The Oxford Union Debate on Whether Islam is a Peaceful Religion

oxford-unionShortly after the savage beheading on May 22, 2013 of a British soldier in London, the Oxford Union society held a debate on the motion: THIS HOUSE BELIEVES ISLAM IS A RELIGION OF PEACE. The motion was carried with a Yes vote of 286 against a No vote of 168.

Videos of the six debaters were published on July 3, 2013 here.

Below are the video contributions of one debater from each side:

Daniel Johnston, journalist and editor of Standpoint Magazine, gives his argument against Islam being a peaceful religion:


A number of counter jihad blogs posted this inspiring speech including Gates of Vienna. A very sad exchange took place between the Web Editor of Standpoint Magazine, Oliver Wiseman, and GoV’s Ned May, a.k.a. “Baron Bodissey”. It seems that Daniel Johnson did not want to be associated with Gates of Vienna. To find out why see Ned May’s recounting of the exchanges here and here and his extraordinarily insightful analysis here.

When Oliver Wiseman asserts that, “If I am to be named on your site, let it be known that I find your “counter-jihad” repugnant and dangerous”, Ned May responds,

“Am I repugnant? Very well then, I am repugnant! I am large; I contain multitudes.” 

Yes!, the Counter jihad movement is large and we represent a multitude of voices. We will not be silenced by those who put their own personal careers and reputations above the cause of Liberty! Politics be damned! Islamization is an existential threat that trumps any threat to personal status!

The argument over Islam versus Islamism and whether Islam can be reformed is a distraction. We need to deal with the threat that exists right now – The Islamic Threat Doctrine. All counter jihad voices need to unite or we may lose this fight.


Mehdi Hasan, Muslim journalist and political editor of the UK edition of the Huffington Post, gives his argument for Islam being a peaceful religion:


Robert Spencer, perhaps one of the most adept at debating Islam, gives an excellent rebuttal to Mehdi Hasan’s speech here:

Mehdi Hasan tries, fails to prove that Islam is a peaceful religion





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