Creeping Sharia

via The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report

Islamic media has reported on a newly-emerging organization whose leaders are tied to the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood and which is designed to help elect Muslims to local governments in the Chicago area. According to an OnIslam report:

07 January 2013  CAIRO – Reclaiming their political rights, an increasing number of American Muslims is running for local elections, creating a new generation of future leaders within the Chicago area Muslim community. ‘I think (Muslims) are awakening because we made this our home, so we need to get involved,’ Nazneen Hashmi, who is running for one of three Hanover Township trustee seats, told the Daily Herald. Engaging in the political live as early as in the 1980s, Hashmi, a single mother with two children in college, decided it was time to give back to her community of Streamwood. An information technology professional, Hashmi was appointed…

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