Muslim Brotherhood Steps Up Threats Against Protestors

supporters-president-morsi-army-450x330By Michael Volpe

With pro- and anti-Mohammed Morsi protestors clashing for the second week in Cairo, Egypt, the country is on the brink of a potentially explosive situation, and President Morsi is using ever increasing authoritarian tactics, including threatening the use of military force. While President Obama and the much-vaunted international community are hypocritically silent to this power-grab, an Islamist prison state is forming in front of our very eyes.

In the last month, Morsi has managed to broker a cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians, order that he rule “temporarily”  by decree, and push a Sharia-based constitution through the legislature despite serious opposition from minority parties.

For more than a week, both supporters and opponents of Morsi have gathered in Tahrir Square in response to these maneuvers. With tensions already high, violence has continued to escalate. The latest tally by the Associated Press (AP) reports that at least six people have been killed and 700 injured.

Police and military are being routinely dispatched to break up the two sides. Now, some are worried that Morsi will use the increased tensions as an excuse to use the military to put down opponents of his Muslim Brotherhood-led government.

According to an AP report, Morsi has begun to demonize his opposition as enemies of the new democracy, accusing protestors of being loyalists to the regime of Hosni Mubarak, Egypt’s long-time ruler prior to Morsi. Morsi “vowed he would never tolerate anyone working for the overthrow of his ‘legitimate’ government.”

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