Rebels at the Gates: Egypt rebounds again


Remember Remember the 4th of December when the president of Egypt flees for his life from the Palace backdoors guarded by his motorcade and armed guards. We have witnessed the first incumbent and elected president in modern day Egyptian history flees the scene and his palace after just 6 months of his election. Egyptians once more rise again and prove to the whole world that they will not stand idle in face of creating new modern day fascism in Egypt.

Protest outside Egypt Presidential Palace

Protest outside Egypt Presidential Palace

Remember Remember the 5th of December when the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists hordes attacked the peaceful encampment around the palace and bashed women and men indiscriminately with machetes, sticks and firearms. The massacre that shocked the nation turned the peaceful Cairo’s neighbourhood of Heliopolis into a battle zone for the first time in its 100 year’s history.

Remember Remember the 7th of December when the freedom fighters of Egypt rallied again in most Egyptian cities to protest against Morsi’s dictatorial regime and his Islamists militias and made sure their voices are heard against the voices of fascism and tyranny.

Remember Remember the 25th of December when the news of the approval of a new illegitimate constitution is approved and a day that witnessed Egypt entering the year 2013 with a constitution befitting a small European medieval kingdom.

Morsi’s assault against the Egyptian state:

Morsi’s regime has caused a path of destruction in Egypt which descended into unprecedented state of chaos that was hardly been witnessed in its modern history and here is in short a summary of his misdeeds:

1-Since he was sworn in, Morsi has applied a gloves-are-off tactic against anyone or any entity that he or his obscure Muslim Brotherhood group deem threatening to their plans for full control of the Egyptian state. Morsi started by the army commanders and devised the most theatrical of maneuvers to oust SCAF from the scene and capitalized on the murder of 16 innocent Egyptian soldiers and blamed it entirely on the army commanders despite evidence leads that among the assailants are those who he already pardoned by presidential decree just days before the attack from prison sentences and his allies Hamas in Gaza knows their whereabouts and their identities.

Morsi capitalized on the devastating incident and ousted both Field Marshall Tantawi and Deputy Anan in a constitutional declaration that overrides the one SCAF have issued prior to the announcement of the Presidential elections results. He overturned the same declaration he was sworn in upon and ironically this move was applauded naively by the many figures of the opposition. The same opposition that gullibly believed that Morsi is attempting to oust any form of military intervention in the political spectrum and they supported that move while what was Morsi really attempting was consolidating his power as it will be explained further.

2-The second assault was on the judiciary system in the form of a new edict (Constitutional declaration) through which Morsi unconstitutionally appointing a new General Attorney Mostafa Talaat and ousted illegitimately the former one Adbel Mageed Mahmoud in a feat that was never done in the history of Egyptian Judiciary system yet he still possess the audacity to claim that he is keen on the separation of powers on one hand and on the other hand destroying the fabric of the Egyptian Judiciary system and the prestigious Egyptian Constitutional Court. Morsi himself accused members of the Constitutional court of plotting against him despite the fact that without their approval of presidential elections’ results he won’t be in the position he is now.

3-The third assault was on the Media starting by shutting down several networks Like Dream TV and El Faraeen owned by anchor Tawfik Okasha.At the same down Curbing down the freedom of expression became the popular sport for the Presidential office that started to sue newspapers for criticizing the president. It is becoming a popular sport of the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies figure to wage verbal wars on all the opposition and label them as heretics, atheists and infidels for criticizing the Islamists. At the same time witch hunting almost every liberal media anchor on the scene by lawsuits and verbal defamation and occasionally physical violence.

4-  Breaking his election campaign promise. Morsi insisted on keeping the controversial Islamist dominated constitution writing committee and despite the resignations from all opposition figures and the Christian churches, he insisted on going forward through the referendum to avoid an expected constitutional court ruling against this illegitimate committee. For the first time in history a committee that were given 2 months to discuss the constitution decided to wrap it all up in 48 hours and present it to the president to order a new referendum within two weeks.

Egypt protest

5-For the first time in Egyptian Modern history the approved new constitution imposes a new reality and identity on the Egyptian state and threatens to turn the Egyptian national state into an Islamic state foregoing all the basic principles of nationhood and Egyptian national pride that ruled Egypt for thousands of years. By enacting this new constitution Morsi list of unfulfilled election campaign promises’ receives a new addition, whereby he promised to reshuffle and reselect a new balance constitution writing commission which he ignored to do and in fact it was his Islamists alliance who wrote the entire constitution. This constitution is the most divisive, anti-human rights and sectarian constitution ever written in Egypt’s modern history and it definitely fails to protect personal freedoms and the rights of Christians and other minorities.

6-Meanwhile, the Sinai Peninsula is in total chaos since Morsi took power. Islamist militants are dominating villages and towns in the North of Sinai and the army efforts in that area are curbed by the tight relation between Hamas and the President’s own Muslim Brotherhood being their franchise in Gaza. Weapons and other goods are still smuggled daily from and to Gaza with Hamas controlling these tunnels across the border. Aside from the rampage caused by the Militants which resulted in the Killing of 16 Egyptian soldier in one terrorist attack in August, the same militant groups are terrorizing the Christians in North of Sinai and many families had to evacuate their homes in fear for their lives. On Morsi’s watch Egypt is losing grip on its own territories as a result of political maneuvers by the current regime. Shouldn’t the nation take further steps in protecting its own territory, Egypt will lose grip eventually on Sinai and it will turn into an uncontrollable territory like Waziristan in Pakistan.

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  1. If not for the safety of Israel, I would say hot damn yippi ki yay let em have at each other, the more of a murdering spree they go on against each other, the less occupied they will be with the rest of us…But their goal is Israel and Hamas will turn it’s swords against Abbas and take the West Bank in order to surround Israel, it’s their goal, the moment Syria falls, so will Jordan and Lebanon, then lets see what the world says about Hamas slaughtering Palestinians, Silence will be the day I’m sure of it…Egypt is more about the Muslim Brotherhood than it is about Morsi, he’s just another Obama, the means to the way…

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