Who is Imad “David” Ramadan?

David Ramadan

David Ramadan won the August Virginia primary for the Republican House of Delegates seat in the 87th district. Ramadan has bought the endorsements of many Republicans including Rep. Frank Wolf. The following is a website that outlines the questionable past of this possible stealth jihadist:

Imad Afif “David” Ramadan

I want to serve with no ulterior motive.”*

*Vetter’s note: When someone claims to have no ulterior motive, it’s a good bet they do have an ulterior motive.

  • Republican candidate for Virginia’s new 87th District House of Delegates
  • Born in Blat, Shia village in South Lebanon
  • Lived in Beirut as a Shia teen-ager during anti-American terrorist acts
  • Apparent connections to hostile intelligence services in Iran and Syria
  • Signed letter of support for building a mosque at the site of 9/11 attacks in NYC
  • Shockingly uncommon massive funding for primary campaign
  • Massive big dollar donations to Virginia Republicans
  • No visible business activities in Virginia, or in America
  • Unclear source of funding for his campaign, or his lifestyle
  • Response to questions from Republicans about his background: aggressive attacks

Ramadan’s aggressive pursuit of power in the  Republican primary includes massive spending. Americans, Virginians, and voters of the 87th deserve to know who he is.

Ramadan’s aggressive refusal to provide details about basic facts of his life concerns many citizens.

In a quest to better understand this enigma from Blat, Lebanon, facts and questions are assembled on this site for all Virginians and Americans, and the voters of the 87th.

To keep up to date on this international man of mystery, please be sure to complete the survey.

We understand that Americans want to give the benefit of the doubt. And that we believe in redeeming ourselves. However, we also understand that most Americans do not understand the international situation, or those who mean us harm.

This site will provide some context to the larger issues that surround Imad Ramadan’s life, which he has attempted to hide. Successfully, up to now.

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