Only Terrorist in Custody for Benghazi Attack is Freed for Lack of Evidence

l43-libia-ambasciatore-america-120912151455_mediumBy Daniel Greenfield at Front Page

But don’t worry, Barack Hussein Obama has got this, just like he had the defense of Benghazi. Any century now, we’re going to catch the “folks” who did this and give them a stern talking to. And if we don’t… the media will lie and pretend we did.

Ali Harzi, the only person who had been known to be in custody in connection with last September’s attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, has been released by authorities in his native Tunisia

Harzi is one of two men who were detained by authorities in Turkey last October when they reportedly tried to enter that country with fake passports. After about a week in Turkey, according to The Daily Beast, Harzi was sent to Tunisia. Last month, the AP says, he was questioned by FBI agents.

Tunisia happens to have an Islamist government now, courtesy of the Arab Spring so this latest development is not terribly shocking.

It’s also the latest botch in a string of errors and embarrassments for Obama Inc. which botched the investigation from the start.

A media outlet for Ansar al Sharia Tunisia has released pictures purportedly showing three FBI agents who interviewed Ali al Harzi, a suspect in the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

The FBI had failed to interrogate the actual leaders of the attack in Benghazi for security reasons, but it wasn’t the fault of the FBI that Obama had unfairly tasked them with a job that should have gone to the military.

Expecting the FBI to handle Benghazi is as ridiculous as sending them to arrest Osama bin Laden. But Obama refuses to understand the difference between war and criminal investigations. This obtuse liberal idiocy means that instead of sending the SEALS to deal with the perpetrators of Benghazi, we’re sending FBI agents to interview them.

And this is what it has gotten us so far.

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