Appeasing Islam has become a US Infatuation: Sharia Exempts Muslims from ObamaCare

Stand Up America:

The healthcare reform law, ObamaCare, is unconstitutional and a violation of our First Amendment rights. It is also, by design, a political gift for Muslims in America, while Christians in America are further marginalized. Barack Hussein Obama is an appeaser. He favors Islam an anti-American force with an openly political agenda.

“Appeasement is like feeding the crocodile, hoping that it will eat you last.” -Winston Churchill

Sharia (Islamic Law) is, in fact, already being instituted on the national level by Obama himself. Muslims are exempt because a strict interpretation of Sharia forbids Muslims from participating in public or private insurance because it is considered to be like “gambling”. Being compelled to participate in such a healthcare program offends Islamic sensibilities. Islamic belief excludes Muslims from any of the requirements, mandates, or penalties set forth in ObamaCare.

American Muslims who pay Social Security taxes and receive Social Security benefits will be forced to accept the insurance provided by ObamaCare. However, Muslims can be exempted from ObamaCare if they are part of a “health-sharing ministry,”—a religious non-profit organization in which members contribute money to cover the medical expenses of those in need. Alternately, if Muslims have or purchase Sharia-compliant insurance which is available in all 50 states, and have Sharia-compliant insurance, then they would not be required to pay for the insurance provided by ObamaCare. They would be exempt from any taxes, requirements, mandates, or penalties of ObamaCare.

Some other groups are exempt from participating in the health plan. American Indians are exempt based on the fact of financial hardship meaning they cannot afford to pay. That is a long standing ‘special relationship’ the US government continues out of historic quilt and penance. The religious sect of Christian-scientist is exempt because they have a moral conflict with insurance, and had strong lobbying in Congress to include them. The Amish are also exempt from ObamaCare because as a whole they have opted out of social security and any type of insurance.  They are exempt because they take care of their own needs and elderly, and have done so consistently for generations.

Christians and Jews are NOT exempt. What argument will Christians be able to make for exemption?  Will they be able to claim exemption due to a moral conflict with publicly funded abortions?  It seems unlikely. ObamaCare will force Catholic churches, charities, schools, universities, and hospitals—to provide services they consider immoral. Those services include sterilization, abortion-inducing drugs and devices, and contraception. What of other difficult moral issues, care for the aging and terminaly ill, for instance? These have nothing to do with a moral problem with insurance.

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5 thoughts on “Appeasing Islam has become a US Infatuation: Sharia Exempts Muslims from ObamaCare

  1. What a load of crap!!!!!! This makes me so mad I can hardly stand it.I wish there were a bunch of me then maybe I could but being one It will be hard. I will not do it. This needs to be repealed badly. Let’s all do our best.

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  3. Christians who are members of one of the three health care sharing ministries will be exempt from the individual mandate. The three ministries are Samaritan Ministries International, MediShare, and Christian Healthcare Ministries.

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