Creeping Sharia

January has been designated Human Trafficking (aka Slavery) Awareness Month but you probably won’t be made aware of this part of history. via M.A. Khan’s Islam-Watch. (also see yesterday’s video)

Islamic Slavery

Islamic slavery has been the most horrible, yet the least known slavery in history. So, author M. A. Khan decided to publish the chapter “Islamic Slavery” from his book “Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism and Slavery“.


Slavery is a socio-economic institution, in which some human individuals, called slaves, become property of others, called masters or owners. Devoid of freedom and liberty, slaves are expected to provide loyal and diligent service for the comfort and economic well-being of their masters. Deprived of any human rights, slaves are the unconditional possession of their owners: mere chattels, having no right to leave, refuse work, or receive compensation for their labor. The position of…

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  1. Good report…this is a spirit movement of the worst kind….much like Franklin Affair….feeds greed and desire to dominate. So much for religion of peace. Keep up the good work. Pray you are well ❤

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