Spencer, Camerota and Phares Discuss Sharia No-Go Zones and the Charlie Hebdo jihadis

Published on Jan 9, 2015 by JihadWatchVideo

Robert Spencer, Steve Camerota and Walid Phares appeared on the Sean Hannity Show on Fox New on January 8, 2015, to discuss the Charlie Hebdo jihad mass murderers and Sharia No-Go Zones in France.

Oath of Deception?

imagesCA9XA4JYby IPT News:

Belief in radical Islamic ideology could be grounds to deport immigrants, even after they’ve naturalized, a provocative report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) says.

The report, National Security Threats Should Be Denaturalized, comes from “a retired government employee with many years of experience in immigration administration, law enforcement, and national security matters” who writes under a pseudonym.

People already can be blocked from naturalization for affiliating with totalitarian groups, or engaging in or advocating violence to overthrow the U.S. government. The report argues that the totalitarian prohibition can apply to adherents of radical Islam.

“Why totalitarianism? Because under radical strains of Islam, such as Salafism, it is impossible to reconcile separation of church and state,” the report says. “All civil authority bows to the wisdom of religious clerics in a theocracy. The best existing example (if one can use that descriptor loosely) of such a theocracy in action is the Islamic Republic of Iran. The worst example in recent memory is the Taliban when it ruled Afghanistan. Can one doubt that both examples point clearly to a totalitarian form of government in which no form of peaceful dissension or religious liberty is tolerated? In fact, dissension and religious differences are dealt with brutally.”

Under the proposal, someone could be barred from becoming a citizen if he or she is a follower of radical Islam to the extent that Islam and sharia law should supersede secular law and liberty in the United States. And citizenship can be stripped if it later is determined the person failed to disclose those beliefs.

The report describes the two existing provisions for denaturalizing citizens under such circumstances. But there has been little focus or interest among federal authorities to aggressively pursue such cases, even when the offenders have been convicted of serious national security crimes.

The CIS report identifies 51 cases since 2003 involving naturalized citizens who were charged with and/or convicted of national security related violations. Of them, 34 (66 percent) were from Islamic countries or otherwise identified as being involved in an Islamist security threat violation case.

Denaturalized people revert to their prior immigration status, usually a permanent resident alien. But resident aliens convicted of certain crimes, particularly national security crimes, are subject to deportation. Even absent a criminal conviction, permanent residents can be deported if they obtained that status through fraud or misrepresentation.

This CIS report raises noteworthy issues that have lingered for nearly a decade. And while federal authorities appear to be lethargic in the pursuit of even national security denaturalization cases, there have been some successes such as Fawaz Damra and Abdurahman M. Alamoudi. Even the notorious criminal case against Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) operative Sami Al-Arian began as a naturalization fraud investigation.

But a handful of victories in a sea of ignored cases is not really success. There is much room for improvement and, ironically, improvement may not even require legislative change but no more than shift in focus and willingness by executive branch agencies responsible for investigating and prosecuting the violations. This matter appears ripe for congressional inquiry. The CIS report has opened that door.

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Frank Gaffney: Stop Shariah Immigration

The 10th part of Frank Gaffney’s The Muslim Brotherhood in America course is titled “What’s To Be Done?” It is a one hour comprehensive plan for what must be done “to defeat the most serious and imminent of such dangers in our time: the Islamist doctrine of shariah and the efforts of its adherents to impose it world-wide, on Muslims and non-Muslims alike, through violent means or by stealth.”

At 43:43 min. into the video, Gaffney addresses muslim immigration as one of several recommended Federal level  legislative initiatives. He makes the case that the United States must preclude immigration by adherents to shariah as a matter of national sovereignty. The following is an excerpt from the video:

This course has documented how the threat posed by the Muslim Brotherhood’s civilization jihad is being compounded by the continuing admission into this country as visitors or permanent residents of still more shariah adherent Muslims including Saudi trained Imams and unassimilable refugee populations. Attorney James Edwards, a fellow of the Center For Immigration Studies noted that in September 2005 in a center white paper entitled “Keeping Extremists Out; The History of Ideological Exclusion and the Need for it’s Revival” that there is ample Precedent for excluding would be visitors or permanent residents who adhere to shariah’s seditious doctrine.  As Mr. Ewdwards put it, “Excluding and removing aliens who exhibited unwanted characteristics has been traditional American practice. Whether by colonial, state or Federal governments, the right to exclude and deport non-citizens has been vigorously exercised in this nation. Indeed, such a right is inherent to the idea of a sovereign nation” Most recently during the cold war, the US government recognized the danger of admitting not just members of the communist party, but “individuals in any way connected or associated” with it. It restricted their admission under a statute known as the McCarryn-Walter Act of 1950. What is more, that act barred those who “ever knowingly aided or supported the communist party directly or indirectly through another organization”. This is a critically important precedent because of  the analogous situation that exists today with respect to the myriad Muslim Brotherhood front groups who have modeled their subversive penetration of our civil society, institutions and government on Soviet Communist tradecraft. The same logic should apply to those today who adhere t a no less seditious ideology that some have dubbed “Communism with a God”. Notably, organizations like CAIR, ISNA, MPAC and others bear a strong resemblance to the multitude of Comunist party front groups employed by the Soviets during the cold war. And their division of labor in underning the United States from within. The bottom line is hat we must not continue the practice of admitting, let alone inviting in enemies of this country whose adherence to Shariah obliges them to seek our submission and destruction.