Obama Helping Jihadists

imagesCA4TIU7RTheodore Shoebat explains why he thinks Jordan will follow Syria by falling into the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood all with the help and support of Barack Obama.

2 thoughts on “Obama Helping Jihadists

  1. When will this man stop destroying everything he touches???? He is the opposite of the midas touch. Everything he touches turns to crap. That’s why he needs to be out as the president. He is NOT qualified to be in the White House. Instead of being sworn in to another term he should have been arrested for treason!!!!! He is helping the enemy at every turn, he supplies them with guns all the while fighting to take guns from the citizens of the USA. TREASON!!!!!!!!!!!!! What else can be said???? Does anyone agree with me????

  2. Many people agree, Cindy. The question is how do we get him out? He is I believe right now working to instigate a civil war in America. Prayer is our only weapon, really. Instead of focusing on this spirit of anti-Christ, we should focus on prayer to our Father.

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