SOS: Save Uncle Sam

afghan21Written by: Diana West

The Wall Street Journal reports this week about a new draft handbook for US troops in Afghanistan designed to prevent their Afghan “partners” from murdering them. (And yes, we’ve seen this same material before.)

The problem, according to  the Army, is  “ignorance of, or lack of empathy for Muslim and/or Afghan cultural norms” on the part of US troops.

The solution, according to the Army, is for  troops to accept these same Muslim and/or Afghan norms — or else be killed. In effect, then, Uncle Sam is  ordering  Americans  to submit to Islam or die — exactly the choice offered to infidels vanquished by jihad. As far I can tell, the main difference is Uncle Sam will require them to salute while submitting.

I simplify, of course, but I do not exagerate. Say, Joe American hears about  boys being sodomized by Afghan Army personnel. Such pederasty is in accordance with “Muslim and/or Afghan cultural norms.” According to Uncle Sam, Joe American must say  nothing, must ignore the issue altogether — or  risk being killed.

Say Joe American observes the enslavement of Muslim and/or Afghan women — another “Muslim and/or Afghan cultural norm.” It makes Joe mad. But zip it, Joe — or die.

Christians and Jews who have lived under Islamic law across the centuries would recognize the diminished state of the American soldier circa 2012 as that of the classic dhimmi: the non-Muslim subject to Islamic law; his silence, his acquiesence the humiliating price of existence. Similarities to the janissaries, the Islamized forces stolen as children from Christian populations by the Ottomans to enforce Islamic law under the caliph, are also increasingly evident.

In our time, we may also understand this as  another  iteration of  the Hair-Trigger Moderate (introduced back in The Death of the Grown-Up). The syndrome describes  the society-wide phenomenon of curbing speech about Islam to prevent something, anything from setting the hair-trigger moderate off (tick, tick, tick…). This  should, but doesn’t, reveal the “moderation” to be the fraud that it is. We saw this  when George W. Bush recanted the word “crusade” after 9/11/01 (mustn’t offend, or else alienate our  “friends”). We see it in this Army draft manual in 2012  (mustn’t offend, or else receive a bullet/axe in the  head). We see it everywhere in between: in the elimination of “jihad,” “Islamic terrorism,” etc., from contemporary debate, in the Danish cartoon “crisis,” in government prosecutions and persecutions of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, of Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff in Austria,  Lars  Hedegaard in Denmark, Tommy Robinson in England, in the Obama administration’s scapegoating and incarceration of the maker of “Innocence of Muslims,”   in the “Istanbul Process.” Such self-gagging  reflects the influence — the ascendance — of Islamic law. It reflects our own rush to  dhimmitude.

And especially so in the US military, now mired in  Islamic quagmires for more than a decade. Other  “cultural norms” US forces must accept without objection include dog torture, desertion, drug use, and even sympathy for the Taliban.

Yes. Among the Army draft handbook’s “taboo conversation topics” are  “making derogatory comments about the  Taliban.”

You can rub your eyes, but that’s what it says. The US and Afghans are  partnering in the first place because We and They are supposed to have this common enemy, the Taliban. But say something bad about the Taliban and  your “brother in arms ”  might get mad enough to kill you.

On first glance, we can read this as evidence of Uncle Sam’s certifiable dementia.  But maybe we should think of it instead as a clear admission: Uncle Sam knows we have met the enemy and he is … in our pup tent. Uncle Sam knows our Afghan “allies” have more in common with the enemy than with Us, the People, but he continues with the doomed, damned mission anyway. Why? Have we been subverted to Islam’s ends? In a word, yes. Is there hope of reversal? Not much, not really, unless something changes in the body (and brain) politic. When/if that happens,  we might look back on this Army draft handbook  as plea for help: Uncle Sam crying out to be rescued from the tiny band of extremists that has seized control of American interests.

4 thoughts on “SOS: Save Uncle Sam

  1. We have met the enemy and the enemy is our own government that has sided with the people who hate us and want to destroy us. Obama launched this campaign as soon as he was Emaculated. He went on a World Wide Apology Tour To Enemy Countries, while at the same time, Insulting and Snubbing our most trusted allies. He returned the Bust of a Great Ally, Winston Churchill to England, and totally snubbed the Israeli Prime Minister, Netanyahu, while at the same time Putting Down the Red Carpet for the Red Chinese Butcher’s Communist President of China giving him 5-Star treatment, while escortin Mr. Netanyahu out the back door of the White House at the Servant’s Entrance. Bowing to Saudi Kings and Japanese Presidents, and making deals with Communist China and Russia. telling the Russians in Secret, Just wait until my second term, and I can do even more to undermine the USA and the U.S. Interests. And, at the same time Arming Islamic Terrorists in Al Quida VIA the Muslim Brotherhood so that they can bring off the Radical Islamic Revolution euphemistically called the Arab Spring. Wake up Americans, our enemy right now is our own government being lead by the Obama Regime which is made up of Traitors, Subversives, Perverts and a Whole Slew of other Criminal or Subversive Elements. And, what is truly sad is the fact that the majority of Americans are Ignorant and Illiterate Fools who say Hooray for Obama. Sad, Sick and Disgusting. Hope and Pray that there are enough of us left who know the truth and recognize the aforementioned things here to Fight this Regime to the End, and never say, “I give up and we surrender.” Never surrender to the Enemy, especially when the Enemy is supposed to be your Friend and Defender, which is what the U.S. Government and Military used to stand for when we were still a nation of Patriots who were willing to Live and Die Defending the USA and our Constitution. Those days are long past with this Regime, and of several Regimes priot to this one dating back to the days of Lyndon B. Johnson.

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