Egyptians:BOYCOTT Egypt’s December 15 Constitution Referendum

a_mural_of_Egypts_President_Mohamed_Mursi_on_the_wall_of_the_presidential_palace_in_Cairo_ReutersA mural of Egypts President Mohamed Mursi on the wall of the presidential palace in Cairo Reuters


Voice of the Copts:

Call to all Egyptians:

Egypt’s December 15 Constitution Referendum
Call to the International Community:
Egypt’s new regime
Voice of the Copts appeals to all Egyptian freedom fighters fearlessly and heroically standing up against the Morsi regime: 
We support you as you continue to stand up and exercise enormous courage once again as when recently you opposed the dictatorial constitutional amendment of November 22 made by Mr. Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood party. Your bold action obligated Mr. Morsi to withdraw the power grab he executed in defiance of democratic principles. Now he has backed down and responded to your demands thanks to your brave persistence
All Egyptians must now likewise oppose Mr. Morsi’s new constitution draft by boycotting the December 15 referendum. The new draft promotes anti-democratic Islamic principles of intolerance. With a boycott, Egyptians can avoid another corrupt election and reject the avenue paved by Mr. Morsi toward Islamic Shariah law.
A select group chosen from the Muslim Brotherhood membership seeking Islamic supremacy has written Egypt’s new draft constitution with the future goal of creating an Islamic Umma. Expunge this draft now!
Voice of the Copts appeals to the international community:
Voice of the Copts appeals to leaders of the free world and human rights activists to stand with Egyptian freedom fighters and against any attempt by the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood to build a center of Islamic power and jihadist terrorism.
We demand that world leaders withdraw their recognition of Egypt’s phony “pro-democracy” leader, Mr. Morsi, who is backed by the illegal Muslim Brotherhood party. Freeze your political relationships with Egypt, halt all investments and aid to Egypt and force Mr. Morsi’s regime to step down. This will facilitate legitimate democratic goals yet to be achieved by Egypt’s freedom fighters.
Dr. Ashraf Ramelah
Founder and President
Voice of the Copts Coop.