As Morsi Huddles with Hamas, Blind Sheikh’s Son Threatens Siege of U.S. Embassy


By Andrew C. McCarthy:

Just another Juma in the Arab Spring.

Egypt’s new president, Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, met in Cairo today with Gaza’s “prime minister,” Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas — the Muslim Brotherhood’s Palestinian branch. As PJM’s David Goldman observes, Morsi is getting ready to have the red-carpet rolled out for him by the Obama White House in September. He should definitely have the Hamas talking-points down by then since he also had a powwow with the terrorist organization’s “political bureau” chief, Khaled el-Meshal, last week.

Morsi will also be ready to press on President Obama his demand for the release of the Blind Sheikh, Omar Abdel Rahman. Right after his election, he assured Egyptians that this was among his top priorities. On that score, too, the Brotherhood is rockin’ its familiar terror-leveraged “moderate two-step.” While Morsi works the diplomatic end, theEgypt Independent reports that Sheikhy’s son, Abdallah, has threatened to attack the American embassy and hold its employees hostage in order to extort pop’s release.

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