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Former 20 year CIA veteran, Clare Lopez: “Jordan is targeted! Saudi Arabia is targeted!”


  • Could the Obama Administration’s Fast and Furious gunrunning operation to the Mexican drug cartels be simply a dress rehearsal for a much larger gunrunning operation to al Qaida-linked and other Jihadist groups in Libya and, more ominously, Syria?
  • Is the Obama Administration running guns into other Jihadist hot spots?
  • Does the United States of America have troops in Jordan?
  • Was Ambassador Stevens our operational officer in a gunrunning operation to al Qaida linked groups that had “gone wrong?”
  • Did the Obama Administration set Stevens up and leave him (with former Navy Seals, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods and computer expert, Sean Smith) to die?
  • Did President, Secretary Clinton, General Petraeus and others have fore-knowledge?
  • Others?
  • Who else knows now?
  • Does Governor Romney know now?

These and other questions and more were raised yesterday in a conversation between Glen Beck and former CIA agent Clair Lopez.

Beck: “Why is the media not asking these questions?” And, “What happens if we let the President off and nobody pursues this?”

Lopez: “Then we have failed in our duty—as citizens, as journalists. This has to be brought up this has to be made known to the public that this is going on and that our Administration not only was working with the bad guys—was working with al Qaida linked militias and Jihadis to overthrow Assad in Syria. But that they let out mission go down, they let our Ambassador and others die—in real time, watching it happen and they didn’t do anything about it.”

.  . . . Beck, “While this was going down—the President went to bed!”

The 13 minute interview is in two segments on You Tube. It is so full of explosive information, I strongly urge you to watch it all at least twice. Here is part I followed part II:


And Frank Gaffney speaks:  Obama’s Middle East Fast & Furious? 


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  4. I have info regarding this: Check out Natanial Tek’s LinkedIn page (he works at the Consulate in Tripoli Libya). Now go to his twitter account on Sept 26, 2012 he tweeted this:

    Ali Brothers Muslims not to forget the verse in the Quran that says: Pay in the best manner, if, between whom and you there was enmity, intimate Crown

    If it is gone, let me know, I have it saved as a screen shot along with his LindedIN page and the original post.

  5. I just read another idea that O set up Christopher w/o security so O’s October suprise could be negociating with al kada for the release of Chris and friends as hostages. But instead of a “walk in the park” kidnaping the seals showed up. Now instead of kidnaping they just started killing and the cia was told to ‘stand down’ because it wasn’t know weather the kidnaping could still take place. THAT sounds like the O I know. As far as I know he’s still left our United States compound deserted like a lot in Chicago or Detroit.
    Scary, it might have worked except for the seals. “God Bless Them.”
    They are OATH KEEPERS.

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  7. The glaring question to this is, if the ambassador was furnishing arms to them why would al qaida kill him? Who really killed our people? Was the ambassador, or one of the other people killed, about to blow the whistle on the operation? Many questions and few answers. At any rate there were U.S. citizens killed while Obama and his administration watched an refused them assistance.

    • I do believe that possibly the people that were loyal to the previous Gaddafi regime.The green Jamahriya party and their system of government at the time.Just a notion mind you?

    • Check out the article in the Canada Free Press titled “The Hidden Real Truth about Bengazi”. The answer is RUSSIA. And the Russians using IRAN to further their agenda in Syria. Great article – I pray it is only HALF right, or there is one hellava movie here.

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  12. Well then, perhaps if this is true, they already had planned to blame it on the video! It is all starting to add up now.

  13. Indeed. A couple of my kids think I’m a little crazy – but this just makes so much sense. The October Surprise was supposed to be an agreement with Iran that they would stop all their nuclear development. Not a stretch …. especially when some stuff was leaked about a US-Iran deal and it hit the news a couple of days ago. Of course, the WH denied it. I can’t even imagine what the heck Israel makes of all this. I do indeed believe we were running weapons to Syria through Turkey, that is why the Turkish Ambassador was there in Bengazi to meet with Stevens, he told Stevens that the operation was exposed, and then the Russians worked with Iran to assassinate him and there were 3 additional strike teams of Iranians awaiting the US forces that would come in to rescue them. It makes no sense otherwise that Panetta would not send in the help, why General Ham was relieved of duty, and on and on. The dots do not paint a nice picture. This is far worse than any of us thought. Also, the “rebels” in Syria are full of jihadists and Al-Qaeda – and we know it. And yet, we continue to funnel arms into Syria on the sly, including hand-held missles???

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  16. It is tomr fpr our government to lry sll thr reports out in the news coverage. Do it now not after the election!

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    | The Counter Jihad Report” definitely got me personally addicted on your site!

    I actuallywill be returning much more regularly.
    Thanks -Jesse

  24. Our Ambassador was innocent !! Our seals were innocent !! Who does that leave out ??
    What Ambassador made it out of there alive ?
    What the hell is really going on ??

  25. Obama and Hillary Clinton have been orchestrating all these Terrorist Uprisings which they euphemistically call the Arab Spring. In fact, the USA has supplied the Monetary and Weapons Backing for all the Terrorist Revolutions, and in the case of Libya, we even supplied attacks by our air power. And, the reason that Ambassador Stevens was Assassinated was on Orders from The Obama Regime because he Knew All the Secrets because the Obama Regime had been using him to negotiate the Weapons Deliveries to the These Terrorist SOB’s and they were also funneling Weapons into Egypt to be used against Syria, Jordan and Israel. The Obama Regime are in this so deep, and that is why some of the players such as Petraeus bailed on the Regime. Eventually the whole truth is going to come out and if Lindsey Graham and others in the U.S. Congress would stay after them and Keep Going On TV and Talking About it, they can Topple the Obama Regime once and for all. It is time for all of these criminal terrorists now running this country to go.

  26. The Obama Regime and his state department and even the secretary of state herself continued to tell the lie that this was due to a riot over some two bit anti-muslim film. The Obama Regime and State Department and the MSM knew all along that this was a lie, but as the adage goes, “the more you tell a lie, and the bigger the lie, and the more time it is repeated, the more that people believe it. Then, when the truth comes out, the media spends about one minute saying, “Ooops” with no apologies for the lies and propaganda they purposely spread for the Obama Regime. Some heads in the Obama Regime need to roll, including Obama’s as he was the chief spokesman for his administration in press conferences, etc. and even went so far as to have the FBI arrest the Home Video Producer. I hope Romney and Ryan use this BIG LIE and Coverup to their advantage as they show the American People how corrupt and incompetent Obama and his Regime Are.

  27. When is the United States Congress And the Legitimat United States Law Abiding, Constiutional Patriots, going to hold Obama and his Ruthless, Terrorist-Supporting Regime responsible for the American Blood that he, Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, David Peteraeus, Leon Panetta and the other Murderous Traitors to the USA have on their Treacherous and Bloody Hands???

  28. Was the assassination of Ambassador Stevens an Ordered Hit? And, is that the reason that All Defenses Were Ordered To Stand Down and Not Defend the Ambassadlor’s compound? To answer this, they were ordered to Stand Down, so that the Assassins could take Ambassador Out Permanently, because he was the Man Who Knew Too Much about the Traitorous deeds being carried by the Obama Regime, that had just Toppled the Legitimate Libyan Government and assassinated their president, and turned the nation over to Islamic Terrorists, Supplied Weaponry and Military Support, including Air Strikes in the Overthrow of the Legitimate Government and who were now taking the weapons out of Libya to wage war against Syria and other Legitimate Governments in the Middle Eastern and North African states. The Obama Raid on Libya was totally unlawful and un-constitutional and he got by with it. Libya was but a practice run for more attacks of this sort in order to turn the world into chaos with Muslim Terrorists and Communists ruling the world. Obama used the Authority of the UN and NATO to order attacks with Absolutely No Authorization by Congress and in total violation of his Constitutional Rights. At this point, we are living under Anarchy by the Obama Regime as relates to U.S. Constitutional Law.

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