Extremist Chaplains, Literature Flooding U.S. Prisons

Prison inmate

The high number of former prison inmates involved in Islamic terrorism shows inroads the Saudi ‘Wahhabi machine’ in the U.S.


The Virginia-based Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center, an extremist mosque attended by three of the 9/11 hijackers with extensive links to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, is fundraising for its outreach to inmates. The fundraising pitch quotes an extremist cleric and says the mosque has been working with the Washington, D.C. jail for 10 years.

“For over a decade Dar Al-Hijrah has been supporting the spiritual growth of Muslim inmates in the
DC jail, CTF [Correctional Treatment Facility] and youth offenders,” the announcement states.

The request is specifically for donations to send 100 Qurans to the inmates.

There’s a sign of danger even in the announcement itself. It uses a quote from the Islamist theologian Ibn Taymiyya, “Let my imprisonment be a spiritual retreat.”

Dar al-Hijra dawahThe choice of this particular Islamic cleric gives us insight into the ideology of the mosque’s leadership.

Atta Barkindo, a respected researcher on political Islamwrites, “some scholars suggest there is probably no other Islamic theologian, medieval or otherwise, who has had as much influence on radical political ideology of Islam as Ibn Taymiyya.” This includes the leaders of Al-Qaeda.

In fact, Osama Bin Laden quoted Taymiyya in 2003, pointing to when he said, “to drive off the enemy aggressor who destroys both religion and the world—there is no religious duty more important than this, apart from belief itself. This is an unconditional rule.”

The basis of Taymiyya’s preaching is that sharia must be the form of governance, a premise that “runs contrary to the demands of the fundamental principles of democracy.” He argued that the failure to do this is responsible for the descent of the Muslim world, and it would continue until Muslims overthrew their leaders that did not implement sharia governance.

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AWESOME: London Imam unable to refute Robert Spencer’s claims about Koran

downloadThe Right Scoop:

Robert Spencer was on the BBC Asian Public Radio this past Friday and at one point the host asked him to quote verses from the Koran or the Hadiths that he finds reprehensible. Robert quickly responded with several verses from the Koran and one from the Hadith. But what is hilarious about this is that when the host went to Imam to provide the proper ‘context’ for these verses, since he objected to them being out of context, he was unable to do so and when put on the spot he claimed that this is Robert Spencer’s field. What? The host quickly responded to the Imam telling him that Islam was his field, but the Imam was unable to provide any context.

Listen below to at least the first 6 minutes to hear the unprepared Imam. I let it run for a few more minutes so you could hear Robert smack down the Imam one more time after the Imam said there was nothing in the Koran that sanctioned wife beating.

If you want to listen to the full 44 minutes of Robert countering different callers with different accusations, you can do so here.

The Sound of (Muslim) Music

azaBy Lloyd Billingsley:

The Salam Islamic Center, whose leaders have been praised by the FBI, staged a musical concert June 15 at the Crest Theater in Sacramento, California. “An Islamic Expression of Traditional & Contemporary Art,” came billed as the first event of its kind and one that “challenges the belief among some orthodox Muslims that music can lead to sinful behavior.”

Mohamed Abdul Azeez, imam of the Salam Islamic Center and winner of the FBI’s community leadership award, told the Sacramento Bee that staging the event was “risky” but “why not present an alternative? Instead of listening to rap music filled with filth, why not listen to clean rap?” The event, Azeez said, “represents a paradigm shift in the Muslim community. Kids are listening to this stuff, so why not be proactive and expose them to beautiful, inspiring music that promotes love of religion and country?” Imam Mahmoud Abdel of the Masjid Annur Islamic Center has a different view on music.

“Music actually makes you high, 100 percent,” he told the Bee. “It’s a chain reaction – when people listen to music, they ask for alcohol, which will lead to adultery. One step leads to another in the majority of cases. It’s well known that anybody who listens to music a lot will be distracted from his or her mission, which is worshipping God Almighty.”

Imam Mumtaz Qasmi of Sacramento’s Downtown Mosque said “Music has magic, it gets in your blood and makes you want to get up and dance and forget your personality. Your butt is shaking and she’s going to get up and her butt is going to shake – where is the religion then?” Mosques don’t allow music, the imam said, “So how can we allow it outside the mosque?”

Azeez argued that “there’s nothing conclusive in the Quran that states music is inherently wrong,” and in Egypt his parents listened to Oum Kolthoum, “the greatest singer in the Muslim world,” even though the local imam forbade it. But the FBI’s favorite imam still has reservations. He alluded to stories of how political leaders used music to sway people from the Quran and in some musical settings “really bad things took place, like the inappropriate mingling of genders, drinking or fornication.”

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Massachusetts Governor appears to have some explaining to do

Abdullah Farooq

Abdullah Farooq

by :

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick – a Democrat – appears to have himself a bit of an Imam problem dating back to 2010. On May 22nd of that year, Patrick embraced an Imam named Abdullah Faarooq and the Muslim American Society (MAS), a group whose secretary-general said was founded by the Muslim Brotherhood.

Just a couple months earlier, Faarooq spoke at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center & Mosque and said this:

“Grab onto the shovel, grab onto the gun, and the sword, don’t be afraid to step out into this world.”

Here is a must-see video about Patrick’s embrace and a disturbing reality about this cultural center. Take note that the Center’s founder is none other than Abdurahman Alamoudi, who is serving a multiple year prison sentence for charges related to terrorism. He also worked in the Clinton State Department as a goodwill ambassador (h/t BNI and Andrew Bostom):


According to Breitbart, one of the Chechen marathon bombers attended the Islamic Society of Boston mosque. That mosque works in conjunction with the Cultural Center that Patrick was so comfortable supporting.

Incidentally, in light of CNN’s expert on the attacks – Juliette Kayyem –tripping all over herself to avoid calling the bombings what they are – Jihadist attacks – it is interesting that Kayyem once served as Deval Patrick’s homeland security advisor.

The Truth About Interfaith Dialogues – Imam Musri Deceives the Audience

building bridges

One Way Bridges

H/T Creeping Sharia

Over the years we at The United West have attended scores of Interfaith dialogues. This video will review how Imam Musri like many before him say how the doctrine and theology of Islam teaches there is pluralism/equality between Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

The majority of Interfaith dialogues follow this script. A Christian, Muslim, and Jew will each address an audience giving their religions teachings. The objective is to present the three faiths side by side and let the audience come to their own conclusions.

The representatives of each faith are not there to interact, argue, or defend their positions, in most cases.

Many believe that academic debate would be “unhelpful” in building bridges of trust, friendship, and unity between the 3 Abrahamic faith doctrines.  The United West believes that talking, dialogue, and debate are important but not the end all for peace and mutual respect or pluralism.

In this video we expose Imam Musri, a Sunni Muslim, telling the audience lies abut Islam’s tolerance towards the “others” Christians and Jews as sourced from the Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira(life of Mohammed).  I realize “lies” is a strong word but the videos prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Imam Musri’s words are deceptive.  I challenge anyone to prove otherwise.

These lies are exposed where in March of 2012 the Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia called for the destruction of all the Churches in the region. It is inconceivable a Sunni Imam of Mr. Musri’s importance was not aware what the most powerful Sunni Sheikh said – plus if you google it there are over 30 pages of links and stories.  This was big news back in March of 2012

From there we used current “MIddle East” video footage of Christian houses of worship being attacked in Muslim Lands for the crime of being Christian.  We learned in Egypt the government stopped the building of a new church – illustrating that Islam and State are one in the same.

From there we show video of Christians in America being arrested in 2010 and the escalation of violence in 2012 exposing how Shariah blasphemy laws are being practiced here in America to silence the voice of the “others”.  Western Free Speech and Shariah Blasphemy Laws are not compatible.

Next we show Sunni Muslim Al-Qaeda and Free Syrian Army Muslims burning down a Shia Muslim Mosque.  Muslim on Muslim violence and the destruction of “Muslim houses of worship” further contradicts Imam Musri’s words at this Interfaith Dialogue.

These examples contradict the message Imam Musri was articulating to the audience who would otherwise be pacified by Imam Musri’s message of equality between the faiths.  Imam Musri is telling the non-Muslim audience exactly what they want to hear.

This video exposes the danger of Interfaith dialogue when religious doctrine goes unchallenged and the audience only gets half the truth.

Amsterdam Gets a Harsh Lesson in Islam 101

Haitham al-Haddad

By Bruce Bawer

In January 2009 a Dutch court ordered Geert Wilders to be prosecuted for offending Muslims and inciting anti-Muslim hatred.  The complaint was based not on slurs, as such, but on factual statements made by Wilders, in his film Fitna and in various public venues, about Islamic beliefs and about actions inspired by those beliefs.  In June 2011, after a prolonged legal ordeal that cost Wilders greatly in time, money, and emotion, and that represented a disgrace to the tradition of Dutch liberty, he was finally acquitted.

In February of this year, the Islamic Students Association at the Vrije Universiteit (VU) in Amsterdam invited Haitham al-Haddad, a British sharia scholar, to participate in a symposium, but when some of al-Haddad’s sophisticated theological statements about Jews (the usual “pigs and dogs” business) and about other topics came to light, members of the Dutch Parliament spoke out against the invitation, a media storm erupted, and VU canceled its plans.  Whereupon a venue in Amsterdam called De Balie, which sponsors debates, talks, plays, and sundry cultural and artistic events (and whose café is a good spot to grab a late-morning coffee), stepped in and offered al-Haddad their stage.

At the event that ensued, al-Haddad spelled out, and defended, many aspects of Islamic law, including the death penalty for apostates.  Because of this specific statement about executing apostates, al-Haddad was reported to Dutch officials for having broken the same laws that Wilders had been put on trial for violating.  The other day, however, judicial authorities announced their determination that al-Haddad had not committed any offense and would therefore not be prosecuted for his remarks.  Why?  Supposedly because he had placed conditions on the death penalty for apostates.  I was curious to know exactly what he had said, so I searched for the debate on You Tube.  Lucky me, there it was, all 76 minutes of it.  I will recount it in some detail here because I think it provides a window on one or two bemusing aspects of the European mentality in our time.

As the event began, Yoeri Albrecht, director of De Balie and the evening’s host, explained that he’d decided to invite al-Haddad because it’s “important to discuss the position of Islam in the West.”  He told the cleric that he was “very happy that you agreed” to come and wished him “a warm welcome.”  Albrecht had invited two other men to join him and al-Haddad onstage.  One was Kustaw Bessems, a journalist; the other was Tofik Dibi, a young Dutch-Moroccan Marxist, university student, and member of Parliament for the Green Left Party who has publicly protested against Wilders and who represents himself as an advocate for a modern, progressive Islam.  Neither Wilders nor anyone else from his Freedom Party was asked to join the debate.  Bessems noted early on that while he finds al-Haddad’s views “despicable,” it was he who had personally taken the initiative to find an alternate venue after VU’s cancellation, because he believes in free speech (as if free speech means that fanatics have an automatic right to a platform).

Dibi’s questions for al-Haddad were a tad challenging, but his manner was respectful, even deferential.  The imam, for his part, didn’t beat around the bush.  Dibi: “Do you have more right to speak about Islam than other Muslims?”  Al-Haddad: “Yeah, of course.”  Dibi: “Do you allow yourself to doubt?”  Al-Haddad: “There are certain things in Islam that are clear.  No one can doubt them.”

Albrecht, for his part, sounded almost astonished when, having finally grasped al-Haddad’s key point, he said: “Outside of Islam, there is no truth?”  Al-Haddad: “No.”  Albrecht: “Could you understand that a lot of people would be afraid of this kind of thinking?”  Al-Haddad: “There is something called truth.  There is right and wrong.”  When al-Haddad admitted that he supported stoning for crimes like adultery and apostasy, Albrecht exclaimed: “You can’t be serious!”  The host seemed to be genuinely gobsmacked.  (Incidentally, the “conditions” al-Haddad had reportedly placed on the death penalty for apostates, and that had purportedly saved him from prosecution by the Dutch judiciary, were as follows: an apostate could not be executed until his case was handled in a Muslim country by a sharia judge.)

It emerged that earlier that day al-Haddad had refused to let a woman sit beside him on a TV show.  Asked now about women’s rights, al-Haddad insisted that men and women, being different, have different rights; that obliging women to wear headscarves is not an act of oppression any more than parking rules in Britain are; and that “women’s rights” need to be viewed in context.  A woman in the audience was given an opportunity to express her own shock at al-Haddad’s views on women: “I am really amazed at the way you think!”  For a while, Albrecht gave up his seat onstage to her.  “Who gives you the right,” she asked al-Haddad, “where do you get the right, to discuss women’s rights?”

I was shocked too.  I was shocked that in the year 2012, these Dutch infidels – intellectual infidels – professed to be shocked, and indeed gave every indication of being sincerely shocked, when they heard a recognized Islamic authority spell out basic facts of Islamic belief.  These are the same basic facts that Geert Wilders has been talking about for years.  It was for daring to speak these facts – for, in effect, reporting on the same barbaric beliefs and practices that al-Haddad was now not only describing but defending – that Wilders had been hauled into court on charges of having insulted al-Haddad’s faith.  Pim Fortuyn, Theo van Gogh, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Wilders – all of them had been reviled around the world as Islamophobes for stating these same facts.  But on that evening at De Balie it was almost as if none of these critics of Islam had ever opened their mouths.

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Reinvigorated Islam

By Amil Imani

Trauma, viruses, or bacteria cause the death of a biological entity.   Viruses and bacteria are major killers of human beings and present great  challenges to medicine.  They can be deadly and have the uncanny ability to  mutate.  Yet they are there for their mission of ending life.

Life exists due to balance: body and soul, good and evil, and life and death.   This holds true even to the lesser foundations of our lives, and how we  spend our time.  The small, seemingly trivial ripples that we create each  day eventually build into a wave — the wave of mankind.  The moment a new  entity is formed, an array of forces work to end it.  Death, in effect, is  pre-birth.  Without death, everything freezes in place.  Death often  provides the raw material for the new birth.  The death and decay of a  tree, for instance, supplies the needed nutrients for the seed to grow; the  Newtonian physics’ obsolescence provided the foundation for Einstein’s  relativity theory.

Death and renewal are also fundamental to religion.  It is for this  reason that many religions promised renewal in the person of a savior.  The  Jews, for instance, expect the Messiah; the Christians long for the second  coming; and some Muslims pray for the appearance of the Mahdi, while other Shia  Muslims supplicate God for the return of Imam Hussein.

Poorly understood and little-appreciated are psychosocial viruses — PSVs.   As is the case with their biological kin, psychosocial viruses also work  to corrupt any idea, mental functions, or belief and help supplant them with new  ones.  Various forms of mental disorders are the result of interaction  between the PSVs and the person’s predisposition to the condition.  Not all  mutations caused by PSVs are pathological.  Many serve to advance the human  enterprise.  Without contributions of the beneficial PSVs, humanity would  still be stunted in its development at the level of day one.

In the  case of Islam, a special group of PSVs set out to work the minute Muhammad  launched his faith, and mutation rapidly followed.  First, there was the  Islam of Mecca, or the Islam of Meekness.  For thirteen years, Muhammad’s  teachings, as recorded in the early Suras of the Quran, were about many good  things.  Very few people became attracted to what he preached.  In  fact, the people scorned the man, harassed him, and eventually made him flee his  hometown of Mecca for Medina.  Then a major mutation took place: the Islam  of Medina, or the “Islam of Tyranny,” arrived on the scene.  The Quran  Suras of Medina are replete with exhortations of intolerance, exclusivity, and  sanctioning of violence against non-Muslims.  This mutation deeply appealed  to the temperament of the Arab Bedouins, and they flocked to Muhammad’s faith.

The PSV of the time of Muhammad continued to mutate as it reached  other peoples and other lands.  Each people’s own ideas and beliefs —  their cognitive immune system — responded differently to the invader.   Some completely resisted the assault and defeated it.  Others were  overwhelmed and forced into submission.  Yet some of the vanquished, over  time, managed to repel the invader, while others incorporated it to various  extents into their own systems of belief.  In due course, the mutation  among the vanquished people became so divergent that some of the variants can  hardly be recognized as the progeny of the original.

Islam of today is  composed of a dozen major sects and hundreds of sub-sects and schools.   Just two examples should demonstrate the fact that Muhammad’s Islam has  decomposed.

One branch of Sunni Islam, the Wahhabi, has interbred with  the Pashtun culture of Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the result has been the  Taliban version of Islam: a most reactionary, repressive, and savage “religion.”

On the Shiite side, for example, there is a sect of the Ghulat  Alavi that holds only to one of the five pillars of Islam: the Shehadah, an Islamic credo that says, “I testify that there is no God  but Allah and Muhammad is his messenger.”  This sect does not subscribe to  the remaining four pillars of praying five times a day, fasting one month a  year, pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime, and paying the religious  tax of zakat.  The Alavi women are allowed participation in all religious  events and are not required to don the hijab — a stark contrast to the Taliban,  who deny even rudimentary education to women and forbid them from leaving home  without the accompaniment of a male relative.

The Ghulat Alavis deify  the Imam Ali and the other Imams.  They particularly revere the Imam Ali  and worship him as a co-rank of God.  They profess, ” Ali khoda neest,  valee as khoda joda neest” — Ali is not God, but he is not apart from God.   This very same sect places Imam Ali above the Prophet Muhammad.

Ideas and beliefs should thrive or fail on merit only, and not because  someone says that they are the best and that everyone must accept them without  questioning.  Let the meritorious and the fittest survive, and let the  phony and the unfit die.  It is this form of freedom that has been the  engine of progress in all fields of human endeavors.  And it is the exact  opposite practice of stifling free inquiry in many organized religions; that is  the main cause of much superstition, stagnation, and even untold suffering.

What needs to sink into the Western people’s minds is the realization that,  to the Muslims, the idea of freedom and free thinking is largely an alien  concept.

From birth onward, a Muslim’s brain is packed with the notion that everything  in life is predicated on the will of Allah.  Allah is in charge of all  things at all times.  Allah is very much a hands-on God.  He does the  thinking, he does the ordaining, and he decides the outcome for everything large  and small.  And since Allah is the all-knowing as well as the  all-everything, the duty of the faithful is unquestioned obedience in all  matters, irrespective of any and all contradictory evidence.

Islam presently has its stranglehold over a billion humans, posing an  existential threat to all non-Muslims.  When this billion and a half adhere  to the pathological belief of Islam and use it as their marching order of life,  the rest of humanity can ignore the threat only at its own peril.

Once again, Islam has risen from the ashes and  is on a campaign of conquest throughout the world.  Hordes of  life-in-hand foot-soldier fanatical Muslims are striving to kill and get killed.   All they want is the opportunity to discharge their homicidal-suicidal  impulse, on their way to Allah’s promised glorious paradise.  And in the  background, granting the foot-soldiers’ wishes, are their handlers, the  puppeteers, who pull the strings and detonate these human bombs.  Those who  cherish life must recognize these emissaries of death — what makes them, what  motivates them, and how best to defend against them.

The campaign of death waged by the Islamist jihadist, be he a puppet or a  puppeteer, is energized by the belief of delectable rewards that await the  faithful implementer of Allah’s dictates.  Through highly effective  indoctrination, the jihadist has come to believe firmly in Islam’s grand  delusion.  He believes that Allah is the one and only supreme creator of  earth and heavens, that it is his duty and privilege to abide by Allah’s will  and carry out his plans at all costs.  He believes firmly in a gloriously  wonderful immortal afterlife in paradise, for which a martyr’s death is the  surest, quickest admission.  Although the dominating theme of the delusion  is quasi-spiritual, the promised rewards of the afterlife awaiting the martyr  are sensual and material.  All the things and activities that the jihadist  desires and cannot attain or practice, and rejects in his earthly life, will be  purified and proffered to him in the paradise of the next life.  Thus goes  the promise.

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The Mosque as Mother


The Dome of Mosque of the 8th Shia Imam, Reza Our current  Salman Rushdie is the young courageous Iranian rapper Shahin Nafaji, now in  hiding in Germany who has received a death threat because he wrote lyrics to his  song Naqi. However, I contend it is the album cover, which broke the proverbial  camel’s back of the Mahdists. The cover depicts the dome of the mosque of the  8th Shia Imam as a female breast with a rainbow flag “a la sexual diversity” as  a thin impotent phallic minaret arising out of the nimple! A picture speaks a  thousand words.
In an interview by the BBC Shahin spoke about sex and Shia  Islam — “how transparent Islam is with regard to sexuality.”
What  exactly did he mean by “transparent”?  I take him to mean that a perverse  sexuality lurks below the surface of Mahdist culture, which hates the female.   The dome of the mosque is an unconscious representation of the female breast of  the nursing mother. This is the essence of a shame honor culture signifying that  there is maternal deprivation and paranoia. They go hand in hand. The little  girls and women are abused. With shame, comes blaming the other but hardly ever  the mother because the mother is the object to be protected by the little  humiliated,shamed boy who witnesses his mother being abused. The little boy  feels his mother to be an extension of himself. To see her hit, is for him to  feel her pain. He must protect her at all costs. Picture a frightened little boy  clinging hysterically to his mother’s skirt.
This same little boy  harbors an erotized rage that in many instances exceeds murder itself. It is not  just enough to murder; it must in order to redeem honor through blood violence. The hatred and violence is an erotized hatred – the intense hatred of the  female that is not satiated by merely murdering.
The Mahdist regime  is perpetually stuck in an infantile mode of shame, regressed to defending their  weak mothers who live their lives through them and they hate it. It is a vicious  cycle for which we pay the price as the rage is projected outwards in the vessel  of political violence and nuclear war. Remember too, that it was Shia’s  Hezbollah who initiated Islamic suicide truck bombing on a grand scale in  southern Lebanon in the early 1980s. It was readily adopted by Arab Muslim  cultures because they too are shame/honor. The mosque is their mother too.  Indeed this transparency of symbol and obsession for the mother can be sensed in  the word “Umma” meaning the Muslim community, which comes from the same root in  Arabic for ummi or “mommy”.
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Dr. Nancy Kobrin, a psychoanalyst with a Ph.D. in romance and  semitic  languages, specializes in Aljamía and Old Spanish in Arabic script. She  is an  expert on the Minnesota Somali diaspora and a graduate of the Human  Terrain  System program at Leavenworth Kansas. Her new  book is The  Banality of  Suicide Terrorism: The Naked Truth About the Psychology of Islamic  Suicide  Bombing.