Creeping Sharia

Stealth surrender. War on Terror over. War on American citizens rages on. Of course what needs to happen is a purge of Islamists from any and all leadership positions in the U.S. who push these efforts (and possibly pay for them). Diana West has much more on yesterday’s post. Full story via The Death of the Grown-Up | Uncle Sam Conducts Another “Anti-Islamic” Purge.

It’s probably fair to call Spencer Ackerman of the king of the see-no-Islam beat. Whenever the government — first, the FBI, now, “the entire US military” — decides to purge training materials about Islam that undermine the Big Lie that “Islam is a religion of peace,” Ackerman seems to be the one to break the story. Something to be proud of in the coming caliphate — probably good for a pasha-ship, at least.

The latest from the Voice of Submission:

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