ACT for America Houston

by Hermes

These are strange days indeed.

What we are witnessing in these days is the fading away of entire societies, the gradual disappearance of a way of life and a set of values which may well have been their own hangmen. Democracy somehow does not seem to work as it should, or as one thinks it should. Democracy is backfiring on the West itself.

Some weeks ago in the district of Molenbeek in Belgium, an Islamist political party called “Islam Party” succeeded in installing Redouane Ahrouch, the very founder of the Islam Party, and Lhoucine Ait Jeddig into the City Councils of Anderlecht and Molenbeek-St. Jean respectively, thanks to votes from those towns’ significant Muslim populations. Redouane Ahrouch himself stated that: “We are elected Islamists, but above all, we are really and truly Muslims,” and that “we will become an Islamic state.” This was said openly in…

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