Activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali Denounces Anti-Semitism on Campuses as New Film Debuts


Breitbart, by DR. SUSAN BERRY, March 14, 2015:

Somali-born free speech and women’s rights activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali gave the keynote address at a sold-out event in Boston Wednesday that centered on rising anti-Semitism on college campuses in North America.

Hirsi Ali’s address, and a panel featuring a rabbi and three student activists, followed the premiere of a new Jerusalem U film titled Crossing the Line 2: The New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus, which can be viewed in its entirety online. The film demonstrates how anti-Israel activities on college and university campuses are being organized to alienate and intimidate those who support Israel, and how reasonable criticism of Israel “crosses the line” into anti-Semitism.

As a press release about the Boston event notes, Hirsi Ali said the film demonstrates how students are being “misled.” Denouncing “virulent anti-Semitism” on college campuses, she asserted, “The least we can do is boycott, divest, and sanction campuses that compromise academic freedom.”

Excerpts of Hirsi Ali’s address are as follows:

It is appalling that only seventy years from the Holocaust, crowds in Europe chant, “Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.” It is even more appalling that 10,000 soldiers in Paris are needed to protect Jewish sites. That is the continent that promised never again. The men and women who were in the concentration camps, who are tattooed, some are still here. And it is happening again.

Watching Crossing the Line 2: the New Face of Anti-Semitism on Campus was like having a bucket of ice water being poured over my head. I saw the film last week. And I watched it again last night. And I couldn’t sleep. The more we pretend that this is happening somewhere far away, the more hopeless and helpless we feel. But this is not happening far away. This is happening on American campuses, British campuses, Canadian campuses. The filmmakers who made this film made it because it is important that we listen to this message while it is at a smaller stage.

I have a different acronym for BDS. They call themselves Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions. I call them Bully, Deceive, and Sabotage. Bully, Deceive, and Sabotage the only society that is free in the Middle East. BDS. On campus, if you care about issues like justice and injustice, we really need to show it. You need to do it. Where is the BDS movement against the Islamic State? Where on campuses is the BDS movement against Saudi Arabia? The Iranian regime, who for decades have promised to wipe Israel off the map, who are developing a bomb. And there’s no BDS movement against them on campus. Why? Last year in Nigeria, 200 girls were kidnapped. They were sold into slavery. There was no BDS movement against Boko Haram.

“Anti-Israel activities on campus cause students today to feel embarrassed to be pro-Israel, or could even lead them to hold negative opinions about Israel” said Amy Holtz, president of Jerusalem U, in a statement in the press release. “Raising awareness of this growing problem is crucial. We made this film in order to give students the knowledge to differentiate between education and intimidation, debate and hate. They must be able to identify when it is ‘Crossing the Line.’”


Published on Sep 30, 2014 by Hamas On Campus

The Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is Hamas on Campus. An organization dedicated to wiping Israel off the map.


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Texas libraries receive money to celebrate ‘Muslim American’ culture with Muslim Journeys programs

intro-1hevb3u750-630x286Watchdog Wire, by Lou Ann Anderson:

October is Muslim American Heritage Month, “a month of celebration and sharing Muslim American’s contribution to the history & fabric of America.” The American Library Association (ALA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) are further promoting this theme by sponsoring two programs Let’s Talk About It: Muslim Journeys, a scholar-led reading and discussion program for public audiences, along with a Muslim Journeys Bookshelf featuring “a collection of books, films and other resources that will introduce the American public to the complex history and culture of Muslims in the United States and around the world.” Of 125 libraries and state humanities councils awarded the Let’s Talk About It program, five recipients are in Texas. Of 953 similar locales receiving the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf, 26 of those are also within our state.

Denton, located just north of Dallas-Fort Worth and home to the University of North Texas, is one town receiving generous awards from these programs with the city’s public library receiving a bookshelf award and the university tapped for both the bookshelf and the discussion program.

The public library describes its participation and added program “enhancements” as follows:

The Denton Public Library will host a day of lectures and perspectives Oct. 5 with the Bridging Cultures Bookshelf: Muslim Journeys program at the Emily Fowler Central Library.

The Bridging Cultures initiative is sponsored by the American Library Association and the National Endowment for the Humanities to encourage understanding between cultures and religions. The bookshelf is a collection of books, movies, and the Oxford Islamic Studies database; these materials are now available at the Denton Public Library. The collection is categorized into several sections, each focusing on a different aspect of Muslim cultural heritage: Connected Histories; Literary Reflections; Points of View; American Stories; Pathways of Faith; and Art, Architecture, and Film. The bookshelf collection is a “featured list” in the library’s catalog – simply access the catalog at and click on the Featured Lists tab at the top, then click on the Muslim Journeys link to see a list of all 29 books and DVDs.

The Denton Public Library is enhancing the program with guest speakers throughout the day on Oct. 5. Dr. Mahmoud Sadri begins the program at 10 a.m., comparing the challenges of the Islamic world with historical challenges in the United States. Imam Mohamed Fouad follows at 1 p.m. to discuss the Islamic faith and the Straight Path from an Islamic perspective. He also will discuss some of the books in the bookshelf collection. Lilly Ramin and Setareh Keshmiripour will speak at 4 p.m. about growing up in the United States from a Persian, non-Muslim perspective.

UNT Digital Scholarship Co-Operative provides the following description of Denton as well as its goals with these programs:

Texas has the eighth largest Muslim population in the United States.  As a University town, Denton, Texas has a larger Muslim population—made up of staff, faculty, and students—than comparable communities elsewhere in Texas. As such, the Muslim community is visible and vibrant, yet remains marginalized, especially when compared to other ethnic, racial, and religious minorities.

UNT Libraries share the University’s commitment to diversity and to providing equitable access and representation to all members of the University community.  Students and faculty from across the disciplines are engaged in research that examines cross-cultural encounters in America, the culture and history of other nations, and how these influences shape the present in terms of politics, the arts, and society. The Muslim Journeys Bookshelf and the Let’s Talk About It: Muslim Journeys awards provide valuable materials for faculty and student research, and support the Libraries’ Strategic Goals to develop outstanding collections, and providing innovative services, including programming, to communities of patrons inside and outside the University.

The original Bookshelf award included 25 books, three films, and access for one year to Oxford Islamic Studies OnlineEight-hundred forty-two libraries received the Bookshelf Award.

The Let’s Talk About It Award provides support for programming around items from the collection. In partnership with the UNT American Studies Colloquium, led by Assistant Professor of English Kelly Wisecup, and the UNT Muslim Students Association, the Digital Scholarship Co-Operative will sponsor five scholar-led reading groups on the theme “American Stories.” In addition to the reading groups, UNT students, faculty, and staff will be invited to record video podcasts titled “My Muslim Journey: American Stories” in which they’ll describe books that shaped them as individuals. A final capstone event in which participants will share their videos will be held in the Spring semester. Librarians who are interested in helping with this programming, or who have ideas for other activities around the collection can contact

For those who follow public policy issues and funding, the ALA and NEA – their activities and use of taxpayer dollars – are widely known. Education commentator and former public school educator Donna Garner offers this recap for those less familiar:

Leave it to the American Library Association (ALA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEA) to use our tax dollars to promote the Obama administration’s leftwing agenda – “Muslim Journeys Program” in Denton, Texas.

As best I could determine, the ALA receives around $184 Million per year of taxpayers’ dollars appropriated by Congress; and the NEA receives close to $154 Million.

The NEA is well known for such grants as the one in which an artist produced Piss Christ, a photo of a plastic crucifix submerged in urine.

In 2006 the American Library Association gave its prestigious “academy award” for Young People’s Literature (ages 12 – 18) to Looking for Alaska by John Green.  The ALA award propelled this porn novel to popularity all around the country.  See “Actual Quotes from the Book” — .

For years, we have tried to get Congress to cut the funding for ALA and NEA.  With our country on the edge of the fiscal cliff, now would be a great time to let these two leftwing entities stand on their own.

Let the ALA and NEA raise their own funds to promote their leftist agenda and see how far they get.  If the local taxpayers are sold on what the ALA and NEA want to do in their local communities, let the locals pay for it. If the people of Denton, Texas, want to fund “Muslim Journeys,” let the locals pay for it.

With the brutal killings in Kenya, Benghazi, Boston Marathon, Ft. Hood, 9/11, Mali, London, Tel Aviv, Baghdad, Basra, Marrakech, Nigeria, Thailand, Frankfurt, Manilla, and many more by Muslim terrorists, I think the ALA and NEA might find themselves with very little local support for “Muslim Journeys.”

As these programs often target younger Americans in seeking to normalize, downplay – even ignore – the complex religious, political and social tensions existing between Muslim and Western cultures, Garner offers this advice:

With schools so caught up in the 21st Century technology craze, I would encourage parents not to allow their school children to go on Skype or other online venues to dialogue with “global pen pals” – during the school day or on their techie devices at home.  Jihadists are trying to lure our American children to join their terrorist networks.  CNN recently reported that the Kenyan mall attacks may very well have involved jihadist Somali young men who have been lured from America over the Internet.

All of us need to be very concerned about an effort in the United States to desensitize our school children through their curriculum to destroy a belief in American exceptionalism.  Such desensitization leaves our school children open to being linked up with unknown “global pen pals” who may very well be Muslim jihadists trying to recruit our children into their cause.

In Editorial: Florida libraries celebrating Muslim American Heritage MonthWatchdog Wire – Florida offers additional perspective on the content offered within these programs.

For the full listing of locations receiving awards: Let’s Talk About It: Muslim JourneysMuslim Journeys Bookshelf.


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A New Muslim Brotherhood Symbol: R4BIA

R4BIAwwww-345x350By :

There is a new Islamist symbol appearing in protests, on social networking sites and at demonstrations throughout the Middle East. The symbol allegedly originated as a four-fingered hand sign by pro-Morsi protesters during demonstrations in Egypt’s Rabia al-Adawiya Square. The hand gesture quickly evolved into an image of the hand commonly depicted in black on a bright yellow background. It is called the “R4BIA sign.” In English it is officially spelled in capital letters and the letter “A” is replaced with the number 4. It has become the symbol of the massacre of pro-Morsi supporters in Rabia al-Adawiya Square on August 14, 2013. This new sign already has its own history, legend and mysticism and it contains all the attributes that Islamists favor in their symbology, particularly martyrdom.

The design of the symbol has been endowed with characteristics of the sacred in Islam: the color yellow used in the background signifies the golden Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem and the hand depicted in the color black denotes the black cloth that covers the Kaaba. The official R4BIA website alleges that protesters originated the sign and explained the meaning:

“This is the ‘Rabia sign.’ ‘Rabia’ means four or fourth in the Arabic language. The name of this square comes from Rabia al-Adawiya, a blessed lady among the pious servants of Allah. She received the name Rabia because she was the fourth child in the family. We use the sign to cherish her legacy.” “The second reason why this sign bears significance is the fact that Mohamed Morsi was the fourth President of Egypt after Gamal Abdel Nasser, Anwar Sadat and Hosni Mubarak. We make the sign to remind people of his presidency.” “In addition, those who gather in Tahrir Square to support the military coup prefer the V sign made with the two fingers. We cannot be the same as those people. We use and spread the Rabia sign in order to distinguish ourselves from them.”

According to the R4BIA website, the protestors who provided the explanation for the symbol were killed with hundreds of other Muslim Brotherhood supporters who had camped out in the tent city for weeks. The violent incident and the symbol that has come to represent it have been endowed with supernatural qualities. The number four has acquired mystical connotations signified by the name of the square, the succession of Egyptian presidents and the birth order of Rabia al-Adawiya.  The slain supporters have been bestowed with heroic status and the Islamist honor of martyrdom and are now referred to as the “Rabia Martyrs.”  A new Islamist legend was born out of the blood of Egyptian protesters. It would not be surprising if pilgrimages to Rabia al-Adawiya Mosque to commemorate the new martyrs occur each year on the anniversary of the violence.

The symbol is quickly evolving into a full-fledged R4BIA movement. A mythology surrounding the R4BIA martyrs is emerging. One of the new myths is that the blessings of the new martyrs are responsible for spreading the symbol beyond Egypt’s national borders to become the symbol of awakening to the global Muslim community. Although the new blessed martyrs are getting credit for spreading the message, they are receiving a lot of help from the Muslim Brotherhood propaganda machine and Turkish Islamists. A Turkish website has been launched in three languages, Arabic, English and Turkish, explaining the origin of the symbol and promoting a R4BIA movement. contains photos and videos of protesters and includes a R4BIA song whose lyrics are comprised of the writings of Sayyid Qutb, an influential leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and the father of violent Islamism.

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Academic Jihad: Pro-Islamic Bias in US School Textbooks

1-7541590fc0 (1)Erick Stackelbeck, host of the show “Erick Stackelbeck on Terror” interviews Guy Rodgers, Executive Director of ACT! for America and former educator who outlines the pro-Islamic bias discovered in American textbooks during an extensive study conducted by ACT! for America Education.

You can view the textbook report as well as information about how to take action in your school here:…


Students made to wear burqas – in Texas

Burqas32-340x184by JOHN GRIFFING:

There’s a new controversy in Texas involving the online public school curriculum called CSCOPE, which already has been the subject of heated debate and state legislative hearings.

There are reports now that students were made to wear Muslim burqas as part of their public school lessons.

CSCOPE has been facing criticism over its alleged Islamic and anti-American bias. It is a “curriculum management system” now used in 80 percent of Texas classrooms. It recently was the subject of a heated inquiry that culminated in hearings conducted by the Texas Senate Education Committee chaired by state Sen. Dan Patrick, R-Houston.

According to a joint press release by Patrick, State Board of Education Chairwoman Barbara Cargill and CSCOPE representatives, CSCOPE ultimately agreed to “significant changes.” But it is unclear when the changes will take place and whether or not the pledged cooperation is legally binding or simply to mollify critics.

WND contacted Patrick’s office but has been unable to obtain documentation confirming whether CSCOPE compliance is required or optional.

He did release a statement: “Be assured we are working on this issue as is the SBOE almost every day. The hearing was step one, the letter step two. The only thing that is binding from a legislative standpoint is legislation. We are working on those issues based on what we are discovering now. We are doing our job, one that must be thorough and will take time.”

CSCOPE has come under fire for controversial curriculum content, including accusations of multiple lessons showing a pro-Islamic agenda. CSCOPE representatives had claimed that such content had been “taken out of context” or that they were “old lessons that have since been taken down.”

CSCOPE proponents have denied the existence of such lessons, or, when faced with documentation, have dismissed critics’ claims as exaggerations.

However, in Lumberton, Texas, this week, high school girls were made to wear burqas as part of a CSCOPE study of Islam.

One student quoted the teacher as saying, “We are going to work to change your perception of Islam.”

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Obama interested in ‘Allah-is-God’ curriculum

cscopeby John Griffing

CSCOPE, the controversial online curriculum  that taught “Allah is God” and currently is used in 80 percent of Texas  school districts, has caught the attention of the Obama administration’s  Department of Education.

A source in the Texas education system has told WND that Common Core  operatives in the U.S. Department of Education are actively pursuing CSCOPE as a  way around the Texas legislative process.

Texas is one of the few states still resisting implementation of Common Core,  Obama’s national standards initiative, which many feel is a transparent attempt  to nationalize education and progressively control classroom content with  minimal parental oversight.

Implementation of Common Core is known to have been made a condition  of school systems’ receipt of federal dollars under Obama’s “Race to the Top” program.

CSCOPE recently has come under fire for evidence  of what sources claim to be radical content and secrecy. Now new information  of such a radical agenda has surfaced showing CSCOPE connections to Obama  mentor and self-acknowledged terror group member Bill Ayers.

WND has documented a strong  link between Ayers and CSCOPE heavyweight and Common Core advocate Linda  Darling-Hammond. An unrepentant terror group member (and known Obama supporter,  financier, and ghost-writer), William “Bill” Ayers was part of the notorious  Weather Underground which attempted to bomb the Pentagon in the seventies. After  9/11, Ayers was interviewed by the New York Times, and was quoted as saying  he had “no regrets.”

Ayers gave Darling-Hammond an enthusiastic  endorsement for education secretary when Obama was first elected. Ayers has  worked extensively with Darling-Hammond on many of the same projects, even  editing her work.  Both are part of what some education experts have termed the “small schools  movement,” which allegedly emphasizes “emotional” responses and output over  factual mastery.

Darling-Hammond is mentioned throughout CSCOPE literature, has given  innumerable lectures on behalf of CSCOPE, and was part of Obama’s educational  transition team. She is a primary advocate and proponent of Common Core in  Texas, and observers see the acquisition of CSCOPE by the U.S. Department of  Education as a logical next step.

This scenario has alarmed those concerned about classroom content  accountability. Previously, WND reported  how CSCOPE lessons promote Islam, teaching conversion methods and presenting  verses from the Quran that denigrate other faiths. In CSCOPE curriculum, the  Boston Tea Party is likened to an act of terrorism on par with 9/11. In the wake  of the Newtown massacre, the Second Amendment is portrayed as a “collective,” not an individual right, despite the Supreme Court’s recent rulings to the  contrary.

The CSCOPE website has posted a response to concerns about certain lesson  plans, including an extensive discussion of the Boston Tea Party. But critics  say that such lessons should never have appeared in the first place.

Sources within the Texas education system recently informed WND that Wicca,  thought by many to be akin to witchcraft, was being taught in CSCOPE curriculum  alongside Christianity, but was removed before the news media could access it, a  fact which represents one of the biggest concerns for followers of CSCOPE.

CSCOPE apparently immediately deletes controversial content once leaked,  making it impossible at any one time to know exactly what students are learning  and in what order. Defenders of this process say that this responsiveness to  public scrutiny is a form of self-auditing. Others have said that it simply  leaves parents, teachers and those in charge of curriculum oversight powerless  to stop agenda-driven lesson plans and the damage the ideas therein might do to  students.

WND has documented numerous instances of lessons being deleted after their  use in classrooms.

When it was discovered that Islam was being given preferential status as a  part of a study on the world’s major religions, CSCOPE administrators deleted  the lesson plan and associated PowerPoint in the presence of two sources,  leaving no trace online.

However, through available technology, documentation of this lesson plan and  other such controversial content has been retained and reviewed by Texas  educators and WND.

See the  lesson.

In CSCOPE World History/Social Studies, Lesson 2, Unit 3 under the heading, “Classical Rome,” students are told that Christianity is a “cult,” and given a  link to a BBC article saying the early Christians were “cannibals,” i.e. the  Eucharist, which students are then led to conclude is the reason for Roman  persecution.

See the lesson.

Read more at WND


UNESCO Establishing Chair at Islamic University of Gaza

A mosque within the campus of the Islamic Univ...

A mosque within the campus of the Islamic University of Gaza (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Radical Islam:

Israel expressed shock and consternation at the news that UNESCO is establishing a Chair at the Islamic University of Gaza.

The Islamic University of Gaza is a known greenhouse and breeding ground for Hamas terrorists. Only last month, the University’s Dean of Koranic studies openly called for the Islamic conquest of the Vatican and of Spain.

Scientists and Academics at the University double as Hamas technocrats. The Islamic University serves as an employment program and intellectual retreat for Hamas leaders. The University conducts lectures on Hamas’ radical ideology and concentrates on hostility to Israel; Hamas uses Gaza University laboratories to develop and produce explosives and rockets and has even run a course on explosive making. The university is a warehouse for weapons and a venue for secret meetings of military leaders.

An Israeli official statement said, “UNESCO’s motto is that “It is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed,” yet the Islamic University of Gaza is poisoning the minds of men for the cause of terror.

“UNESCO continues to damage its reputation. After establishing the Obiang prize, UNESCO is now establishing a chair linked to a terror organization.

“Hamas and the Islamic University believe in extremism, violence and terror – not Education, Science and Culture. That UNESCO should choose to establish a chair in such a University damages further UNESCO’s reputation and it creates uncomfortable and inappropriate bedfellows.”

Eileen Toplansky Smackdown of New Jersey State Bar For Whitewashing Sharia Law

By Eileen F. Toplansky

Respect,  a “newsletter about law and diversity,” is a publication  of the New Jersey State Bar Foundation.  It is geared for middle- and high  school students.  The recent Spring 2012, Vol. 11, No. 3  article1 entitled “Fear Propels Religious Attacks” by Cheryl Baisden  is of particular interest, because while it purports to have a fair-minded  stance, the fact that CAIR, or the Council of American Islamic Relations, is  cited as a credible source sheds serious doubt about the objectivity of the  article.  In fact, CAIR  receives “financial support from foreign powers who have provided direct  support to Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda and Hamas.  CAIR has raised funds for  terrorists under the guise of helping 9/11 victims. CAIR board members have  called for the overthrow of the United States and imposition of Islamic law.  CAIR has discouraged Muslim-Americans from cooperating with law enforcement and  at least 15 high-level CAIR staff members have been under federal investigation for ties to Islamic  terror.”

In  short, CAIR  “is an entity masquerading  as a ‘civil rights’ organization[.]”  It has numerous ties to extremist  Islamic organizations, and “on June 4, 2007, the New York Sun reported  that CAIR had been named as an unindicted co-conspirator in an alleged criminal  conspiracy to support both Hamas and  the Holy Land  Foundation for Relief and  Development (HLF).”  Moreover, CAIR has  ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.  That Ms. Baisden never explains CAIR’s  criminal and terrorist connections is inexcusable.  Thus, the young reader  of this newsletter is left ignorant of CAIR’s “dishonest and misleading  attacks against an initiative designed to preserve …  freedoms.”

In  writing about the imposition of sharia law into the American justice system, Ms.  Baisden claims that “[i]n the past few years, … several states have passed or  are considering legislation that would restrict the way followers of one  specific religion practice their faith.”  This is a disingenuous  statement.  In fact, American Laws for  American Courts (ALAC) emphasizes that “[n]o U.S. citizen or resident should be  denied the liberties, rights and privileges guaranteed in [the United   States]  constitutional republic.  American Laws for American Courts is needed  especially to protect women and children, identified by international  human rights organizations as the primary victims of discriminatory  foreign laws.”

Furthermore,  “America has unique values of liberty which do not exist in foreign legal  systems, particularly sharia law.  Included among, but not limited to those  values and rights are: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the  Press, Due Process, the Right t

In  2010, when Oklahoma attempted to pass the Oklahoma International Law Amendment, State  Question 755, Brigitte  Gabriel, founder, president, and CEO of ACT! For America and Lauren Losawher  maintained that “[s]ince the introduction of State Question 755, a proposed ban  on Oklahoma courts from deciding cases using international or sharia law, local  and national media have mocked concerns about Islamic sharia law impacting American courts as foolish,  misplaced or a waste of time.”

Gabriel,  international terrorism analyst, argues that “[s]haria law, in short, is a  comprehensive, theo-political law system used in many Islamic countries  including Iran that is based on precepts contained in the Quran and the hadith  (the sayings and traditions of Mohammed). Under sharia law, women have few  rights compared to men, freedom of speech is severely curtailed and freedom of  religion is limited or nonexistent.”

Yet,  the closest that Cheryl Baisden comes to explaining sharia law is to write that  “[f]or followers of just about any religion there are certain rules that apply  to their faith, from kosher laws among Jewish people to the disapproval of  divorce among Catholics.  In the same way, sharia is the law that governs  certain aspects of everyday life for Muslims.”  What is most disturbing  about Baisden’s piece is that the whole point of this newsletter is to educate.   Thus, this missed opportunity to do genuine research permits the  falsehoods, disinformation, and shameless obfuscation of Islamic law, all under  the rubric of muddied multiculturalism.

John  Swails, who was the director of the Center for Israel and Middle East Studies at  Oral Roberts  University, stated that supporters of sharia law will “tell you it  provides religious freedom, but that’s true only if you’re a  Muslim.”

One  in favor of sharia-imposed justice is Saad Mohammed, director of Islamic  information for the Islamic Society of Greater Oklahoma City.  He opposed  State Question 755 and stated that “[s]haria law coincides with about 80% of the United  States Constitution.”

One  needs to seriously consider the 20% that does not comply with the United States  Constitution and its protection of freedoms!  In fact, this incredible and  chilling YouTube  video from Andrew Bostom succinctly elucidates what sharia law is all about and  the status of the infidel under this Islamic law.

Yet  in February 2012, CAIR produced a 38-page legislative lobbying kit to help  Muslims lobby against “American Laws for American Courts” legislation.  It  is available at this  site.

This  report is ably  refuted by Islam Watch’s “CAIR’s Sharia Fog Machine,” which demonstrates how  “CAIR’s legislative strategy is to portray themselves as merely correcting the  misunderstanding caused by widespread ‘Islamophobic’ fear that sharia will  ultimately prevail over American law.  This is a red herring to trivialize  the concern over sharia law.  The question is not whether all American  rulings will someday be based on sharia law, but whether any rulings would be  based on it.”

Another  executive director of CAIR, Muneer Awad, stated, “[w]e take a stand in  opposition to the proposed amendment. It’s ridiculous that anyone would suggest  it would happen. Our Constitution would not allow any religious law to supersede  the existing laws.”

Oh,  really?  Let’s turn to a 2011 study that reflects a very different  picture.

In  2011, the Center For Security Policy released an in-depth  study entitled “Shariah Law and American State Courts: An Assessment of  State Appellate Court Cases.”  The “study evaluates 50 appellate court  cases from 23 states that involve conflicts between sharia (Islamic law) and  American state law.  The analysis finds that sharia has been applied or  formally recognized in state court decisions, in conflict with the Constitution  and state public policy.” The 600-plus-page document carefully documents  situations where “stories of Muslim American families, mostly Muslim women and  children … were asking American courts to preserve their rights to equal  protection and due process.  These families came to America for freedom  from the discriminatory and cruel  laws of sharia.  When [American] courts apply sharia law in the lives  of these families, and deny them equal protection, they are betraying the  principles on which America was founded.”

But  in Baisden’s piece, she quotes Mark Stern, a religion law expert at the American  Jewish Committee, who states that “sharia law is not going to govern, except  voluntarily, the rights and responsibilities of Muslim citizens of the United  States.”  Clearly, these documented cases reflect a different outcome, as  “increasingly, foreign laws and legal doctrines that would restrict  or deny American liberties are finding their way into U.S. court cases,  thanks largely to the rulings of transnationalist judges.”

Frank  Gaffney and Brigitte Gabriel have composed ten  questions for the Council on American Islamic Relations concerning their  propaganda campaign attacking legislation designed to protect the constitutional  rights of all Americans, including Muslims.  Does CAIR dispute that Article  VI of the U.S. Constitution makes it the supreme law of the land, and therefore  that all other laws, including sharia, must be subordinated to it where there is  a conflict?  What rights does CAIR wish to have violated by or subordinated  to foreign law?  Does it favor unequal treatment for and/or brutalizing of  women, homosexuals, apostates, Jews, and others in accordance with sharia?   Is CAIR seeking the imposition of all foreign laws, even where they  violate the U.S. Constitution, or just sharia?  These are reasonable  questions that should have found their way into the Respect newsletter  so students and an informed educator could analyze them.

There is much more to this fantastic article! ——->>   American Thinker

To fight homegrown terrorism, Obama to embed Islam in schools

Creeping Sharia:


The challenge is going to be trying to put the violent extremism initiatives into existing programs. But there are lots of ways to do it, and we’ll work with the schools to tailor the approach to what they need. – Quintan Wiktorowicz, National Security Council

Considering Obama has chosen Muslims and Muslim groups as the first line of defense against homegrown Islamic terrorism – while simultaneously banning anything that might expose true Islam – what do you think they’ll be incorporating into public schools across the United States? Here’s a wild guess: Lessons that portray Islam as a religion of peace and a plethora of Islamic dawah, well bleached, directed at your non-Muslim children and grandchildren. via Officials Detail Plans To Fight Homegrown Terrorism : NPR.

The White House will unveil a broad, new strategy Thursday aimed at battling homegrown terrorism in the U.S. The program aims to empower communities by teaching local officials to recognize violent extremism and see the threat as a public safety issue, like the battle against gangs and drugs.

The plan comes as the terrorism threat against the U.S. continues to evolve. All eyes used to be trained on al-Qaida in Pakistan. But more recently the attacks have come from violent extremists here in the U.S. who picked up radical ideas from the Internet. Those plots, though less spectacular, are the ones the Obama administration is trying to fend off.

“What we have to do is be prepared for these different types of approaches that al-Qaida is pursuing,” John Brennan, Obama’s chief counterterrorism adviser, told NPR in an interview about the plan. “The large attacks, the small attacks, the groups that are operating together and the individuals who may be vulnerable to these types of entreaties.”

New Partners

The 20-page White House strategy — entitled “Strategic Implementation Plan for Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States” — puts some meat on a bare-bones outline the administration released four months ago. In that August dispatch, the White House laid out broad initiatives for preventing the spread of violent extremism in the United States. That plan, just seven pages long, was criticized for being thin on details.

The latest offering, which is expected to be released Thursday afternoon, is not exhaustive, but it provides a better idea of what the administration has in mind. The plan envisions a fusion of local partners — schools, community boards and leaders — with both local and federal law enforcement and other agencies. Many of these new partners, like the Department of Education, have never participated in national security issues before.

Just like DHS infomercials have crept into your workplace and hotels and Walmart, so too will pro-Islam dawah make its way into your kids school.

“We had a long conversation about what kinds of things education can do,” said Quintan Wiktorowicz, a senior director of the National Security Council at the White House, who spearheaded the initiative. “In the same way they fight gangs, or bullying, they can help here. The challenge is going to be trying to put the violent extremism initiatives into existing programs. But there are lots of ways to do it, and we’ll work with the schools to tailor the approach to what they need.”

This report comes from the Muslim Brotherhood (parent organization of Muslim terror group Hamas) friendly NPR so an extreme amount of bias is expected (at taxpayer expense). That said, be sure this same flawed Islamophilic protectionism is rampant amongst all those who are charged with whitewashing Islam as part of this Sisyphean endeavor. [NPR assures Muslim Brotherhood donations would be kept secret (video)]

Because the new American strategy will fold in many players who haven’t had much exposure to counterterrorism, it will require a good deal of training. Officials familiar with the plan said they are concerned that if the training isn’t done properly, or sensitively, it could hobble the strategy. Wiktorowicz said he is familiar with the concern.

Training has become a bugaboo in the wake of revelations about FBI counterterrorism training practices. The first inkling that something was amiss came in March. That’s when NPR reported on the cottage industry of independent counterterrorism trainers who signed up to teach local and federal law enforcement officials about terrorism. The report found that the instructors were not being properly vetted and some were presenting skewed views about Muslim-Americans and their potential links to terrorism. Follow-up reports showed how Islamophobia had crept into both federal and local law enforcement training.

Meanwhile, Islamophilia is a full blown industry embedded in major media and lucrative too:  Pro-sharia group receives $25M annually, more than all anti-jihad groups it fears…combined!

Wiktorowicz said the new strategy addresses those issues. A complete training review and specific training standards are expected to be in place by spring. The Department of Homeland Security will review the training and evaluate experts to weed out any lurking anti-Muslim bias. The idea is to inject some quality control into the training process. Wiktorowicz said the new program will focus on behavior, not religion or appearances.

If by quality control Wiktorowicz means hiding the truth about jihad in Islam, and using Muslim Brotherhood founded groups to create propaganda and screen out truthful elements of Islam.

And so the new program, like the old programs, ignore the root of the problem - the ideology that makes up the religion. Yet be sure there will be plenty of counter propaganda directly focused on one religion and how supposedly peaceful it is, while a complicit government continues to provide cover for jihadists – stealth and violent alike.

But there is more:

The new White House strategy is attempting to broaden the government’s engagement with local communities across the board. If it works, the idea is to broaden the context of local discussions so they aren’t just about terrorism; they are about something bigger.

“We see what we’re doing as a public safety issue,” Wiktorowicz said. “If a community was being targeted by gangs, the government would have some responsibility to help them. The same applies to a community that might be targeted with violent extremism; we have the same responsibility to help them. All parents are concerned about these kinds of issues, not just Muslim parents.”

You see, it’s not Americans (non-Muslims) who are being targeted by violent Islamic jihadists. It’s the Muslim community. Muslims are being targeted and that is why the U.S. government is hell bent on protecting Muslims – 1% of the population – at the expense of all other Americans.

You, my friends, are merely collateral damage.

Update – courtesy of @CausingFitna via National ‘Palestinian’ Radio aka NPR: