LP Director Sam Nunberg Updates Erick Stakelbeck on Organization of Islamic Cooperation’s Defamation of Religion Initiative

The Legal Project:

On Tuesday, July 17th, 2012, LP Director Sam Nunberg was interviewed by Erick Stakelbeck on the “Stakelbeck on Terror” show. He discussed the forces of Islamism that are working to silence critics of Islam-related topics —both in the United States and in Europe – and how they’ve set their sights on international restrictions through the Organization of Islamic Cooperation as well. Director Nunberg also highlighted the Obama Administration’s unfortunate decision to work with the OIC to promote United Nations resolutions that would restrict any “defamation” of Islam.

View the video here (you can fast forward past the commercials)

Sam Nunberg tells us what can be done about this:

Reverse the Obama administration’s policy: Leave the UN Human Rights Council to prevent the international resolutions from affecting our own courts. Renewal of membership comes up in October and could be a campaign issue. This is First Amendment issue. It is also a sovereignty issue. We should speak out aggressively and look for bipartisan support.

Other than the Islamist foreign influence operations that have successfully infiltrated our country at all levels, I view the threat to free speech to be the most important battlefront in protecting Western civilization from Islamization. It is vitally important that we become educated on what is going on at the UN due to the voting block created by the OIC.

For that reason I have created a page on this website’s menu called  “Threat to Free Speech”.

I included some simple easy to understand videos as well as more lengthy in-depth webinars and panel discussions. I encourage you to visit it and share the information others. I will update it from time to time.