning to her home country — where she has an ailing seven-year-old daughter.

When law-enforcement officials entered Alayban’s mansion, they found four other domestic workers from the Philippines who also have indicated a desire to be freed from Saudi bondage. The servants tended to the round-the-clock needs and whims of the princess, her husband, their three young children, a grandmother, and three other extended-family members. Last week, Alayban posted $5 million bail (paid for by the Saudi consulate) and was whisked back to her estate by a phalanx of bodyguards. She must wear a GPS tracking device and will be arraigned at the end of the month. Her high-priced lawyers dismiss the incident as an insignificant “wage dispute.”

Orange County district attorney Tony Rackauckas minced no words: “It’s been 150 years since the Emancipation Proclamation, and slavery has been unlawful in the United States, and certainly in California, all this time, and it’s disappointing to see it in use here.” Fortunately for the alleged victim, California has an anti-human-trafficking law put in place by voters through a state initiative last year. Alayban may enjoy countless royal privileges back in Saudi Arabia, but here she’ll have to face the legal music.

Read more at National Review

Islamizing the Public Schools

545819_115655711905193_1324446356_n-450x337By :

The Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is pressuring public schools in this country to make special accommodations for Muslim students and to deny comparable accommodations for students of other faiths.

For example, CAIR’s instructional material for teachers entitled “An Educator’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices” advises schools to permit Muslim students who wish to attend Friday congregational worship (known as Jum’ah) to “request a temporary release from school.”

In Michigan, CAIR went beyond dispensing general advice from its guidebook. In April, 2013, it pushed for public schools in Dearborn, Michigan to accommodate Muslim students who wish to comfortably pray on school grounds and to allow Muslim students to leave early on Fridays for Jumu’ah prayers.

The school superintendant caved, and CAIR got its wish.

Just a few months earlier, the same CAIR Michigan branch had complained that a Detroit area elementary school was being too accommodating to Christians when it allowed its teachers to distribute permission slips for  parents to sign so that their children could be released to attend off-site Bible studies classes.

In his letter to the school district, CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid wrote in part:

School staff and teachers are not to serve as advocates for one particular religion or congregation within a religion by passing out slips inviting parents to give permission for their children to attend religious instruction. . . According to the United States Supreme Court, the First Amendment clearly requires that public school students and their parents are never given the impression that their school/school district prefers a specific religion over others or sanctions religion in general.

CAIR’s sanctimonious, hypocritical letter worked.  It intimidated the school district into offering an apology.

In California, the Islamists have already won in their efforts to get special treatment for Islam in the public schools.

For example, several years ago seventh-graders at a San Francisco-area school were required to “become Muslims” for two full weeks as part of California’s world history curriculum. This included professing as “true” the Muslim belief that “The Holy Quran is God’s word,” reciting the Muslim profession of faith — “Allah is the only true God and Muhammad is his messenger” —and chanting “Praise be to Allah.”  Just imagine what would happen if a public school told Muslim students to become Jews for two weeks and recite the traditional Jewish prayer: “Hear, O Israel: the Lord our God, the Lord is one.”

Yet, in 2006, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in California dismissed a case brought by outraged parents even though Supreme Court decisions have kept religion out of public schools for decades.  In a brief memorandum opinion, the appeals court concluded that the activities did not constitute “overt religious activities that raise Establishment Clause concerns.” The Supreme Court apparently forgot its own precedents when it refused to take an appeal from the 9th Circuit decision.

While allowing Islamist indoctrination in public schools, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld another public school’s ban on a student performance of an instrumental version of Ave Maria at their high school’s graduation, because the performance could be seen as endorsing religion. These judges saw no inconsistency in allowing Muslim prayers in the classroom, while upholding the banning of a one-time performance of a Christian-themed instrumental classic.

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Mitigating Islam

Screen shot 2012-02-10 at 12.13.47 PM

An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.-
Winston Churchill

Arutz Sheva,  By Jason James Butler:

Countries all over the world have taken hold of the idea of ‘appeasement’ from the 1930’s and made it their policy regarding radical Islam. Western nations are the anthill and Islam the magnifying glass in the sun; where they cast their glance, people cower in fear.

This embarrassing fear has led to such ideas as: the presentation of a global ban on insults to Muhammad at the UN General Assembly as recently as September, 2012, the blame and subsequent incarceration of an American citizen because he insulted Islam in a movie which was used as an excuse for riots in the Middle East and the murder of a US diplomat in Benghazi, and the UN and Obama’s belief that the answer to the constant rocket attacks, threats of destruction, murder of Israeli civilians, and possible third Arab Intifada in Judea and Samaria is to simply give them what they want: more Israeli land, a Palestinian state, and other concessions which will lead to the eventual destruction of all Western nations.

Twenty years ago these ideas would have been laughed at by the media and the general populace, not thought of as great ideas to achieve peace. Would al-Qaeda have stopped after 9/11 if in response America had given them a portion of California to create their own state?

It seems that the world’s policy is to merely mitigate the destructive nature that is Islamic extremism, rather than cure the world of this infectious disease. We celebrated when a report shows that less Israelis were murdered this year than at the same time last year or when only one act of terrorism occurred during the entire month of January.

When did murder and destruction become the status quo in the Middle East? Why is the world more focused on the poor Palestinian refugees that never were and less on the families that are being slain in their beds by extremists?

The countries of the world seem content with slowing the rate of death and destruction caused by Muslim extremists and show no concern over a future where Islamic ideas have spread so far and have become so deeply rooted that it is too late to act. This is the reality that we face today.

Too long have the Western countries shown fear in the face of the enemy, too long has the only peaceful Western-friendly country in the Middle East been told it cannot defend itself, and too long has there been the attempted appeasement of an enemy that needs to be destroyed rather than given concessions.

Appeasement does not work. This was shown when Hitler understood the policy of appeasement to be a weakness and continued on his path of murder and destruction until it was almost too late for the entire world. This is where the world is headed again. Islamic extremists have rooted themselves in communities across the globe. Soon the riots will spread from the Middle East to all over Europe and the US, as they already have, yet this time there will not be any way to stop them.

The extremists have learned a very valuable lesson: kill a few Americans, kill a few Israelis, and the world will do nothing but bend its knee and beg for you to stop. The extremists attack and murder innocent civilians, yet there is no response due to the fear that the extremists will retaliate. The world’s response has been weak, if not nonexistent.

Islamic extremism is the weed that needs to be plucked from the garden before it spreads and destroys all that is held dear. The Western nations have a decision to make: strike back at the heart of the beast that bares it’s fangs to the world, or continue to fruitlessly appease and risk becoming an Islamic nation themselves.

Rotten to the Core, Part III: Lessons from Texas and the Growing Grassroots Revolt

20130301_Texas_textbooks_largeBy Michelle Malkin:

Texas is a right-minded red state, where patriotism is still a virtue and political correctness is out of vogue. So how on earth have left-wing educators in public classrooms been allowed to instruct Lone Star students to dress in Islamic garb, call the 9/11 jihadists “freedom fighters” and treat the Boston Tea Party participants as “terrorists”?

Here’s the dirty little secret: Despite the best efforts of vigilant parents, teachers and administrators committed to academic excellence, progressive activists reign supreme in government schools.

That’s because curriculum is king. The liberal monopoly on the modern textbook/curricular market remains unchallenged after a half-century. He who controls the textbooks, teaching guides and tests controls the academic agenda.

That is how the propagandistic outfitting of students in Islamic garb came to pass in the unlikely setting of the conservative Lumberton, Texas, school district. As Fox News reporter Todd Starnes noted this week, a 32-year veteran of the high school led a world geography lesson on Islam in which hijab-wrapped students were banned from using the words “suicide bomber” and “terrorist” to describe Muslim mass murderers in favor of the term “freedom fighter.”

Madelyn LeBlanc, one of the students in the class, “told Fox News that it was clear her teacher was very uncomfortable lecturing the students. ‘I do have a lot of sympathy for her. … At the very beginning, she said she didn’t want to teach it, but it was in the curriculum.'”

But the headline-grabbing injection of moral equivalence into social studies and American history is just the tip of the education iceberg.

Top-down federalized “Common Core” standards are now sweeping the country. It’s important to remember that while teachers-union control freaks are on board with the Common Core regime, untold numbers of rank-and-file educators are just as angered and frustrated as parents about the Big Ed power grab. The program was concocted not at the grassroots level, but by a bipartisan cabal of nonprofits (led by lobbyists for the liberal Bill Gates Foundation), statist business groups and hoodwinked Republican governors. As I’ve reported previously, this scheme, enabled by the Obama administration’s “Race to the Top” funding mechanism, usurps local autonomy in favor of lesson content and pedagogical methods.

One teacher described a thought-control training seminar in her school district titled “Making the Common Core Come Alive.” A worksheet labeled “COMMON CORE MIND SHIFTS” included the following rhetorical muck:

–The goal of curriculum should not be the coverage of content, but rather the discovery of content. … If done well, Common Core will elevate our teaching to new heights, and emphasize the construction of meaning, while deepening our understanding of our students.”

–“In our classrooms, it is the students’ voices, not the teachers’, that are heard.”

Blah, blah, blah. In practice, Common Core evades transparency by peddling shoddy curricular material authored by anonymous committees. It promotes faddish experiments masquerading as “world-class” math and reading goals. Instead of raising expectations, Common Core is a Trojan horse for lowering them. California, for example, is now citing Common Core as a rationale for abandoning algebra classes for 8th graders. Common Core’s “constructivist” approach to reading is now the rationale for abandoning classic literature for “informational texts.”
Read more: Family Security Matters 

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Husband Charged in Murder Hyped as Hate Crime

by IPT News 

An Iraqi-exile woman’s murder outside San Diego last March now appears to be a case of domestic violence.

CAIR: Censor or Free-Speech Champion?

By Andrew C. McCarthy:

Breaking news: CAIR, perennial agitator for language purges and “hate speech” regulation, is suddenly the champion of First Amendment free expression. It proves, once again, that Islamists and leftists are just like defense lawyers.

A defense lawyer who has a good case can be very persuasive. If the defendant really is innocent, or if the prosecution’s case really is flawed, defense counsel can take one main line of defense and pound away at it relentlessly. That is how doubt is sown, which is the defense lawyer’s objective. A credible story that the prosecutor cannot completely refute is the roadmap to acquittal.

This, however, is not the lot of most defense lawyers. In the vast majority of cases, the client really is guilty, and the state really does have ironclad proof. So defense counsel becomes the charlatan for whom every trial day is a new day. On Monday, he tries a false-identification theory, suggesting that the defendant was not even at the scene of the crime. When that doesn’t fly, on Tuesday he runs with, “Well, maybe he was there, but he didn’t know the three guys he was with.” Once that blows up, Wednesday’s gambit is: “Well, sure, he knew them, but he didn’t know they were going to rob the bank.” By Thursday, it’s: “Well, maybe he said he’d help them, but one was a government informant, so he must have been entrapped.”

Our defense lawyer is put in this untenable position because his true objective is fundamentally different from his lofty pretense. He purports to be on a quest for justice, but the only thing he really cares about is getting the defendant off, by any means that might work. Thus, he tries all means he can think of, even if they are contradictory — even if positing the first defense undermines the next, ultimately destroying his overall credibility as an advocate.

Although it does more than its share of litigating, the Council on American-Islamic Relations operates mainly in the court of public opinion. CAIR is the Muslim Brotherhood bullhorn created to cheerlead for sharia, for Hamas, and for sundry other jihadists — all under the guise of “civil rights.” In unison with its “social justice” collaborators on the left, CAIR is most often found campaigning against “Islamophobia.” This is a term strategically created by the Brotherhood to slur as “defamation” or “incitement” (collectively, “hate speech”) any criticism of Islamic supremacism. That includes the ideology’s undeniable roots in Muslim scripture; its vow to destroy the West from within; and its promotion of terrorism against legitimate sovereign authority, spun as “resistance” against “occupation.”

It is farce. CAIR has no real interest in hate speech per se. Indeed, it has no real interest in civil rights — no proponent of sharia could. Its sole actual imperative is Islamic supremacism: promoting any cause that increases Islamic influence and protesting any effort either to reduce Islamic influence or to subject Islamic-supremacist doctrine to scrutiny. Consequently, CAIR’s precious fretting over hate speech extends only so far as Islam is advanced or imperiled.

The same is true of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation — the supranational caliphate in the making — whose top goal at the moment is suppression of speech about Islam. Like its CAIR confederates, the OIC pretends to be a champion of universal “human rights.” Thus it feigns opposition to defamation or incitement against what it calls “religion.” But we know this is fraudulent — or at least we would know if examination of Islamist ideology were not so adamantly discouraged. It is a plain, irrefutable fact that Islamic countries repress the practice of other religions. Indeed, the practice of religions other than Islam is illegal in Saudi Arabia, the OIC’s de facto leader. Patently, it is not “religion” that the OIC cares about; it is Islam. “Religion” is invoked as a smokescreen, enabling these Islamist activists to pose as guardians of civil rights rather than the vanguard of Islamic supremacism.

All of this is worth sorting out because, unexpectedly, we have a teachable moment. The state of California has adopted a resolution decreeing that “no public resources will be allowed to be used for any anti-Semitic or any intolerant agitation.”

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Andrew Bostom, January 24, 2012, Los Angles, California

Andrew Bostom (http://www.andrewbostom.org/blog/) is the author of The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims (2005/2008) and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism: From Sacred Texts to Solemn History (2008).