Pompeo Vows to ‘Crush’ Iran’s Terror & Nuke Programs

IPT, by John Rossomando  •  

New sanctions are around the corner that could help “crush” Iran’s ability to fund terrorism and its nuclear program, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced Monday in a speech at The Heritage Foundation. Pompeo promised the “strongest sanctions in history.” He listed 12 demands that Iran would need to fulfill to have the sanctions lifted. These demands include an end to Iran’s support for terror; carte blanche inspection of Iranian nuclear sites by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); and ending ballistic missile proliferation.

“We will track down Iranian operatives and their Hizballah proxies operating around the world and we will crush them,” Pompeo said. “Iran will never again have carte blanche to dominate the Middle East.”

On May 8, President Trump announced the end of U.S. participation in the Iran deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). European governments, however, say they plan to remain in the agreement.

Pompeo slammed the Obama administration, which negotiated and pushed for the deal, for failing to listen to critics who argued that releasing approximately $100 billion in frozen assets to Iran would increase its ability to support terrorism.

“Remember, Iran advanced its march across the Middle East during the JCPOA,” Pompeo said. Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Quds Force chief “Qasem Soleimani has been playing with house money that has become blood money. Wealth created by the West has fueled his campaigns.”

Iran used the released money from the JCPOA to fund the IRGC, the Taliban, Hizballah, Hamas and the Houthis in Yemen, Pompeo said. Iranian backed militias under Soleimani’s leadership control a wide swath of territory between the Iran-Iraq borders all the way to the Mediterranean. Israel recently launched retaliatory strikes on Iranian targets in Syria after Iranian rockets landed in the Golan Heights.

Al-Qaida leaders also continue to be harbored in Iran.

Not surprisingly, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani rejected Pompeo’s demands, saying Iran will “continue our path with the support of our nation.”

Last week, the Trump administration sanctioned the IRGC Quds Force and imposed sanctions on the head of Iran’s central bank, which Pompeo said funded Hizballah and other terrorist organizations.

“The Iranian economy is already in free fall. That has to put a crimp in the regime’s capacity to fund surrogates. If the administration follows through there certainly won’t be more money to spread around,” James Carafano, vice president and director of the Center for Foreign Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation, told the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT).

U.K.-based exiled Iranian dissident and author Babak Taghvaee criticized Pompeo’s speech on Twitter for not including human rights as a condition for lifting sanctions.

“Iranians could have helped #US to not only achieve these twelve objectives rather more,” Taghvaee told the IPT.

Other Iranians responded by creating #ThankYouPompeo and #IranRegimeChange hashtags on Twitter.

Ramadan Rage: Jihadists Kill 41, Injure 102 in First 4 Days


Breitbart, by Edwin Mora, May 21, 2018:

Islamic terrorists have massacred at least 41 people and injured 102 in the first four days of the holiest month for Muslims, Ramadan, a time when some adherents of Islam believe jihad and martyrdom to be especially heroic and rewarded in paradise.

This year, Muslim leaders declared Thursday to be the start of the holy month, when most Muslims abide by Ramadan’s fasting tradition: abstaining from eating, drinking, smoking, having sex, and other physical needs each day, starting from before the break of dawn until sunset.

The various calls for jihadist groups to halt their campaign of terror has fallen on deaf ears, particularly in Afghanistan, home to the majority of attacks.

So far this Ramadan, the deadliest attack took place on Friday in Afghanistan, when the Taliban carried out an attack in Ghani province, killing nine and wounding seven.

The Afghan Taliban is also behind the attack with the most casualties (8 killed and 55 wounded).

The narco-jihadists targeted a cricket tournament dubbed the “Ramadan Cup,” drawing the ire of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who urged the terrorists to stop their attacks during the holy month, echoing the leaders from the U.S. and the United Nations.

In his Ramadan message, American Gen. John Nicholson, the top commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, urged the Taliban to accept Ghani’s offer of a ceasefire and recognition as a legitimate political group.

Tadamachi Yamamoto, the United Nations secretary general’s special representative for Afghanistan, called on the Taliban to “halt the fighting” during Ramadan.

On the first day of Ramadan alone, jihadists carried out at least six attacks, killing 12 people and injuring 30.

Friday has been the deadliest day so far with six attacks — mainly attributed to the Taliban — that killed 26 and wounded 69 others.

Despite the devastating blow the U.S.-led coalition and local forces have dealt the Islamic State’s (ISIS/ISIL) now former caliphate in Iraq and Syria, the terrorist group remains a menace.

ISIS has killed two people and injured one other in Iraq since Ramadan began.

homemade bomb leftover by the jihadist group in Syria has also killed two people in the last four days.

Outside the group’s former caliphate, ISIS claimed responsibility for killing three and injuring three others at a church in Russia’s Muslim-majority Chechnya region.

Last year’s Ramadan marked the bloodiest holy month for Muslims in recent history, with 3,343 casualties (1,639 deaths, 1,704 injuries), according to a Breitbart News tally.

Breitbart News has primarily gleaned its Ramadan casualty count from the Religion of Peace website in coordination with other news reports. The tally mainly covers the death of civilians at the hands of jihadists.

All the terrorist attacks during Ramadan 2018, as documented by Breitbart News, include:

May 17—Farah, Afghanistan—Taliban kills three foreign engineers.
May 17—Kashmir, India—Terrorists kidnap, slit throat of 23-year-old man after Indian government declares first Ramadan ceasefire in 18 years.
May 17—Borno, Nigeria—Suspected Boko Haram jihadists detonated a bomb at camp for people displaced by insurgency, killing four and wounding 14.
May 17—Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan — Jamaat-ul-Ahrar (JuA) terrorist group claims responsibility for a suicide bombing that kills one and injures 14.
May 17—North Sinai, Egypt — Sunni hardliners bombed an area, killing one and injuring another.
May 17—Uruzgan, Afghanistan — Taliban kill two civilians.
May 18—Raqqa, Syria — Leftover Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) improvised explosive device (IED) kills two civilians.
May 18—Diyala, Iraq — Suspected ISIS terrorist are behind a bomb blast that kills one and wounds another.
May 18 —Kirkuk, Iraq — Suspected ISIS terrorists kill a member of Kurdish Kakayi minority group with IED.
May 18—Kandahar, Afghanistan — Taliban attacked police security posts, killing five police officers and wounding six others.
May 18—Ghani, Afghanistan — Taliban attacked remote Ajristan district, killing nine security forces and wounding seven others.
May 18—Nangarhar, Afghanistan — Suspected Islamic State terrorists attacked “Ramadan Cup” cricket tournament in Jalalabad, the capital of the group’s stronghold, killing eight and wounding 55.
May 19—Chechnya, Russia — Islamic State claimed responsibility for an attack at church that kills two police officers and a worshipper and also wounds another police officer.

Radicalism: The Real Shock Was the Reaction of the Americans…

Gatestone Institute, by Majid Rafizadeh, 

  • Many extremist Muslims believe that their religious desire is coming true in in the US. Religiously speaking, for extremist Muslims, ruling America is Allah’s (God’s) word. To them, a sacred promise is coming to fruition.
  • What does being the second-largest religion in a country mean? Voters impact local and national politics, swing domestic elections, elect more representatives from the same religious affiliation, are influential enough to determine who the next president of the United States may be, and change the laws of the land.
  • This sense of immunity and dismissal led to the downfall of many countries throughout time.

“Soon,” said the letter, “America Will Be Ours”.


The writer, it became clear, was an extremist Muslim in the U.S. who claimed to be a reputable religious preacher. With each new word, concern grew.

He pointed out, throughout the letter, the “sinful” ways of the West: dancing, drinking, dating…

He expressed disgust that most women did not wear the hijab or participate in prayer five times a day. Then he got straight to the point: “Ours,” he explained, represented Muslims like him.

The sentiment is hardly a new one. A person hears similar proclamations from many Muslim extremists throughout the years. The real shock was not letter but the reaction of many Americans after seeing it.

Such a thing, they said, could never happen. The writer’s words were “just bluster,” nothing to be taken seriously. Most surprisingly, they stated — honestly — that Muslims who speak of such intentions do not really mean what they say, so these threats should not be cause for concern.

The history of the two nations where I grew up — Iran and Syria — taught all of us there a big lesson about living in this kind of ignorance: the reality of how quickly a nation can be consumed by the philosophies of a religious state. An authoritarian and malicious regime, as exists now in Iran — the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism and brutal even to its own people — is something we cannot forget.

In a few centuries, in Syria, where more than 90% percent of the population were Christians, and in Iran where an overwhelming majority of citizens were Zoroastrians, the demography drastically shifted to majority-Muslim. Neither nation could have anticipated such a change.

While many may underestimate the radical preacher’s claims that “Soon, America Will Be Ours”, for extremist Muslims these beliefs are strongly and deeply rooted.

Many extremists believe that their religious desire — for a “Muslim takeover of the White House, a directive from Muhammad himself ” — is coming true in the US. Religiously speaking, for these Muslims, ruling America is Allah’s (God’s) word, a sacred promise is coming to fruition.

A recent survey and demographic research released by the Pew Research Center found that Muslims will soon overtake members of other religions, including Jews, as the second-largest religious group in the United States.

This issue should not be taken lightly. What does being the second-largest religion in a country mean? Voters impact local and national politics, swing domestic elections, elect more representatives from the same religious affiliation, are influential enough to determine who the next president of the United States may be, and change the laws of the land. All it takes is a subtle shift in power for the entire society, political system and culture of a nation to be changed.

The number of Muslims in the US has increased by 40% in just five years — between 2010-2015 — while in the same period the non-Muslim population of the US has grown by only five percent. This means that the Muslim population is growing almost eight times faster than the non-Muslim population in the US.

As an adult, in the Muslim world, I came to hear verses and hadiths frequently used by extremists and carved into their minds. To them, these are the true instructions and predictions of the most powerful being. Those Muslims strongly believe that these verses and hadiths (sayings of Muhammad) will come true because they are issued by Allah (God) or by his messenger, Muhammad. Allah, for instance, says in the Qur’an Chapter (9:33) sūrat al-tawbah (The Repentance):

“It is he (Allah) who has sent his Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam), in order for it to be dominant over all other religions, even though the Mushrikoon (disbelievers) hate it.”

A popular hadith is:

“Verily Allah has shown me the eastern and western part of the earth, and I saw the authority of my Ummah (nation) dominate all that I saw”

Some extremist Muslims believe that Allah and Muhammad predicted that they would rule over America even before America was discovered by Europeans. As a certain radical Muslim activist said on ABC news, “Indeed, we believe that one day, the flag of Islam will fly over the White House.” He quoted a saying of Muhammad, from the Muslim scholar Al-Tabarani in the 10th-century. “The final hour,” he said, “will not come until Muslims conquer the White House.”

Many extremists also insist that Muslims do not need to be the majority in a country in order to take over the government: “A small portion of Muslims will rise and conquer the White House.”

In the belief of fundamentalist Muslims, it is the obligation of every Muslim to pave the way for Islam to dominate America. They are encouraged to use various methods to ensure that this occurs — these include force, violence and waging jihad (holy war).

Any action taken for the purpose of accomplishing that goal is applauded by Muslim extremists worldwide. Islamists and Islamist states, for instance, heavily praised, and quoted Louis Farrakhan when he predicted that, “God will destroy America at the hands of the Muslims. God will not give Japan or Europe the honor of bringing down the United States; this is an honor God will bestow upon Muslims.”

There is historical proof of great nations succumbing to the ideals of extreme and determined radical groupsy. History has often taught hard lessons to powerful nations. Before one dismisses the danger America faces, take the time to learn about the past and just how easily and swiftly irreversible changes can happen: Russia in 1917, Germany 1933, Egypt in 1952, Iran in 1979, and so forth. Do not underestimate the ability of radical Islam to take over your government and impose Sharia law throughout this once free nation.

Americans should not think that they will somehow be an exception to that historical rule. This sense of immunity and dismissal led to the downfall of many countries throughout time. If Americans do not take the issue seriously, history may teach them the hard way that what once seemed impossible is here.

Dr. Majid Rafizadeh, is a business strategist and advisor, Harvard-educated scholar, political scientist, board member of Harvard International Review, and president of the International American Council on the Middle East. He has authored several books on Islam and US Foreign Policy. He can be reached at Dr.Rafizadeh@Post.Harvard.Edu

The Humanitarian Hoax of the Muslim Brotherhood

Dr. Rich Swier, by Linda Goudsmit,  May 6, 2018:

The Humanitarian Hoax is a deliberate and deceitful tactic of presenting a destructive policy as altruistic. The humanitarian huckster presents himself as a compassionate advocate when in fact he is the disguised enemy.

Ikhwan, Arabic for Muslim Brotherhood (MB), is an organizational humanitarian hoax being perpetrated on the American people to bring Islam to America. Islam in America would not be problematic if it was a religion like Christianity, Judaism, or Buddhism – it isn’t. Islam is a comprehensive socio-political, military, religious way of life with its own governing supremacist religious sharia laws that are antithetical to Western cultural norms and America’s governing secular Constitutional laws.

The Muslim Brotherhood is an enemy of the United States.

The goal of Islam is to convert the world to Islam. The purpose of the Muslim Brotherhood in America is SETTLEMENT not assimilation. Settlement is the incremental process of making Islam familiar, acceptable, normative, and ultimately replacing secular American laws with supremacist religious Islamic sharia law.

The treasonous conspiracy of the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots is fully documented in its 1991 Explanatory Memorandum that details the strategic goal for the group in North America and the necessity for organizational acceptance. The Muslim Brotherhood understood that America is structured by organizations so the parent organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, has spawned hundreds of offspring organizations with the same subversive settlement goal and the same deceitful operating principles.

The Explanatory Memorandum explicitly states, “The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

The Muslim Brotherhood mission statement is crystal clear – Islam intends to subjugate (settle) host populations in North America and replace host religions and cultures with supremacist Islam and Islamic sharia law. So where is the hoax?

The Explanatory Memorandum was a secret strategic document for internal use only and certainly not intended for public consumption by its targeted society – the United States of America. The Memorandum describes in chilling detail the overarching deceit required to present the Muslim Brotherhood and every one of its hundreds of offshoots as peaceful organizations when their stated objective is to destroy Western civilization and replace it with Islam. The Muslim Brotherhood disguises itself as the compassionate advocate for peace and Muslim tolerance when in fact it is America’s existential enemy – the Muslim Brotherhood is a dangerous humanitarian hoax.

Saul Alinsky instructed his followers to cut their hair, blend in, and destroy the American capitalist system from within – so did the Muslim Brotherhood. In Arabic there is a word for this deception – taqiyyah – lying in the service of Islam. There is no equivalent word in English – only the equivalent deceit. Like Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals, the Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum details the seditious steps necessary to overthrow the American government from within by blending in, keeping a low profile, and becoming part of the organizational/political structure.

Former radical Muslima Isik Alba describes the 8 types of Islamic jihad currently being waged against Western countries in its campaign to rule the world under Islam – it is the Muslim Brotherhood’s treasonous conspiracy in action:

  • Population jihad – open borders and mass migration of Muslims into Western countries.
  • Media jihad – buying media channels and directing content to promote the deceit that Islam is a religion of peace.
  • Education jihad – buying university chairs and directing curriculum content to promote the deceit that Islam is a religion of peace.
  • Economic jihad – investing in Western banks, properties, businesses, and stocks to buy cultural influence promoting the deceit that Islam is a religion of peace.
  • Physical jihad – killing non-believers until everyone left is either Muslim or recites the Muslim declaration of faith.
  • Legal jihad – bringing sharia tribunals, councils, and courts to the West.
  • Humanitarian jihad – Muslim “humanitarian” organizations requiring registration as a Muslim to receive humanitarian aid and then further requiring prayer meetings and enrollment in Muslim schools to continue receiving humanitarian aid.
  • Political jihad – Muslim politicians in office downplaying the role of Islam in violence and terror.

The Muslim Brotherhood, a Sunni Islamist organization founded in Egypt in 1928 has been declared a terrorist group by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Kazakhstan, and the United Arab Emirates. Why not in the United States?

The biggest criticism after 9/11 was that the security services failed to connect the dots. In 2001 President George W. Bush disingenuously tried to separate Islam from terrorism by announcing that Islam is a religion of peace. Fifteen of the nineteen 9-11 hijackers were Saudi yet Bush allowed Saudi nationals to fly back to Saudi Arabia when no other airplanes were allowed to fly. WHY?

America has a complex connection to Saudi Arabia and so does the Muslim Brotherhood. Saudi Arabian oil was first discovered in commercial quantities by Americans in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in 1938. The US went into business with Saudi Arabia and in 1943 the Arabian American Oil Company (ARAMCO) was formed. Oil revenues became the primary source of wealth for Saudi Arabia replacing its tourist income derived from pilgrimages to Mecca. Oil made Saudi Arabia rich – very rich. America needed a guaranteed source of oil and Saudi Arabia needed its oil wells protected – a deal was made with exceptions to every rule.

The Muslim Brotherhood came to Saudi Arabia in the 1950s when thousands of Egyptian teachers were recruited to work in Saudi Arabia’s new public schools. The Brotherhood used religion for political purposes but the Saudis refused to allow that platform because it posed a threat to the Saudi royal family. The Brotherhood stayed quiet for years but eventually tried to influence Saudi society. In 2011, the Muslim Brotherhood celebrated the election of Mohammad Morsi in Egypt and stunned the Saudis by openly supported uprisings in other Arab countries. In March, 2014 Saudi Arabia declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

The discovery of the Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum in 2004 was shocking and should have been enough to declare the Muslim Brotherhood and every one of its offshoots a terrorist organization in America including the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the Muslim Student Association (MSA) but that did not happen. WHY NOT?

Pro-oil President George W. Bush protected the Muslim Brotherhood throughout his presidency by repeating the deceit that Islam is a religion of peace. Even after 2004 when the discovery of the Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum left no doubt that the Islamists intended to settle America and replace the US Constitution with religious sharia law – Bush protected the Brotherhood at the expense of America’s homeland security.

Pro-Muslim President Barack Obama went much farther by welcoming the Muslim Brotherhood into America and seeding the government with seditious MB operatives. Together Obama and the Brotherhood with CAIR scrubbed any mention of Islam, jihadis, or the stated ideological goals of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood to conduct civilization jihad and destroy America from within.

Pro-Muslim huckster-in-chief Barack Obama successfully conned America into believing that the Muslim Brotherhood was a peaceful moderate voice in Islam. Americans were so enamored with Obama that they actually believed his subversive lies. Rachel Ehrenfeld has written a comprehensive article supporting the argument for President Trump to classify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. Cynthia Farahat, a Fellow at the Middle East Forum, has written an expose about current Islamists with ties to terrorism lobbying Congress.

It is time for America to equate terrorism with treason. The Muslim Brotherhood and every one of its vile offshoots are terrorist organizations and should be classified as such. Every member of Congress should be required to read the Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory Memorandum which clearly states the purpose of the MB in America – to destroy America from within and settle it under supremacist Islamic sharia law. Any member of Congress, after reading the Explanatory Memorandum, who refuses to reclassify the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization is either too corrupt or too indoctrinated to hold office. Terrorism is treason. It is that simple.

The Humanitarian Hoax of the Muslim Brotherhood cannot be allowed to continue in the United States. Reuters 3.21.18 article “Saudi Arabia Purges Muslim Brotherhood Influence From Schools” reports Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman is revamping its educational curriculum to eradicate any trace of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is time for the United States to reverse Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood infestation and follow the Prince’s lead to eradicate the Muslim Brotherhood from America. Let’s begin by scrubbing Obama’s pro-Muslim training manuals from all security and law enforcement training. Eventually we can remove Obama’s treasonous stain on America.

EDITORS NOTE: This column originally appeared on Goudsmit Pundicity.

Memo to Michigan: Part 2 – Sharia the Threat

Center for Security Policy, May 8, 2018:

Part I:  Controversy erupts in Michigan gubernatorial race as barbs are traded over sharia.

Part II:

Controversy erupted in the Michigan gubernatorial race as barbs were traded over sharia. The Center for Security Policy has been the leading voice in the ideological fight against sharia supremacism for many years. This is a series to spotlight our many resources for understanding and combating the civilization jihad.

In 2010, an extraordinary group of veteran national security practitioners and other highly skilled individuals came together to provide a second opinion on the nature of the war in which we have found ourselves since at least 9/11.  Their joint effort was modeled after an earlier “exercise in competitive analysis” conducted in the 1970s by a group informally known as Team B.

Like the original group, which focused on the threat posed by the Soviet Union, Team B II set out to evaluate carefully all the available facts concerning the doctrine, strategy, tactics and order of battle of today’s most immediate enemy – and to recommend appropriate responses.  And, as with the earlier initiative, Team B II was determined to go where those facts led and, if necessary, to challenge the conventional wisdom and governing policy prescriptions.

The result was the book, Sharia: The Threat to America.

Center President and CEO Frank Gaffney presents the key findings of this book in the following video:

The full book is available for free below, or on Amazon.com. The abridged version is available here.

Civilization Jihad in the USA: The Practicum

Gates of Vienna, by Baron Bodissey, May 18, 2018:

The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and “sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.

— The “Explanatory Memorandum” (1991) of the Muslim Brotherhood

Twenty-seven years ago this month, the Muslim Brotherhood (el-Ikhwan el-Muslimeen) in America published its notorious “Explanatory Memorandum” laying out its long-term plans for converting the United States to Islam and annexing our country to the global Ummah. The document was used in evidence at the Holy Land Foundation trial that convicted a number of Ikhwan operatives in 2008 and sent them to federal prison.

The video below contains the second American installment in a series of documentaries on the Muslim Brotherhood by Zvi Yehezkeli, an Israeli journalist and filmmaker who is fluent in Arabic. During his undercover operations, Mr. Yehezkeli posed as a Palestinian journalist, and was able to visit with Muslims and talk to them about their plans for the United States.

As you will see in the video, the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan has not been thwarted. It has not been stopped. It hasn’t even been slowed down. Muslims who intend to make America Islamic are patient. They are willing to do their sabotage over a period of decades and let the process unfold until the United States joins the global Caliphate in twenty or fifty or a hundred years.

Mr. Yehezkeli’s work is every bit as important as the Explanatory Memorandum, but it can’t have a similar effect unless our public officials are made aware of its significance. This will only happen if you, the American voter, buttonhole them and make them pay attention to it.

I recommend downloading the video file, and/or passing the URL around. Insist that your congressman look at it. He wants to get re-elected — if you make enough noise, he will have to listen.

This report is of enormous significance, but it will only have an effect if it PROPAGATES. That relies on you, the ordinary viewer. Please do your part and spread it!

Many thanks to RL for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

(click the link to watch, I don’t know how to  embed bitchute videos)


Video transcript


Read Vlad Tepes’ interesting comments on the video. Here are the links part 1 of the USA and part 1 of Islamic control in France.


From the research and resources page at Understanding the Threat:

The documents listed herein constitute those UTT believes are most important for readers to review.  A study of the contents of these documents will give researchers a clear understanding of the objectives, means, and methods of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Movement.  Most of these documents were entered into evidence at the HLF trial.

See each heading below for a summary and a link to the full PDF file for download.

  • Towards a Worldwide Strategy for Islamic Policy -This document identifies the strategic vision for the Global Islamic Movement. It was written in 1982 and discovered in Switzerland after 9/11/2001 in a raid by Swiss officials at the behest of the U.S. government at the residence of Yusef Nada, one of the leading Muslim Brotherhood leaders on the planet. Nada’s organizations remain on the designated terrorist list because many of them directly fund terrorist organizations.

  • By-Laws of the International Muslim Brotherhood – This is a PDF document of screen captures from February 2010 of the Muslim Brotherhood By-Laws before they were removed from the MB’s English website Ikhwanweb.com. Article 2 clearly states the MB exists to impose Sharia (“Allah’s law”) in the land. It also calls adherents to “fight the tyrants and enemies of Allah” in order to impose an Islamic State.

  • The World Underground Movement Plan – This five (5) phase plan was discovered among the MB archives during the FBI’s 2004 raid in Annandale, Virginia and lays out the means by which they seek to insinuate themselves into our society in order to destroy it. The plan specifically states the MB has a “Shadow government” in place and weapons training here in the U.S., which is confirmed by other evidence also listed herein.

  • An Explanatory Memorandum – This document was discovered in the 2004 FBI raid in Annandale, Virginia among the archives of the Muslim Brotherhood and entered into evidence at the US v HLF trial. It was written in 1991 by Mohamad Akram, listed number two on the list of leaders of the U.S. Palestine Section (Hamas) and was approved by the governing bodies of the Muslim Brotherhood. It was entered into evidence at the US v HLF trial and was stipulated to by the defense as being what it purports to be. Therefore, legally speaking, it is the strategic plan for the Muslim Brotherhood in North America. It calls for Civilization Jihad against us in order to overthrow our government and impose an Islamic State under Sharia. This document lists 29 key MB organizations in America which today constitute the most prominent Islamic organizations in the U.S. today. Furthermore, this document identifies MB Islamic Centers as the “axis” for the MB Movement here from which they will launch their jihad.

  • The Implementation Manual – This manual lays out the MB’s plan to implement their strategy as detailed in An Explanatory Memorandum. Researchers should take not the detail of this operational plan, and how each goal is assigned to a specific group or individual with a timeline for completion. It was also discoverd in the FBI’s 2004 raid in Annandale, Virginia and entered into evidence at the US v HLF trial.

  •  Islamic Action for Palestine – This historic document dated October 1992 lays out key events within the Muslim Brotherhood’s Movement, specifically the order by the International Muslim Brotherhood to establish Palestine Committees in every nation where the MB has a presence. At that time about 80 nations had a formal functioning MB structure. The Palestine Committees were established to be nodes for Hamas in these countries. This document also details visits to the U.S. by key leaders of the International MB office and the establishment of the U.S. Palestine Committe, which then established three U.S. Hamas organizations – the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAP), the United Association for Studies and Research (UASR), and the Occupied Land Fund (OLF) which became the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development (HLF). The fourth organization created by the U.S. Palestine Committee in 1994 was the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). This was discovered during the FBI’s 2004 raid in Annandale, Virginia and entered into evidence at the US v HLF trial.

  • Preliminary Vision for Preparing Future Leadership – This short document actually lists the names of key MB leaders in America and their duties. It should be noted that the last page lists, in chart format, the Sharia Court (“The Court”), the military arm of the MB (Special Section/”Special Committee”), the internal security apparatus (“Security”), and Hamas (“Palestine Committee”). This was discovered during the FBI’s 2004 raid in Annandale, Virginia and entered into evidence at the US v HLF trial.

  • Ikhwan in America – This is one of the best pieces of evidence ever discovered and reveals the true nature of the MB Movement. In 1981, a senior leader of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood’s Executive Committe, Zeid al Noman, spoke to a group of Muslim Brothers in Missouri. This meeting was recorded and the audio tape was discovered during the FBI’s 2004 raid in Annandale, Virginia. A transcript was made and translated into English and was entered into evidence at the US v HLF trial. Because the speaker and attendees never imagined the contents of this presentation would ever see the light of day, it gives great insight into our enemy.Zeid al Noman gives an excellent review of the history of the MB in the United States from the early 1960’s to the early 1980’s. On page 8 he lays out the main and secondary goals of the group. On page 13 al Noman explains that the U.S. MB has an internal security organization as well as the Special Section which conducts “military” operations (“work”). Later on the same page, weapons training camps in the U.S. are discussed. On page 16, al Noman again makes clear that the MB has weapons training camps in the United States – in 1981.

  • HLF Indictment | HLF Unindicted Co-Conspirator List – GOVERNMENT’S MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION TO PETITIONERS ISLAMIC SOCIETY OF NORTH AMERICA AND NORTH AMERICAN ISLAMIC TRUST’S MOTION FOR EQUITABLE RELIEFThis is the government’s response to ISNA and NAIT request that their names be removed from the unindicted co-conspirator list in the US v HLF case. The government lays out the overwhelming evidence against ISNA and NAIT, which includes financial transactions directly from their accounts to Hamas leaders and organizations overseas.GOVERNMENT’S MEMORANDUM IN OPPOSITION TO COUNCIL ON AMERICAN -ISLAMIC RELATIONS’ MOTION FOR LEAVE TO FILE A BRIEF AMICUS CURIAE INSTANTER AND AMICUS BRIEF IN SUPPORT OF THE UNINDICTED CO-CONSPIRATORS’ FIRST AND FIFTH AMENDMENT RIGHTSThis is the government’s response to CAIR’s request that it be removed from the unindicted co-conspirator list in the US v HLF case. The government lays out the overwhelming evidence that CAIR was created by the U.S. Palestine Committee which was created by the leader of Hamas in the U.S., Musa abu Marzook.

  • ISNA Financial Documents
  • NAIT Financial Documents I
  • NAIT Financial Documents II
  • Elbarasse Phone Book: MB Leadership
  • MB Historical Outline

  • Federal Judge’s Ruling – The presiding Federal Judge in the US v HLF case was Jorge Solis. He ruled in favor of the government and left ISNA, NAIT, and CAIR on the unidicted co-conspirator list because the goverment provided “ample evidence” to establish their relationships with Hamas front organizations and Hamas headquarters overseas. A three judge panel reviewing this matter ruled 3-0 to keep these organizations on the unindicted co-conspirator list because of the evidence.

The following is a simple timeline of the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in the United States:

  • Early 1960’s:    The MB begins arriving in the United States and establishes the first national Islamic organization here, the Muslim Students Association (MSA) in 1963.
  • 1970’s-Early 1980’s:    The U.S. MB, per their By-Laws, creates social, medical, and trade organizations, as well as mosques, clinics, and shelters.  It also begins solidifying their leadership, focus, and organization.
  • 1979: The Iranian Revolution.
  • 1981:  The Islamic Society of North America is formally established as an outgrowth of the Muslim Students Association (MSA).  It becomes the “umbrella” organization of the MB organizations created up to that time.
  • 1982:    Toward a Worldwide Strategy for Islamic Policy is written as a global vision for the Islamic Movement.  In it, the call to make the “Palestinian cause” an issue for the Movement is established.
  • 1987:    The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is created as an outgrowth of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine, and their Covenant is approved.
  • 1990’s:    From 1992 forward, between 60 and 120 Islamic non-profits are created annually, and the MB’s influence grows exponentially.
  • 1991:    The North American MB strategy, An Explanatory Memorandum, is published.
  • 1992:    The Implementation Manual, implementing the MB’s North American strategy, is published.
  • 1994:  The U.S. Palestine Committee (Hamas) creates its fourth organization – the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR)
  • 9/11/01:  Jihadi Attack on the United States.
  • Sep 2003:  Abdurahman Alamoudi, the Islamic advisor to President Clinton and the most prominent Muslim leader in America is arrested at Heathrow Airport in London with $340,000 cash from the Libyan government for the global jihad.  Alamoudi is extradicted to and charged in Alexandria, VA.  He was involved in a plot to kill the Saudi Crown Prince with UK based Al Qaeda operatives.  Evidence revealed Alamoudi was a senior Muslim Brotherhood leader and an Al Qaeda financier.
  • Aug 2004:  FBI Raid uncovers the archives of the Muslim Brotherhood in North America at the home of senior MB/Hamas official Ismail Elbarasse in Annandale, VA
  • 2005:  The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) approves their 10 Year Programme of Action during an Extraordinary Session (Head of State and King level).  The OIC is the second largest international body second to the UN and is made up of all 57 Islamic nations on the planet (they include Palestine).  This plan calls for “deterrent punishments” for those who slander Islam.
  • Jan 2011:  Muslim Brotherhood Launches its Revolution Against the Islamic Nations.
  • June 2014:  The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood creates the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations as the first Islamic political party in America and made up of known MB/Hamas organizations.
  • 2015:    The OIC’s plan for silencing all critics of Islam has tangible results.  Muslim Brotherhood leaders constitute the only Islamic advisors to senior U.S. officials.  All fact-based training on the MB Movement and Sharia has been shut down in the United States.
  • Jihadi Network in America

Europe: Safeguard Values or Disappear

Gatestone Institute, by Giulio Meotti, 

  • We no longer replace our numbers; instead we rely on immigration to compensate for the shortfall in births. This immigration is for the most part Muslim; the effect of our demographic decline is, therefore, the Islamization of Europe.
  • The response of members of the political class, at least in Italy, is to shrug their shoulders, and say, “So what?” European elites believe that religion is private. However, most Muslims do not believe that religion is private, and some are working hard to create a state in which Islamic law is the legal foundation for everyone. The effect of this is already being felt across the European continent. We have more Islamic veils and mosques, and fewer cartoons of Mohammed.
  • Without the courage to insist on safeguarding our values, and passing our inheritance on to our children, we Europeans will simply disappear — as many groups have before. With us, however, will disappear the most enlightened civilization the world has ever known.

“We have to decide if our ethnicity, if our white race, if our society continues to exist — or if it will be wiped out.” This observation was recently made by Attilio Fontana, a politician with the anti-immigrant Northern League, who is running to govern the Italy’s northern region of Lombardy. Fontana’s remarks sparked quite a political storm. He may not have chosen the most delicate words, but he was right in pointing out the potential suicide of Europe. Italy’s problem, in fact, is not the word “race”, but the empty cradles and the crowded boats which have brought in 500,000 African migrants in a relatively short time

In Milan, Italy’s financial district and second-biggest city, there are more dogs than newborns. The city has literally “lost” half its births in a mere ten years. From 2006 to 2016, the number of children born in Milan has declined from 17,000 a year to fewer than 10,000. By comparison, in 1880 Milan had a population of 350,000, and that year, 10,000 children were born. Today, Milan is inhabited by 1,362,000 people with fewer than 10,000 new births. So, relatively, 138 years ago Milan had proportionately four times as many children as today. That is how Europe’s indigenous population will die out.

A new report by the Dutch organization Gefira analyzes the future of the “incredibly shrinking Italian population“. The number of indigenous Italians is diminishing at an astonishing rate: a quarter of a million a year. This decline is expected to accelerate:

“If the official Eurostat forecast is correct, then within 60 years or, taking into consideration the current pace of migration even sooner, 50% of Italy’s inhabitants will be of African or Asian descent”.

To acquire a better understanding of the demographic future of Europe, the Gefira team developed a software for demographic simulation, called Cerberus 2.0. With no immigration and the current birth rate, Cerberus 2.0 predicts that in 2080 the Italian population will be reduced to about 27 million, and in 2100 further reduced by 60% to 20 million — the same result as Japanese statisticians predict for Japan. Despite this data, the Italian government and Eurostat expect that by 2080 there will be 53 to 60 million inhabitants in Italy. “This can only be true if the indigenous population is replenished with 25 to 30 million first-generation migrants and their offspring from Africa or Asia”. That process is underway.

Gefira explains:

“German, Spanish, Norwegian, Irish and Dutch NGOs as well as the European Navy have ferried a shocking 600 thousand non-Western migrants from Libya to Italy since 2014. This has been done with the full complicity of the current Italian authorities. The grand replacement is no accident nor is it intended to be stopped. It is a well designed, devious program without the European natives having a say”.

A similar scenario was also forecast by an Italian think tank. If current trends continue, according to a report by the Machiavelli Center, by 2065, first- and second-generation immigrants will exceed 22 million, or more than 40% of Italy’s total population.

Migrants wait to be rescued by crewmembers from the Migrant Offshore Aid Station (MOAS) Phoenix vessel on June 10, 2017 off Lampedusa, Italy. (Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

The statistical projections about the alarming future of the demographic decline of the indigenous European people appear irrefutable. The vice president of the European Central Bank, Viktor Constancio, called it the “demographic suicide” of Europe’s aging society. The ten countries that are home to the fastest shrinking populations are all in Eastern Europe. By 2050, Bulgaria, Latvia, Moldova, Ukraine, Croatia, Lithuania, Romania, Serbia, Poland, and Hungary are likely to see their population shrink by 15% or more.

We no longer replace our numbers; instead, we rely on immigration to compensate for the shortfall in births. This immigration is for the most part Muslim; the effect of our demographic decline is therefore the Islamization of Europe. The response of the political class, at least in Italy, is to shrug their shoulders, and say, “So what?”. European elites are multiculturalist and seem to think all facts are merely relative. They also believe that religion is private and that the state requires us to maintain the same level of the population as earlier. Most Muslims, however, do not believe that religion is private; some of them are working hard for a state in which Islamic law, sharia, will be the legal foundation for everyone.

The effect of this effort is already being felt across the European continent. We have more Islamic veils and mosques, and fewer cartoons of Mohammed. Italian archbishop Luigi Negri just expressed his concern over “Islam’s tendency to break down the values ​​of Western civilization, especially that of the essential distinction between politics and religion” — a key fundamental of Western rule of law.

Our failure to reproduce is not due to poverty or genetic weakness. Milan, Italy’s demographic ground zero, is the country’s richest city. Instead, it is due to our indolence, the advent of birth control and a loss of confidence in our Western, Judeo-Christian values.

What can be done?

Religion in the West is no longer a private matter. The values of Western civilization are now being undermined in schools, universities, the media and cultural spheres. One thing is sure: Without the courage to insist on safeguarding our values, and passing our inheritance on to our children, we Europeans will simply disappear — as many groups have before. With us, however, will disappear the most enlightened civilization the world has ever known.

Giulio Meotti, Cultural Editor for Il Foglio, is an Italian journalist and author.

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