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opec2Money Jihad:

Do you want OPEC to keep calling the shots in the 21st Century?  Do you enjoy seeing American presidents literally holding hands with or bowing down to the Saudi king?

Regular readers know that this blog supports expanded domestic oil drilling to help North America decrease its dependence on Middle East oil.  Although Eyal Aronoff of the Fuel Freedom Foundation (@fuelfreedomnow on Twitter) offers a different course of action to deal with the problem of oil financing terrorism, this video as a must-watch:

Aronoff lays out compelling ideas for reduced oil dependence, and Money Jihad has as well.  Wouldn’t it be nice if national political leaders embraced just some of these ideas as part of a genuine “all of the above” approach to energy to reduce our reliance on Saudi sharia oil?

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This one is particularly good:

Turning Oil into Salt, a 28-minute high-production value documentary that explains why the Open Fuel Standard is so important. It includes clips of interviews and powerful comments by Robert McFarlane, James Woolsey, Frank Gaffney, Anne Korin, Gal Luft, Paul Werbos, Edwin Black, Mark Dubowitz, Megan Ortagas, Bill Holmberg, Donald, Yale, Steve Marshall, Chelsea Sexton, Greg Breukelman, Johanna Mendelson Forman, and Jack Hidary. They point towards a solution of stripping Oil off its strategic status by making cars that can run with all different kind of fuels. Brazil has proven its feasibility with its ethanol from sugarcane concept. Important note: Biofuels can be made from all kind of Biomass and are not responsible for the rise of food prices. A film by Frederick von Sulle and Helmut Strasser about Energy Security.

One thought on “Video: oil dependence

  1. Perhaps, I am misguided; and then again, perhaps I am correct. Hang in there and allow me to explain myself.
    Osama Bin Laden’s country was being attacked by the Russians and Bush offered to help. Following that, the Bush Family went into the Oil business with the Bin Laden Family PRIOR to 9/11.
    IF my memory serves me correctly, the USA was not having a huge problem with the Middle East until it became an “oil” issue and a great deal of $$ and investments were involved. IF YOU remember any details that I am incorrect, please let me know.

    We HAVE enough oil in the U.S. and Canada to many, many years to come at a much lower price so why the Middle East?
    You may not like this at all! However, also Google the Bin Laden Family+ Bush+Oil
    I have it if you want it and don’t have time to Google it.

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