What Counterjihadists do Saturday Nights in Santa Monica

Citizen Warrior:

The following was originally published in The English Review:

Group Photo Santa Monica CJCMost folks chill out on Saturday nights; shopping at malls, dining out, or catching a movie at a multiplex. That is most folks. A group calling itself Counter Jihadists Coalition of Southern California spend Saturday nights at a booth in the busy Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica engaging in what I call anti-Da’wah — countering the call to Islam.

They endeavor to get the word out about what is inside the Qur’an, the Hadith, Mohammed’s exemplary bio, and the ever-reliable guide to Islamic doctrine and Sharia, The Reliance of the Traveller. They number among their group some members of the West Coast branch of The United West. They even have a Coptic Christian member who can translate Arabic spoken by Muslim passersby who either walk by muttering or engage the doughty band.

Last Saturday evening marked the culmination of Ramadan with the Feast of Eid al-Fitr. So the group set up their booth laden with pamphlets and related materials elucidating the totalitarian creed that lies within the Islamic doctrine — a creed that denigrates all unbelievers and denies civil and human rights for women, those who leave Islam by choice, gays, and, of course, The People of the Book (Christians and Jews).

As Ramadan had ended the group prepared a poster from a recent score card of violence that occurred in the Ummah and elsewhere during Ramadan that they downloaded from the Religion of Peace websiteThe Ramadan Bombathon Scorecard for 2013. The Religion of Peace website notes:

TheReligionofPeace.com has been reporting on the number of people killed and injured in the name of religion throughout the month of Ramadan, which just ended. Here are the totals for 2013. All but one were carried out by Muslims, and that one didn’t result in any deaths or injuries.

Tell your Muslim friends you are happy Ramadan is over along with the yearly spike in Islamic terror attacks around the world.

What follows is a report from one of the leaders of the Counter Jihad Coalition, Steve Amundson: 

Scenes from a Saturday Night at a Pedestrian Mall in Santa Monica

The Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA, is one of the busiest pedestrian malls in Southern California. Hundreds of tourists and locals stroll the mall to shop, watch the street performers, and to take in the ethnic and cultural variety that makes Santa Monica so vibrant.
A group of activists called the Counter Jihad Coalition is also there to inform the public about the many ways Islamic ideology threatens the American way of life. We are armed only with a collection of illustrated brochures addressing as poignantly as possible the major concerns about Islamic ideology. Here is a list of some of the most popular brochures:

Islam in a Nut-Shell (which you can see here)

The Muslim Brotherhood

The Three Stages of Jihad

Are you a Muslim Born in a Foreign Country? (Containing challenging questions for Muslims who have never experienced freedom of speech and thought)

Women who marry into Islam may have to abandon all rights

An African-American Muslim is a Slave to a Racist Ideology

Is it “Un-Christian” to speak out about Islam?

There is no excuse for domestic violence, except Islamic Sharia Law

We attract visitors to our information table by posting large graphic signs about recent Islamic outrages — like the Boston Marathon bombing or the daylight beheading of Lee Rigby by Quran-quoting terrorists. Last Saturday, we used a 3’ by 4’ blow-up of the 2013 Ramadan Bombathon Scorecard published by http://www.thereligionofpeace.com.

Ramadan-Bombathon-2013_jpg II

This poster with the smiling jihadi holding an automatic got lots of attention. Passersby were signing up for the local American Congress for Truth (ACT), complementing us for speaking out, and (Muslims, of course) complaining how we have misunderstood their ideology. Having an Arabic-speaking Copt Christian and a woman on our team went a long way to diffusing the usual red-herrings dragged across our message.

As we engage the public, we are learning a number of things that other anti-Islamic activists must take into consideration:

1) Most non-Muslims are woefully uninformed about Islam to the point that many could not determine if we were for or against Islam.

2) CAIR and other Islamist propaganda organizations have been relatively successful in convincing American non-Muslims that Islam is a “religion” protected by the First Amendment instead of a political ideology operating under the cover of religious protection.

3) Muslims are terrified at even touching anti-Islamic fact sheets or looking at selected verses of the Quran in English translations provided by mosques and other Muslim sources.

4) Muslims are obsessed with displaying their Islamic “gang symbols” in public to show that “we are here and you have to accept us.”

No we don’t. Tolerance of the intolerant is cultural suicide.


If you are inspired to do a little activism of your own Citizen Warrior has pamphlets and flyers that you can print to hand out and here is the link to Crusader’s Armory Flyers

(Information on handing out flyers legally here and here)


State Dept. Spokeswoman Psaki Denounces ‘Enemies of Islam’

Islam's Bitch 4 blogPJ Media, By Patrick Poole:

A series of horrific car bombings in Baghdad yesterday have reportedly left more than 80 dead and many more injured. The attacks appeared to target festivities marking the end of Ramadan in Shi’ite neighborhoods, which prompted comment from State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki, who said in an official statement:

The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms the cowardly attacks today in Baghdad. These attacks were aimed at families celebrating the Eid al-Fitr holiday that marks the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. The terrorists who committed these acts are enemies of Islam and a shared enemy of the United States, Iraq, and the international community. (HT: Alim Haider)

As horrific as these bombings are, obviously fueled by sectarian differences, it’s troubling to see that the Obama administration has now put the U.S. government in the business of denouncing “enemies of Islam.”

The first reason this development is troubling is the blinding hypocrisy and deliberate selectivity of it all.

As Elizabeth Harrington at CNS News reported last year, Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson testified to Congress last year that the violence by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram targeting Christians wasn’t religiously motivated — one day after Boko Haram bombed a church service on Easter Sunday.

Mind you, this is the administration that branded the MuslimBrotherhood a “largely secular” organization. It has taken every effort to purge government national-security documents of any reference tying terrorism to Islam while Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Securityproscribed training by anyone declaring themselves “Muslim reformers” (while at the same time government contractors tie pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, and Tea Party views to “violent extremism”).

Any government employees that observe that Islamic terrorists themselves wrap themselves in the mantle of doctrinal Islam will quickly find themselves without a job. And when members of Congress have confronted senior administration officials as to whether elements of radical Islam have declared war on the U.S., those officials have angrily protested that Congress merely asking such questions puts them in league with al-Qaeda.

Then there’s the constitutional problem. The Establishment Clause of the First Amendment requires the U.S. government to remain agnostic on these sorts of questions. It’s doubtful that Jen Psaki is going to be denouncing respective sides in Northern Ireland as “enemies of Christ,” especially when State can’t bring itself to even admit that attacks on Christians by Islamic groups are religiously motivated.

The administration has some serious problems in this regard. If the NYPD showing the documentary The Third Jihad to police officers is a grave constitutional crime, then so too should be the Department of Justice Civil Right Division screening Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Really Think for their employees on government time (not to mention the chutzpah of anyone claiming to know “what a billion Muslims really think”).

In fact, there only seems to be one religion that gets this preferential treatment. DOJ is not meeting with Jewish groups to discuss using discrimination laws to criminalize defamation of Judaism. Government prosecutors aren’t imprisoning filmmakers for unflattering portrayals of the Buddha. And Hillary Clinton didn’t travel overseas and promise to use the full might of the U.S. government to use “old-fashioned techniques of peer pressure and shaming” on critics of Christianity.

If Barack Obama and members of his administration want to grind the Islamic grievance machine on their own time and as private citizens, they are perfectly entitled to do so. But when he goes before the United Nations as president of the United States and declares that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” he has crossed a line expressly prohibited to him by the very Constitution he swore to uphold.

Where is the outrage from the Left or the ACLU? Where are members of Congress on this? For many Americans, our ancestors left their homelands to escape governments getting involved in sectarian feuds. The First Amendment’s Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses ensured that despite the natural temptations to do so, the U.S. government wouldn’t go down that road. But now that it is, it’s past time for Americans to take notice and take action.

Patrick Poole is a national security and terrorism correspondent for PJMedia. Follow him on Twitter.

Europe: Ramadan Wrap-Up, 2013


Chart from TheReligionofPeace.com

by Soeren Kern:

The real reason for the withdrawal of the documentary, according to bloggers in Finland, was because the documentary — which included the forgotten women of the Arab Spring and the public rapes of women in Egypt — is critical of the low status of women under Islam.

Muslims across Europe are marking the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month which, in accordance with the lunar calendar, this year fell between July and August.

Ramadan was a major topic for public discussion, and the month-long holiday received heavy press coverage from print and broadcast media in all parts of Europe — a reflection of the rising influence of Islam across the continent.

Muslim leaders sought to leverage the media attention to showcase Ramadan — a time when Muslims refrain from taking food or water between sunrise and sunset — as the peaceful nature of Islam in Europe.

Muslims were supported by European multiculturalists – who, when it comes to Judaism and Christianity, are staunch enforcers of secularism. They made great efforts to draw up guidelines, issue instructions and carve out special privileges to ensure that Muslims were not offended by non-Muslims during the festival.

As in past years, Ramadan-related controversies also fuelled heated debates in many countries.

In Britain, for example, Channel 4 became the first mainstream British television channel to broadcast the Muslim call to prayer (adhan) live each morning during Ramadan (see video here). Channel 4 also broadcast a series of programs about Ramadan called “Ramadan Diaries” which explored how British Muslims “cope with the physical and spiritual effects of fasting.”

Channel 4 said the special Ramadan programming was an act of “deliberate provocation” to anyone who associates Islam with extremism.

In an article at the Radio Times, a media trade publication, Channel 4 senior executive Ralph Lee said the broadcaster was giving a “voice to the under-represented” Muslims in Britain and that if it were not for heroic actions of Channel 4, the “vast majority of people in Britain” would not be aware of the “mass act of personal sacrifice and worship” that occurs during Ramadan.


In Germany, Muslim mobs ushered in the beginning of Ramadan with three nights of rioting in Hamburg. The unrest began on the evening of July 12 when more than 150 Muslim youths attacked police and burned cars in Altona, the westernmost district of Hamburg. More than 100 riot police were deployed to restore order. An 11-minute video of the Hamburg unrest, with cries of Allahu Akbar [Allah is the Greatest]. can be viewed onYouTube,

In Eisenhüttenstadt, a German city near the border of Poland, a gang of Islamic radicals attacked a young Muslim couple for violating the Ramadan fast. During the incident, at least ten Chechen jihadists broke into an apartment at the asylum seekers facility in Eisenhüttenstadt and beat the couple, who are refugees from Chechnya, to the point that the woman suffered a miscarriage. According to local police, Chechen gangs have a history of enforcing Islamic Sharia law in the city.

Meanwhile, the German news agency Deutsche Welle reported that German military canteens have adapted to Ramadan and altered their menus to provide Muslim soldiers with foods that are prepared according to Islamic Sharia law. According to Deutsche Welle, army canteens are better equipped than many other large kitchens to prepare food for Muslim and non-Muslim soldiers separately: “The cooks use separate forks and ladles and make sure that the meat is stored separately. And if we grill together, the cooks always have some aluminum foil with them, so that the turkey breast doesn’t touch the bacon.”

In Spain, Muslims got into a heated argument over whether or not a rock music concert held on a public square is compatible with Ramadan. The imbroglio occurred in Melilla, a Spanish exclave on the northern coast of Morocco, where Muslims make up more than 50% of the city’s population, and where the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha (Festival of Sacrifice) has been officially recognized as a public holiday since 2010.

As in years past, municipal authorities in Melilla invited several North African rock and fusion bands to play at taxpayer-funded evening music concerts for Muslims to celebrate the breaking of the daily fast.

This year, however, Muslim leaders expressed outrage at what they said was an offense against Islam. The Muslim political party Coalition for Melilla (CpM) went so far as to organize a press conference to express its disdain. CpM Deputy Mohamed Abderrahim argued, “Ramadan cannot be a party, is one of the fundamental pillars of Islam. It’s not a parody or a circus.”

The leader of the CpM, Aberchán Mustafa, said: “To live in harmony we must know how to conjugate the verb ‘respect.’ Would you like it if the authorities hired Brazilian dancers to enliven the streets during Holy Week or to organize a festival on the evening before Easter? No, and I understand. We demand the same respect for our religion: we are offended. They want to distort the spirituality of fasting.”

Municipal authorities gave in to the pressure and moved the music concerts to a location away from the center of the city, not to cause offense.

In Salamanca, a city in northwestern Spain, Muslim prisoners led at least four uprisings at the Topas Penitentiary during Ramadan. Prison officials say the daily fast during Ramadan “habitually has a negative influence on the nerves of Muslim prisoners” and there exists a “high degree of tension” between Muslim and non-Muslim prisoners at the facility, presumably because the latter are not observing the Ramadan fast.

Read more at Gatestone Institute


Security Closures of US Embassies Across Middle East Coincide With Ramadan ‘Night of Power’

download (24)(CNSNews.com) – Many U.S. embassies across the Middle East will be closed on Sunday – usually a working day in the Arab world – in what the State Department says is a precautionary measure based on “security considerations.”

The State Department has not released a list of the missions ordered to close, but a review of official websites shows that they include the embassies in most Arab capitals from Cairo to Baghdad, as well as those in Israel, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

Exceptions are the embassies in Beirut and Islamabad, but neither is usually open on a Sunday anyway.

“The Department has been apprised of information that, out of an abundance of caution and care for our employees and others who may be visiting our installations, indicates we should institute these precautionary steps,” says a notice posted on many of the affected embassies’ websites.

“It is possible we may have additional days of closings as well, depending on our analysis,” it adds. As of early Friday all specified closures were for Sunday only except for the embassy in Sana’a, Yemen, which will be closed on Sunday and Monday.

“The Department, when conditions warrant, takes steps like this to balance our continued operations with security and safety,” the notice says. “However, beyond this announcement we do not discuss specific threat information, security considerations or measures, or other steps we may be taking.”

State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said she would not “go into any more detail about specific threat information,” or any particular significance attached to the August 4 date.

August 4 this year marks the 27th night of Ramadan, which according to most but not all Muslim scholars is Laylat al-Qadr (“night of power” or “night of destiny”), when Muslims believe the first verses of the Qur’an were revealed to Mohammed in the 7th century.


The Qur’an describes the night as “better than a thousand months,” and many devout Muslims stay up through the night.

In its entry for August 4, the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center’s 2013 calendar notes: “Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Power; the night of revelation of Qur’an to Mohammed, begins this evening.)”

The 2013 NTCT calendar does not offer any further detail about the night, but in earlier editions up until 2010 (archived copy) it commented, “Islamic extremists might consider Laylat al-Qadr (“Night of Power”) especially auspicious for a terrorist attack. Islamic tradition holds that on this night rewards for deeds pleasing to Allah are magnified a thousandfold; extremists, in particular, believe that the gates of heaven are opened then for those who wage ‘jihad’ in defense of Islam to enter paradise.”

Since the Islamic calendar is lunar, dates of holidays change each year. Major Islamist terror attacks that have taken place around Laylat-al-Qadr in the years since 9/11 include: an attack on the Indian parliament, 13 killed (Dec. 2011); suicide bombings at the British consulate-general in Istanbul, 30 killed (Nov. 2003); a suicide car bombing in Kirkuk, Iraq, five killed (Nov. 2003); bombings in New Delhi, 62 killed (Oct. 2005); and a Boko Haram suicide bombing at the United Nations headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, 25 killed (Aug. 2011).

Read more


Religious Practice Versus Imposition

dearborn-michigan-ramadan-high-school-football-night-practiceBy Citizen Warrior:

Earlier tonight an acquaintance said he had heard that during Ramadan in Dearborn, Michigan, there’s a high school football team that does their football practice from 11:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. because some of the devout Muslim players can’t eat or drink anything during the daylight. He said this without any judgment at all. It looked like he felt absolutely neutral about it.

I said, “in other words, the Muslims are imposing their practices on non-Muslims.” I said it with a face that clearly displayed disapproval.

He was casually dismissive. “Well, other religions do crazy stuff too,” he said.

I said, “they don’t impose their stuff on me. Are there religious people who impose something on you? Or try to get you to grant a concession? Or try to make your values yield to theirs? To practice a religion is personal and private. If someone wants to go without food, what do I care? They can go right ahead. But when it impinges on people who are not members of the religion, that’s no longer religious. It’s political. So all the high school students who want to play football at that school have to practice in the middle of the night because Muslims are thrusting their Islamic practice into the non-Islamic public sphere. Those non-Muslim kids have to disrupt their normal sleep cycle because the Muslims won’t bend and the non-Muslims will. And step by step, inch by inch, orthodox Muslims gain one concession after another as our tolerant culture yields to their intolerant culture. Is that okay with you? It’s not okay with me.”

I had to leave, but this brief conversation inserted an idea I got from Bill Warner. And my acquaintance looked like he heard something he had never even thought about. I wish I’d had time to explain to him that religious supremacism is the belief that a particular religion is superior to others and entitles members of the religion to control or dominate non-members. That’s what these Muslim football players were doing.

But maybe it was better that I didn’t go into any more detail. Sometimes less is better. Sometimes it’s actually more effective to let things sink in a little at a time.

Given how many people are becoming aware of the disturbing nature of Islamic texts, these kinds of brief conversations must be taking place all over the free world. Let’s keep it up. We should think in terms of small bits and long campaigns.

France is Losing Hearts and Minds of Native-Born Muslims

Police vehicle in France. Photo: Wiki Commons

Police vehicle in France. Photo: Wiki Commons

By Richard Landes:

Granted that it’s Ramadan, which skews the sample, but every day, certainly every week now, it seems, there’s a new indication that France is losing its battle for the hearts and minds of its native-born Muslims.

This week, for example, a convert to Islam attacked a police officer who stopped his niqab-clad wife. Some reports stated that his aggressive disrespect justified the husband’s anger and fueled outrage in the Muslim community. That evening after the fast, several hundred of his “brothers” rioted for hours outside the police station where he was detained, injuring six. The police, worried that too strong a reaction might lead to a reprise of the rioting of Ramadan 2005, only reluctantly intervened. The next night, after the fast, the violence began again and spread to nearby neighborhoods. For the moment, public calm reigns during the daytime fast, but the battle has already been won: police will not willingly fine women veiling their faces. And now (and for the foreseeable future),every Ramadan night will be a tense one all over Europe.

Last week, a train derailed in Bretigny, killing ten and injuring hundreds. Some “youth” (the French media’s euphemism for Muslim gangs), responded first,despoiling the corpses. When the ambulances arrived, the predators stoned the rescue workers, forcing them to wait until the police arrived. This gruesome scene illustrates the deeply disturbing and aggressive contempt for French civic norms among many Muslim “youth” in France today. The shocking story rapidly spread, only to be literally “recalled” by a collective decision of the political classes and mainstream media, including the police who experienced the stoning,who dismissed the reports as rumor. Only reluctantly did the issue return to public discussion.

Such a decision to erase from public discussion the behavior of an aggressive“tribalism,” within the Muslim community, and the ability to implement this erasure across the mainstream news media, represents a pattern of (ultimately self-destructive) behavior whose roots go back over a decade. It started in earnest with the inverse pattern: namely the mainstream media published material that provoked a kind of tribal vengeance in their immigrant communities and then covered up the ensuing violence.

At the beginning of the Oslo Intifada in September 2000, the French media (and most Western news outlets) fell prey to and broadcast what has now been revealed (even the Israelis have weighed in officially now) as a cheap hoax: a Palestinian cameraman’s claim that he filmed Israeli troops targeting and killing a young Palestinian boy, Muhammad al Durah, who “died in the arms of his father.”

It is difficult to exaggerate the eagerness with which the French seized upon this malicious and invented lethal narrative and gave it mythical import. “This death [sic] erases, replaces the picture of the boy in the Warsaw Ghetto,” intoned one news anchor, referring to the symbol the deliberate extermination of a million Jewish children by the Nazis. Apparently, Europeans thought that the Holocaust Inversion theology involved – Israelis are the new Nazis, the Palestinians the new Jews – liberated them from Holocaust guilt, and they showed the image repeatedly in their news broadcasts of the Intifada, themselves laden with further lethal narratives credulously recycled “as news.”

Read more at Algemeiner

This young French housewife, “La Blonde” is speaking out:

‘Brotherhood chief suspends Ramadan fast’

By :

In this Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010 file photo, Mohammed Badie speaks during a press conference at the group's parliamentary office in Cairo, Egypt. (photo credit: AP)

In this Saturday, Oct. 9, 2010 file photo, Mohammed Badie speaks during a press conference at the group’s parliamentary office in Cairo, Egypt. (photo credit: AP)

A series of Twitter posts attributed to Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader Mohammed Badie claimed on Monday that protesters against the ouster of president Mohammed Morsi may break the fast of Ramadan, since they were in a “state of jihad” and would soon wage a battle for control of Egypt.

The tweets, sent from an account purporting to be managed by the media department of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance department “under direct guidance from Muslim Brotherhood General Guide Mohammed Badie,” compared the struggle against the June 30 military coup — centered around a sit-in at Cairo’s Rabia al-Adawiya Mosque — to the Battle of Badr, a decisive battle waged between the Prophet Muhammad and his adversaries from the tribe of Quraish in the year 624.

“The ruling against those who leave Rabia al-Adawiya Square is akin to the ruling against those who flee the battle and jihad against the infidels,” read one message on Sunday. A meeting between Badie and a number of Muslim Brotherhood officials led to a decision to prepare for “the second Battle of Badr” on the battle’s anniversary, 17 Ramadan (July 26), the message added.

Muslim tradition holds that the followers of Islam suspended their Ramadan fast during the Battle of Badr to be combat ready.

Egyptian authorities issued an arrest warrant for Badie on July 10, and he has made no public appearances since the military coup against Morsi on June 30. Another account with over 300,000 followers believed to be used by Badie personally has been inactive since June 29.

Read more at The Times of Israel


Tariq Ramadan Says Morsi Overthrown By US-Zionist Conspiracy

Tariq Ramadan

Tariq Ramadan

By :

Global Muslim Brotherhood leader Tariq Ramadan has penned a long article in which he not so subtly implies that the overthrow of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was orchestrated by a conspiracy involving the US and Israel together with what he alleges to be their Salafist allies. The article does not lend itself to excerpting so understanding Ramadan’s position will necessitate reading it in is entirety:



9 July 2013 I never shared the widespread ‘revolutionary’ enthusiasm. Nor did I believe that events in Egypt, any more than in Tunisia, were the result of a sudden historical upheaval. The peoples of these two countries suffered from dictatorship, from economic and social crisis; they rose up in the name of dignity, social justice and freedom. Their awakening, their ‘intellectual revolution,’ and their courage must be saluted. But to accept or justify a simple-minded, linear explanation of the political, geostrategic and economic issues would have been totally unconscionable. Nearly three years ago, in a book and then in a series of articles, I alerted my readers to a body of troubling evidences, and to the underlying geopolitical and economic considerations that were often missing from mainstream political and media analyses, and that insisted on submitting the euphoria that accompanied the ‘Arab spring’ to critical analysis.

The Egyptian army has not returned to politics for the simple reason that it has never left. The fall of Hosni Mubarak was a military coup d’État that allowed a new generation of officers to enter the political scene in a new way, from behind the curtain of a civilian government. In an article published on June 29 2012 I noted an Army high command declaration that the presidential election was temporary, for a six-month to one-year period (its title made the premonition explicit: ‘An election for nothing?’). The American administration had monitored the entire process: its objective ally in Egypt over the past fifty years has been the army, not the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). The latest revelations (see the International Herald Tribune , July 5, and Le Monde, July 6) confirm what was already clear: the decision to overthrow President Mohamed Morsi had been made well before June 30. A conversation between President Morsi and General al-Sisi indicated that the head of the country’s military had planned the overthrow and imprisonment of the president weeks before the popular upheaval that would justify the military coup ‘in the name of the people’s will.’ A clever strategy! Orchestrate demonstrations involving millions of people in order to make believe that the army truly cares about the people! Coup d’État, second act.

Read the rest here.

Given the unproven conspiratorial nature of what he believes to have taken place, the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch finds it ironic that Ramadan complains about being “dismissed as a conspiracy theorist.” Although couched in what might be described as leftwing political analysis, Ramadan’s theorizing could also be seen to fit what Syrian-born scholar Bassam Tibi has described as  an “Islamized antisemitism” which he says is characterized by the view that Jews are conspiring against Islam and that they employ “Zionism” as a means to further their goals. As Tibi writes, since America is seen to be ruled by Jews, a “US-Zionist” conspiracy is often seen to be operating behind the scenes. For example, in 2006, Ramadan had alleged that Israel:

…..imposes its conditions on the United States as well as Europe. And all of this with the arrogance of an innate, absolute and sovereign right. In the corridors of Washington or Brussels, everyone knows, everyone keeps silent..

In the same article, he claimed there was a “fear that paralyzes the European politicians vis-A -vis the State of Israel and the power of certain Zionist lobbies is truly shocking.’
Tariq Ramadan is best described as an independent power center within the Global Muslim Brotherhood who has sufficient stature as the son of Said Ramadan and the grandson of the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood to challenge positions taken by important Brotherhood leaders.

Tariq Ramadan pushes American Muslims “not to infiltrate,” just “to become journalists” and “to shape perceptions.”

download (10)By Pamela Geller:

Muslim supremacist leadership understand the power of propaganda as well as did the Reich’s Ministry of Propaganda.

The infamous Tariq Ramadan urged Muslims to all get involved in widespread propaganda. Ramadan is the grandson of Hasan al-Banna, who founded the Muslim Brotherhood. He was banned from the US under Bush, but of course welcomed with open arms under the pro-jihadist Obama administration. Among his many repugnant platforms, he favors the legal extinction of Israel.

The left, of course, loves him:

Tariq Ramadan is a Swiss-born philosophy professor currently based in France. In February 2002Salon.com called him “one of the most important intellectuals in the world,” characterizing him as “the Muslim Martin Luther.” In 2004 Time magazine named him one of the world’s top 100 scientists and thinkers.

When speaking to Western audiences, Ramadan preaches an amicable message of unity and mutual respect. But to Arabic-speaking audiences, he vents his deep-seated hatred of the West and his endorsement of Wahhabism, the most extreme form of Islam. Moreover, Ramadan has numerous connections to fundamentalist Islamic militants and is suspected by U.S. intelligence agencies of maintaining ties with the terrorist group al Qaeda. (DTN)

In a speech given in Detroit in 2013, Tariq Ramadan has used the concept of “Eurabia” to explain why the perception of Israel has changed in Europe.

Ramadan in his speech largely focused on the importance for Muslims to work in the media. He told the crowd “not to infiltrate,” just “to become journalists” and “to shape perceptions.” This is consistent with the Muslim Bortherhood group CAIR’s project to support HAMAS with “media, money and men.”

Read more at Atlas Shrugs


Tariq Ramadan Talks About Jihad, Shariah, and “Infiltration”

Tariq Ramadan

Tariq Ramadan

By :

Global Muslim Brotherhood Leader Tariq Ramadan has made some interesting comments relating to the concepts of Jihad, Shariah (Islamic Law), and idea that Muslims are involved in “Infiltration.” The remarks were made at a lecture given March 18, 2013 at the Islamic Association of Greater Detroit entitled “American Muslim Identity: Challenges, Opportunities and Prospects”:

(The GMBDW thanks Point De Bascule for the transcription of the remarks)

Excerpt 1 / Terminology – “Jihad is the way we implement sharia”

0:50:04 The first challenge that we have, that every one of you have here, has here, is terminology. In fact, if you want Islam to depart of the American narrative, we should be able to speak Islam in English, in the English language by knowing what we are talking about and to regain, reshape, redefine the words that we are using. Don’t let anyone make sharia a dirty word. Don’t let anyone speak about jihad as if it’s a holy war. Don’t let anyone speak about the way we, as Muslims, we speak about the values that are ours, in a way which is done by Orientalists and not by ourselves. The first, now, to challenge some definitions when it comes to Islam is us, in the way we speak about our values There is no way to be a Muslim if we don’t understand a deep … if we don’t have a deep understanding of what sharia is and jihad is. Jihad is the way we implement sharia by saying… It has nothing to do with holy war. It’s something which has something to do with resistance and positive presence.

[Quote in Arabic]

0:51:24 We’ll resist the bad and we are here to promote the good. Not only for us, for all the people because the best amongst us is the best for humanity, as the prophet (saw) said. So, this is where it’s important, for us, to have this theoretical challenge is terminology. And I am sorry to tell you that many of you, you might rely on the imams on this but you have to do the job. You should have basic understanding of the Islamic terminology in English. This is the way to resist because language is power.

Excerpt 2 / Tariq Ramadan pushes American Muslims “not to infiltrate”, just to become journalists and “to shape the perceptions”

1:39:58 What is important in our number, our number as Muslims, is not that we are converting people. It’s by having an important number… the more committed Muslims we have, the more witnesses we have and the more we change mindset around us. If we understand. The second thing that we have to understand is that we live in a country where the mainstream media now are powerful but, at the same time, they are not trusted by many people. Listen to the Americans. Listen to the Europeans. They don’t trust them. They go now to internet, they go to alternative media. This is where we have to be present. This is where we have to promote texts, videos, lectures, articles… We have to do the job. We are not going to wait for a mainstream so-called “Islamic media” to appear, to… you know… Many people were very happy with Al-Jazeera… I, myself, from the very beginning was very cautious. Because I don’t want the other side of you know something which is… the tension. It’s to do the same on the other side. I want something which is a bit deeper. But what we have to do as Muslims is to use the alternative media and we have. And then, for example, now you can have hundreds, thousands, millions of people who can just watch some of the things that we are promoting.

So, this is also something that we have to be skilled. Media, journalism is also something… You know, when I was once saying: we need more Muslims and more American Muslims being journalists… One of the journalist who heard that, he said: “Oh! Tariq Ramadan is pushing the Muslims to infiltrate.” I never said that. What I said is not to infiltrate, it’s just to be a journalist. Because the journalist, when you come with your background, of course you should be objective or try to be the most objective but you are coming with a background, and you come with another vision… We have to push our daughters and our sons not only to be medical doctors, not only to be computer scientists but journalists to deal with this, to deal with academia because within academia we have all this business: to shape the perceptions, to help the people…


1:42:52 I wouldn’t care too much about, you know, the big media. They are changing. It’s going to… It is powerful but we have the power of our presence, we have the power of our principles and we have the power of alternative media. And we should send our children, when they want to do so to… in the field of journalism, to be able to be part of the whole thing and then things are changing.

Last example that I want to give you and I keep on repeating this because we don’t realize this, is… You have trends here who are very much promoting Islamophobia and they are saying, for example: Europe is becoming Eurabia. But why are they saying this? They are saying this because they know something. And once again: don’t work only with emotions and perceptions. Come to facts, figures. Study. Know what is happening. The evolution of history. In less than…

For the full video, go here

Of course, depending upon one’s view of Dr. Ramadan, these remarks can be read either as a goodwill effort to properly communicate Islamic concepts or a deliberate attempt to “shape the perceptions” according to the wishes of the Global Muslim Brotherhood.

Read more at The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch


CAIR Official Candidate for NY City Council


Zead Ramadan

Zead Ramadan

By Ryan Mauro:

The board president of the New York chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Zead Ramadan, has announced his candidacy for District 7 City Council and has already raised $47,000. He is a Palestinian that was born in Kuwait but came to the U.S. as a child. In December 2011, he refused to answer a question about whether he’d condemn Hamas.

In May 2012, Ramadan appeared on Iran’s state-controlled PressTV and said “the comments that are being made against [American] Muslims are very eerily echoing the comments that were being made against Jews by Nazis.” Another quote shed some light on why the Iranian regime booked him:

“[W]henever you think that America, the land of the free, is going to grow up and go beyond it [racism], more intolerant, extremist voices come out.”

CAIR was labeled an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism-financing trial in U.S. history in 2007. The government listed CAIR among entities that “who and/or were members of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestine Committee and/or its organizations.” The Palestine Committee was a secret Brotherhood group set up to support Hamas. In 2009, a federal judge upheld the labeling of CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator because of “ample” evidence tying it to Hamas.

In a 2007 court filing in the case of convicted terrorist Sabri Bekhala, federal prosecutors state: “From its founding by Muslim Brotherhood leaders, CAIR conspired with other affiliates of the Muslim Brotherhood to support terrorists…the conspirators agreed to use deception to conceal from the American public their connections to terrorists.”

CAIR was founded by members of the pro-Hamas Islamic Association for Palestine. A 1991 U.S. Muslim Brotherhood memo identifies IAP as one of “our organizations and the organizations of our friends.” The memo explicitly states that its “work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within.”

Ramadan served alongside Cyrus McGoldrick, the CAIR-NY leader, who left the organization on January 7. As we reported in December, McGoldrick sent out a flurry pro-Hamas tweets during the latest round of fighting with Israel. But not a word of condemnation was heard by Ramadan.

Read more at Radical Islam

Did Hezbollah, foreign agents and unions infiltrate the Republican Party?

Kerry Patton

Kerry Patton

by Kerry Patton:  Republicans are nothing more than Democrats in disguise,” a conservative friend told me recently. More and more conservatives are displeased with the Republican Party. Some believe the party has actually been infiltrated by not only left leaning persons but foreign influencers and Islamists as well.It’s sad that in today’s political arena, a person cannot present sound critical questioning to their own party without being castrated. It appears that more and more self-proclaimed Republicans are playing a game of ad hominem attacks, just as Democrats do. If conservatives favor a two party system, it’s critical we fix a very broken Republican Party. The first step could be to begin vetting members appropriately. This requires asking critical questions and demanding answers.Bearing Drift: Virginia’s Conservative Voice, an online media platform, recently published an article titled Del. David Ramadan Kicks Butt! The author praised Delegate Ramadan (R-87th) for his initiative on passing House Bills 1760 and 2120. Everything sounds good so far. But reading comments on the blog revealed a troubling pattern.One commenter posed a very simple question: Who is Imad David Ramadan? The question should have been more appropriately presented by asking, Who is Lebanese born Imad Afif Ramadan? Yes, the person we know as “David” Ramadan is actually a Shi’ite Muslim born in Lebanon with the birth name Imad Afif Ramadan.

What’s interesting is the fact that the author who wrote “Del. David Ramadan Kicks Butt” is the same author who in August, 2011 wrote Questions Swirl Around David-Imad Ramadan in 87th HOD. This article revealed David Ramadan’s past, including his ties to Lebanese Intelligence, the fact that he was formerly married to a Muslim woman who has gone missing, the fact that he filed bankruptcy, and his breach of the oath of American citizenship by signing a petition with his two brothers called DEMAND[ING] THE RIGHT TO VOTE AS CITIZENS OF LEBANON.

Something just doesn’t seem right about the entire debacle surrounding David Ramadan. Why would any online media outlet expose David Ramadan and then, months later, do everything in its power to act like they are his best friend?

Let me be very clear. I am not saying one way or another David Ramadan is aligned with any international terrorist organization nor am I claiming he has ties to any foreign state. Nor am I claiming the team at Bearing Drift are doing anything wrong. Maybe they just had a sudden “change of heart.”

Some questions about Ramadan’s past do warrant answers, however. We the people deserve those answers without being chastised for posing such questions. I will touch more on Bearing Drift and at least one of its board members.

Some Republicans may believe Ramadan and Bearing Drift don’t matter so long as they continue the conservative path. I disagree. The conservative path is not about lies, deception, and monetary influence. That’s the path of today’s Republicans and Democrats. Again, I am not saying anyone has lied, deceived, used or uses foreign or domestic monetary value to influence duties. I just want answers.

We must not allow fellow so-called conservatives to jump on Republican bandwagons. Remember, through our party’s history, we have had many sell-outs. It’s time to weed out the fake conservatives wearing a Republican disguise. We cannot afford for our party to be further infiltrated.

And yes, we conservatives have allowed our party to become infiltrated. Let’s not forget the case of one Pakistani agent by the name of Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai who infiltrated our party not long ago in an attempt to influence our elected officials.  The 62 year old Fairfax, VA resident was supported by the Pakistani ISI—the very organization who many believe supported in the aiding and harboring of Osama Bin Laden. [Ed. Note: Nabi Fai’s activities dated to the terms President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, served.]

If you believe Nabi Fai is the only foreign agent to infiltrate and influence our party, you are wrong. It happens more often than you could imagine. He just happened to get caught.

Read more at The US Report

Kerry Patton, a combat disabled veteran, is author of Contracted: America’s Secret Warriors.

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Bulletin of the Oppression of Women

Political Islam:

July 4, 2012 Egypt   A student’s boyfriend was stabbed to death when Islamists found them in a public   park together.

July 5, 2012 Egypt     The first Egyptian satellite channel completely operated by women wearing the   full face veil (niqab) is set to be launched 20 July, which will coincide with   the first day of the holy month of Ramadan.

Egypt   (h/t to RaymondIbrahim)   What is being dubbed as Egypt’s “first sex-slave marriage” took place   mere days after the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morsi was made president.   Before making the woman, who had a non-Egyptian accent, repeat the Koran’s Surat   al-Ikhlas after him, instead of saying the customary “I marry myself to   you,” the woman said “I enslave myself to you,” and kissed him   in front of an applauding audience.

July 7, 2012 Afghanistan   (ht/ to JihadWatch)   A member of the Taliban shot dead a woman accused of adultery in front of a   cheering crowd of men near Kabul.

July 13, 2012 India   A predominantly Muslim village in India has banned “love marriages”   in addition barring women under 40 from shopping alone and using cell phones   in public
July 14, 2012 Britain   A Sudanese asylum seeker who raped a 12-year-old girl has been allowed to remain   in Britain – after a judge ruled it would breach his human rights to deport   him.

July 16, 2012 Canada   Canadian laws should be changed to require women to “cover themselves”   to prevent sexual assaults, says an Islamic street preacher in Toronto.

July 18, 2012 Pakistan   Farida Afridi, a 25-year-old women’s rights activist, left her parents’ home   early on the morning of July 4, as she typically did. She was walking to her   nonprofit organization’s office when two men with Kalashnikovs pulled alongside   her on a motorcycle and shot her multiple times, killing her.

July 24, 2012 Sudan (hat tip   to AtlasShrugs)   Earlier this month a Sudanese woman was found guilty of adultery and sentenced   to death by stoning by a court in the capital Khartoum, a regional women’s rights   group said Monday.

July 25, 2012 Britain   Laws against Female Genital Mutilation have been on the books for 80 years but   there but there have been no prosecutions despite significant evidence that   thousands of girls every year in the UK are at risk of this abusive practice.

Balochistan   (h/t to Grendel)   The militant Lashkar-i-Jhangvi has threatened to throw acid on the faces of   women who venture to the bazaars in Mekran’s largest town of Turbat, according   to a radio report.

Jordan   (h/t to thereligionofpeace)   A Jordanian man was charged on Wednesday with killing his divorced sister after   stabbing her and driving his truck over her body several times because of her   alleged “suspicious behavior,” police said.

July 26, 2012 Italy   (h/t islamversuseurope   )   Italian hotel agreed that a Muslim porter won’t have to take orders from a woman.

Pakistan   (h/t thereligionofpeace)   A woman was shot dead by her brother, a police constable, for not withdrawing   a case registered against him in April for assault. He and her brothers had   told her not to wear pants or ride a motorcycle.

July 27, 2012 UK   A devout Muslim grandmother has been jailed for four years for kidnapping and   drugging her own daughter after she refused to marry the man her family wanted   her to.

Egypt   (h/t to thereligionofpeace)   A new report from George Washington University professor Michele Clark and Coptic   rights activist Nada Ghaly has argued that thousands of young Coptic Christian   girls in Egypt are the victim of kidnapping and forced servitude by Muslims   in the North African country

July 29, 2012 India   (h/t to AtlasShrugs)   The failure to give birth to a son and the inability to fulfill her husband   and in-laws’ demand for money cost a woman her life. She was burnt alive allegedly   by her husband and in-laws in front of her minor daughters on Friday night.

Iran   An Iranian Islamic cleric says, women should only ride bikes in their own backyards,   where no stranger men can see them cycling!


July 30, 2012 Egypt   Egyptian women fear for their future under Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood government.
August 6, 2012 Tanzania   Police in Zanzibar have launched an investigation after a woman claimed she   was beaten up by a group of men at Mwanakwerekwe Market for leaving her head   uncovered during Ramadhan.

Pakistan   (h/t to JihadWatch)   A father along with his two sons axed his wife and daughters among four people   to death in the name of honour and injured three others in Bahawalnagar, police   said.

August 7, 2012 Pakistan     Six armed militants bullied shopkeepers selling women garments and cosmetics   in the Singair Bazaar in Hangu on Monday threatening them to remove curtains   from the doors of the shops or face action.
Sources said certain shopkeepers were whipped by the militants with the lashes   they were holding in their hands and they also vandalized the cosmetics shops.Eyewitness   reports said the militants remained in the market for more than 20 minutes and   then left on their motorbikes hurling threats at the merchants.
August 8, 2012 U.S.   (h/t to AtlasShrugs)   A Florida Muslim man was sentenced to life imprisonment for setting his wife   on fire. Prosecutors played the recording at Wednesday’s sentencing for Khalid   Mohd, 41, who was convicted in June of setting his wife on fire because she   wanted his help staying in the United States. He was sentenced to life in prison.
August 9, 2012 Nepal (h/t to   AtlasShrugs)   Nepal has banned women under the age of 30 from going to work in Middle Eastern   countries amid growing concerns that they are being exploited. Common complaints   include physical and sexual abuse, poor conditions and non-payment of salaries.

August 12, 2012 Tunsia   Tunsian women are worried that changes to the nations’s constitution defining   women’s place in society in terms of their relationship to men will bring back   an inequality in gender.

August 13, 2012 Kashmir   The women of Kashmir, renowned for their grace and beauty, have been warned   by groups affiliated with al Qaeda to cover their faces or risk disfigurement   and even death from acid attacks.   The warning also extended to women using mobile phones in public.

August 14, 2012 U.S.   (h/t to thereligionofpeace)   Colorado Springs police arrested five Iraqi men Tuesday in connection with what   they called a “rare” and “horrific” sexual assault on a   woman early July 22. The arrests included one man who was a central character   in an Army’s sergeant’s memoir of an Iraq deployment.
Sarmad Fadhi Mohammed and Jasim Mohammed Hasin Ramadon were taken into custody   on suspicion of sexual assault. Mustafa Sataar Al Feraji, Ali Mohammed Hasan   Al Juboori and Yasir Jabbar Jasim were arrested on suspicion of accessory to   sexual assault. All are in their 20s. Police said the severity of the attack   made it rare in the city, adding that the woman’s injuries could have been life-threatening.

August 16, 2012 Scandinavia   Statistics on the numbers of rapes committed in Scandinavian countries, including   Sweden, by ‘minority’ men.   UK (h/t to thereligionofpeace)     A judge has said the forced marriage of a Muslim woman with learning difficulties   should be annulled and condemned the “insulated” families who arrange   them.

August 18, 2012 Sweden   A man and a woman have been remanded into custody by Attunda district court   in Sollentuna on suspicion of having subjected their daughter to female genital   mutilation (FGM).
August 19, 2012 Egypt   Muslim women are worried about sexual attacks as the Eid holiday arrives.

August 20, 2012 Iran   (h/t to Jaye)   Female students in Iran have been barred from more than 70 university degree   courses in an officially-approved act of sex-discrimination which critics say   is aimed at defeating the fight for equal women’s rights.
August 24, 2012 Egypt   Volunteer patrols of men are trying to help the rising tide of sexual harassment   to women in public spaces.

Iran   A new report from Iran has revealed a striking rise in the number of child brides   under the age of 10-years-old. The Union for the Protection of Children’s Rights   said that in 2010, at least 713 marriages of girls under 10-years-old were registered   in the country, more than twice as many as registered in the three years before.

August 25, 2012 Egypt, Tunisia,   Libya   This summer, as the dust of the Arab Spring revolutions begins to settle, women   – who stood shoulder to shoulder with men in defying tyranny – are finding themselves   marginalised and excluded from decision-making.

UK   Muslim woman in the UK was attacked by her siblings for kissing a white man   during her 18th birthday celebrations. Shamima Akhtar, now a 19-yr-old, suffered   a sickening assault which culminated in her sisters slapping and punching her   and hacking off her waist-length hair.

August 26, 2012 The   World   The Taliban misogynist mentality is alive and well, and in fact it is thriving   and mushrooming globally.

Australia   (ht/t to Tundra Tabloids)   Rape victim Alicia Gali is still traumatised three years after she was raped   and jailed for adultery in United Arab Emirates.

Pakistan   (h/t to thereligionofpeace)   Rimsha, a fifteen year old girl, was picked up by two men on motorcycles and   taken to an unknown location. She was kept in a room and subjected to rape for   five consecutive days, the victim said in an FIR registered at the Gomel police   station.

August 27, 2012 Pakistan   (h/t to thereligionofpeace)   A Christian girl was gang raped by five Muslim men.

India   A girl was critically injured when a two youths threw acid on her face and body.

Germany   (h/t to IslaminEurope for translation of German article)   A Somali broke his wife’s fingers because she wanted to give food to their children   during Ramadan.
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Islam’s ‘Holy Month’ of Christian Oppression

Egyptian Christian, Maher Rizkalla Before and After Ramadan

by Raymond Ibrahim

The month of Ramadan, which ended earlier this week, proved to be a month of renewed Muslim piety on the one hand, and renewed oppression of non-Muslim minorities on the other. In Nigeria, for example, Islamic militants are living up to the assertion that “Ramadan is a month of jihad and death for Allah,” proving that killing Christians is not only reserved for Christian holidays like Christmas and Easter – when militants bombed churches killing dozens – but is especially applicable during Islam’s Ramadan.

Afghan police chief kills US soldiers invited to dinner

By Ben Farmer in Kabul

Three American special forces soldiers were shot dead by a man in Afghan uniform in what appeared to be the latest incident of local forces turning their weapons on their foreign allies.

French soldiers of NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and an Afghan policeman Photo: EPA/S. SABAWOON

The Americans were killed after being invited to dinner to discuss security in Sangin district of Helmand on Thursday evening.

The shooting was at least the third incident this week where Afghan forces have opened fire on foreign forces.

Thursday night’s shooting appeared to be a carefully planned attack, Afghan officials said.

American special forces soldiers had been invited to break the Ramadan fast at a house in the Sarwan Qala area by a police commander called Assadullah.

During the meal they came under fire.

“During dinner, the police commander and his colleagues shot them and then fled. The commander was Afghan National Police in charge of local police in Sangin,” a senior Afghan official told the Reuters news agency.

“It looks like he had drawn up a plan to kill them previously,” the official said.

Read more at the Telegraph