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by Allen West on Thursday, December 13, 2012 (Facebook)

In this era of the Obama Administration, we cannot offend the enemy. We must subjugate our principles and standards of decency to barbarians. We allow a combat Marine to be locked up in a Mexican jail. We have gone three years waiting for a treasonous Jihadist, Major Hasan, to be tried for murdering our soldiers…but he gets to keep his beard. Our government praises a Muslim Brotherhood President as he supports a declared Islamic terrorist group and seeks to establish a Sharia state. Has anyone considered the madness that has occurred since 6 November? We have gone from peace through strength to provocative weakness. This is beyond surreal, it is now dangerous. But should we be surprised? After all, this is consistent with UN Resolution 1618 which makes it a crime to criticize Islam, and it was our own President who…

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  1. Does anyone know does he get to keep his pay until he gets found guilty??? I guess with this government he might get found not guilty. This man should be locked away and the key should be lost or better destroyed so that he never gets out. What is happening to this country?? I remember when I was a little girl we were proud to be Americans. We had big fourth of July celebrations. Everyone had a flag outside their houses and now people act like it’s a sin to hang our flag. I love our flag and our country and am proud to be from here. There is no where on the planet like America!!!!!!!!! I pray God protects us. And that He will restore us to our former beauty and that she will ring with true freedom like in her youth. I pray that God will awaken the hearts of Americans and they will strive to be the best country on the earth again.

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