New Movie Documents Islamist Threat to Free Speech–and Obama’s Support for It

New York: On September 25, 2012, President Obama astonished many Americans by declaring, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” This is a sentiment espoused by radical Islamist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Taliban and al Qaeda. Worse yet, his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, revealed the lengths to which the Obama administration is prepared to go to enforce this view when she told the family of a former SEAL killed last month in Benghazi that the producer of a video she falsely claimed precipitated that attack would be “arrested and prosecuted.” He was subsequently taken into custody and remains in jail.Now, the powerful documentary SILENT CONQUEST explains why these affronts to the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of freedom of speech are not isolated incidents. Rather, they are part of an ominous pattern of Team Obama’s submission to the stealthy Islamist effort to enforce in this country the supremacist doctrine known as shariah and its prohibition of any expression that “offends” Islam or its god, prophet or followers.The film features interviews with U.S. and foreign legislators, journalists, national security and other experts and Muslim, former Muslim and non-Muslim activists including:Best-selling author Mark Steyn; Rep. Allen West, Member of Congress; Geert Wilders, Member of the Dutch Parliament; Baroness Caroline Cox, Member of the British House of Lords; ACT! for America founder Brigitte Gabriel; scholar and author Daniel Pipes; American Islamic Leadership Council founder Zuhdi Jasser; former Muslim and author Nonie Darwish; former Defense Department official Frank Gaffney; Lord Malcolm Pearson, Member of the British House of Lords; Naser Kader, Member of the Danish Parliament; author and financial terrorism expert Rachel Ehrenfeld; author Pastor Mark Durie, as well as others.

SILENT CONQUEST offers a frightening insight into the extent to which Europe, Canada and the United Nations have already succumbed to the restrictions of shariah blasphemy laws. Its stark warning about the Obama administration’s substantial efforts to accommodate them here, as well, is a wake-up call for every American.

The documentary was produced by Sanctum Enterprises, LLC.

For a limited time, SILENT CONQUEST can be viewed for free online at

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 Frank Gaffney:

As Americans go to the polls, many factors may influence how they vote for  president. Among those — if not pre-eminent among them — should be the kind of  country they want to bequeath to their children. It is unlikely that most voters  would knowingly and deliberately opt for a candidate who appears determined to  make the United States a nation that does not respect and safeguard our most  foundational constitutional right: freedom of expression.

It may seem unbelievable that anyone running for the presidency would even  consider such a betrayal of the oath of office governing that position, let  alone work toward that end. Yet, as a new film, “Silent Conquest,” makes clear,  President Obama, from his first months in office, has been enabling in this  country an insidious effort by Islamic supremacists to keep us from engaging in  speech, videos, training or other forms of expression that offend Muslims, their  god, prophet and faith.

The documentary opens with Mr. Obama’s astounding pronouncement at the U.N. General Assembly on Sept. 25: “The  future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” This  sentiment could have been expressed as easily by the Muslim  Brotherhood, the Organization of Islamic  Cooperation (OIC), the Taliban  or al Qaeda. Unfortunately, it is but one of  many manifestations of an Obama policy approach that has brought U.S. diplomacy  and government practice into closer and closer alignment with the demands of  Islamists that such “slanders” be prohibited and criminalized.

Consider a few of the other examples “Silent Conquest” itemizes with help  from an array of U.S. and foreign legislators, analysts in national security and  other fields, and Muslim and non-Muslim activists (this columnist among  them):

The Obama administration co-sponsored in  March 2009 a resolution in the U.N.  Human Rights Council that basically endorsed the unacceptability of any  expression that offends Islam.

In Cairo in June 2009, Mr. Obama declared, as part of what Mitt Romney and  others have called his “apology tour”: “I consider it part of my responsibility  as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam  wherever they appear.”

In July 2011, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton launched with  the OIC the Istanbul  Process, a multilateral effort to find ways to accommodate Muslim demands for  restrictions on free speech. On that occasion, she declared that among other  means put in the service of this dubious objective would be “old-fashioned  techniques of peer pressure and shaming.”

Mrs. Clinton evidently has  found such methods inadequate. In the aftermath of the murderous attack on our  diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, she joined Mr. Obama and others in  insisting — despite abundant evidence to the contrary — that it had been  precipitated by a “disgusting and reprehensible” act of free expression, namely,  a video denigrating Muhammad produced by a California man. According to Charles  Woods, the father of Tyrone Woods, one of the former Navy SEALs killed while  heroically defending the CIA’s annex and his comrades, Mrs.  Clinton told him that the government was going to “arrest and prosecute” the  filmmaker. Shortly thereafter, the American who had given offense was indeed  taken into custody and will remain there, at least until after the election.

Then there’s this, just in: The man selected to perform the investigation  into the Benghazi debacle for the State Department — whose results will only  become available after Nov. 6 — seems committed to the Shariah blasphemy agenda  as well. As reported by syndicated columnist Diana West, in the course of his  Oct. 23 appearance on a panel at Washington National Cathedral titled “The  Muslim Experience in America,” retired Ambassador Thomas Pickering “made an  ominous call for ‘strong efforts  to deal with opinion leaders who harbor  [anti-Islam] prejudices, who espouse them and spread them.’” He went on to  endorse the characterization of another panelist, Islamist apologist James  Zogby, who claimed “the racism [of U.S. soldiers] was really intense.” Mr.  Pickering even seemed to suggest that the U.S. armed forces are “the enemy.”

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Frank J. Gaffney Jr. is president of the Center for Security Policy  (, a columnist for The Washington Times and host of Secure  Freedom Radio on WRC-AM (1260).

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