Best Buy’s Sponsorship of Hamas-Linked CAIR

Via Islamist Watch Blog:

On April 17th, Islamist Watch (IW) broke the story about Best Buy’s “Platinum Sponsorship” of the annual fundraising banquet in Minnesota for the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), a group the United States Government has linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood. Subscribers to the Islamist Watch email list flooded Best Buy with protests and the story went viral. Facebook “likes” are 2,715 and counting. Best Buy, in the midst of a power-vacuum as they search for a new CEO, continues their refusal to rule out future support for CAIR.

Here are just a few of the stories arising from IW’s initiative:



    • “Best Buy: TVs, Computers and Hamas,” by Scott Johnson. Powerline, April 19, 2012. (The featured speaker at the Best Buy sponsored CAIR annual banquet in Minnesota was Feisal Abdul Rauf, best known for leading efforts to build the 13-story Islamic community center – the Ground Zero Mosque – two blocks from Ground Zero in lower Manhattan.)



    • A Facebook protest page has appeared, “Boycott BEST BUY until they STOP using profits to finance Islamic Radicals.” Although Best Buy has not backed down on their support for CAIR, they did go to the trouble of filing a complaint with Facebook over the use of Best Buy graphics used on the protest page. Those graphics, including a “Jihad Squad” logo meant to parody Best Buy’s “Geek Squad,” were quickly removed by Facebook.


One thought on “Best Buy’s Sponsorship of Hamas-Linked CAIR

  1. My dream would be that best buy goes out of business. I would not shop there if someone paid me or gave me everything for free. I will tell everyone I know not to shop there. I will post it on facebook. I cannot believe that an American company would fund people who want to kill us and our allies. They are funding our enemy. Our country should shut you down only thing is this administration is so low life they would probably give you an award.This info is sickening plain and simple.

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