Rape Squads and Saudi Dollars

article-2270216-1732CA54000005DC-892_634x434By James Lewis:

Forget Springtime for Hitler. In the Era of Obama we have official Arab  Springtime for Morsi, complete with Muslim Brotherhood rape squads going out for the very moral purpose of teaching  Egyptian girls and women never to escape their sacred house arrest without a  male escort. This is Shari’a law as enforced in Saudi Arabia as well as in the  city of London.

StrategyPage,  an excellent military website, gives us this information about who is paying for the worldwide jihad. On the Sunni side of the  street it turns out to be our friends the Saudis:

“Where exactly did the current crop of Islamic  terrorists come from? Basically, they came from Saudi Arabia… Saudi Arabia was  also exporting billions of dollars, and thousands of Wahhabi preachers…  Because of international media networks,  Islamic terrorism was no longer a bunch of separate  problems…”

And  there we are today. The Saudis are using their billions to export 7th century  Arabian barbarism to the rest of the world, and the Iranian mullahs across the  Gulf are exporting their version to Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Gaza, and Syria.  But basically it’s two flavors of the same criminal ideology, which sanctifies  rape and killing for the sake of Allah.

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4 thoughts on “Rape Squads and Saudi Dollars

  1. Saudis indeed. This really isn’t an Arab Spring, but a Wahhabi Spring. With its petrodollars Saudi Arabia has created a Frankenstein’s monster that the creator cannot control, and will ultimately boomerang against the House of Saud.

    • My cousin Ken used to say that Arab politics is “the politics of the wind” and which ever way is winning is the side they are on. My observation is that the wind often blows in more than one direction at the same time.

      • The “politics of the wind” also sounds like the politics of the Clintons. Maybe that’s why they’ve received such big donations from rich Arabs.

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