Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Leader Calls for Jihad on Israel

Raymond Ibrahim

This would be the same “leader” of Egypt’s new president, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Muhammad Morsi—and the man whom some have even portrayed as the true power behind Egypt’s presidency, with Morsi acting as his puppet.

MB Supreme Leader
Muhammad Badi

According to last Thursday’s edition of Al Wafd, during his weekly sermon, “Muhammad Badi, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, confirmed the necessity for every Muslim to strive to save al-Quds [Jerusalem] from the hands of the rapists [Israelis] and to cleanse Palestine from the clutches of the occupation, deeming this an individual duty for all Muslims.”

More specifically, he “called on all Muslims to wage jihad with their money and their selves to free al-Quds”—the same exact language one finds in al-Qaeda’s tracts.

If this is the position of the Supreme Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, what can one expect from the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt?

6 thoughts on “Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Leader Calls for Jihad on Israel

  1. Those inbred Sons of Satan will have hell to pay when they go up against Israel. They will NEVER destroy Israel. NEVER!

      • They know if he does, they are screwed so why not act while they still have a chance of the US electing someone who may help them. How Obama still has the majority of the Jewish vote is a mystery to me….

  2. Kasey, I read a couple of months ago that the trend is that many of the liberal Jewish population pulling away because he is so blatantly against Israel. I do hope the majority of them do pull completely away. I don’t know who he hates more…the Christians or the Jews?

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