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Stripped bare, dragged through street and battered with a truncheon: Terrifying video shows moment protester is beaten by riot police as Cairo violence deepens

  • Middle-aged Hamada Saber was stripped and beaten by officers
  • Unrest follows eight days of violence
  • Activist leader claims ‘Mursi stripped bare’

By Lucy Crossley

PUBLISHED: 14:37, 2 February 2013 | 


A shocking video showing the moment a naked Egyptian protestor was dragged across the ground and beaten by riot police has sparked outrage.

Middle-aged Hamada Saber was stripped bare and coated in soot before he was pulled across the floor by a team of around six helmeted officers and attacked with truncheons.

The brutal attack, which took place as police dragged Mr Hamada towards an armoured van close to the Presidential palace in Cairo was shown on television, to the horror of angry viewers.


Brutal: Egyptain police can be seen to attack Hamada Saber, illuminated by the green light of a protester's laser, after stripping him and dragging him into a police vanBrutal: Egyptain police can be seen…

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