The “Victimology” Subterfuge

Islamophobia is bogusby Christine Williams

To question or discuss Islam, or any religion, is not racism, it is not hate, it is not necessarily meant to “victimize” anyone. One is often left with the impression that if anyone ever felt that Mohammed, or Islam, even might have been insulted, no freedom-loving person can expect to be left in peace ever again. Canada and the West need to declare and defend a pluralistic, democratic approach to rights and freedoms without any shame, and without fear of offending anyone who might try to intimidate their citizens.

Islamists, who have, like many others, found ways of influencing Western democracies, have refined one process in particular, called al Taqiyya [dissimulation], sanctioned to promote Islam to “unbelievers” or “infidels,” if and when considered necessary. The word “Islamophobia,” for instance, has been disguised and misused so frequently that when Westerners merely question Islam, or its role in terrorism, they risk being branded as “Islamophobes” or “racists.” The term “victimology,” in which Islamists perpetually portray Muslims as victims of racism or of “colonialists” or “imperialists,” has also generated impressive results in vanquishing the infidel, and providing Islam an immunity from criticism and satirical depictions. As a result, whenever the subject about Islam is raised, open dialogue, media and public discourse are restricted or shut down out of fear of being branded “Islamophobic” or “racist,” even where no such sentiments may have been present. No other religion even attempts to obtain such blanket immunity.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird drew a line in the sand last spring in a keynote address to the American Jewish Committee Global Forum. He not only declared Canada’s resolute friendship to Israel, but also Canada’s commitment to a foreign policy that protects Canadian interests and promotes Canadian values of human rights, democracy, and freedom. He further avowed that “Canada will not go along to get along.” Yet, despite the Canadian government’s commitment to such values, it is confronted by the practice of al Taqiyya from Islamists, who appear to be using this method to hijack multiculturalism and suppress a key pillar of these freedoms: freedom of speech.

Take, for example, a study guide for would-be Canadian citizens, which stated that certain “barbaric” cultural practices, such as honor killings, would not be tolerated in Canada. In response to this, Liberal MP Justin Trudeau — son of the former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, and expected to become the next Liberal party leader — castigated the government by stating that it should not call honor killings “barbaric;” that such language is unacceptable.

However, a man who slaughters his wife in front of their six children before throwing her dismembered head off an apartment rooftop is doing something “barbaric.” The murder of four women, driven into the Rideau Canal near Kingston, Ontario for the sake of so-called honor, and the murder of a  17 year old girl for not wearing a hijab, thereby bringing so-called dishonor to her family, are also acts that are barbaric, just as, in India, before the Raj, the practice of suttee — throwing a widow, live, onto the funeral pyre of her husband for the sake of her “honor” — was barbaric.

Many politicians, however, seem to be competing for votes here and abroad at the expense of the safety and well-being of their citizenry. The words of Islamists frequently seem to be skewed responses to events — pointing to an agenda to promote Shariah Law [Islamic religious law] globally, both through the subjugation of the West and through the delegitimization of Israel, with the ultimate goal of obliterating it.

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