Creeping Sharia

We need a MosqueBusters group in the U.S. via Lawsuit seeks to block Chino area mosque –

A group of homeowners living near Chino have filed a lawsuit to block – or at least delay – the construction of a mosque they say would harm the environment and detract from the rural character of their neighborhood.

“This isn’t about religion at all,” the group’s Torrance-based attorney Victor Otten said.

“It’s simply an environmental suit under CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act). You look at that neighborhood, and you could put three McDonalds on that site, and I don’t think people would be comfortable with it.”

CEQA requires developers and public officials to assess a given project’s likely affect on its surrounding area and, if needed, take follow-up steps to limit the project’s environmental impact.

The homeowners group, calling itself “Save Our Uniquely Rural Community Environment,” filed their lawsuit last…

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