CAIR: War on Terror Is Made Up

CAIR_KYR_Pocket_Guides-646x511By Ryan Mauro:

On February 11, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) sent out a newsletter with the subject line, “Creating America’s War on Terror.” The message is that the U.S. government is victimizing Muslim Americans under the guise of a made-up war on terrorism. The Islamist terror threat is the creation of a money-seeking FBI. In making its case, CAIR linked to a radio segment on an interfaith-themed radio show.

Since the war on terror began, CAIR and other groups with Muslim Brotherhood origins have depicted it as a war on Islam. Its newsletter linked to a February 7 segment on Interfaith Voices, a radio show carried on over 60 stations across the country. The summary of the show is as follows:

The FBI gets billions of dollars every year to fight terrorism–and they can’t come back empty-handed. That’s the conclusion of investigative journalist Trevor Aaronson, who documents how the FBI is hiring thousands of informants to infiltrate American Muslim communities and strike up conversations with anyone they believe might harbor a terrorist thought. If all goes according to plan, these would-be radicals agree to carry out a violent plot – a plot they wouldn’t be able to pull off without government help.

A look at the show’s archives shows why CAIR would be a fan. John Esposito, one of its foremost defenders, was the guest booked to discuss the alleged overuse of the term “Islamist.” On March 16, 2012, the show was about “Christian Zionism” and the “unholy alliance between Christians and Jews.” The guest was Max Blumenthal, an author that rails against the “Islamophobe” critics of the Brotherhood legacy groups. The show was replayed on December 21.

The newsletter also links to an article alleging that a Muslim charged with planning to attack a bank in Oakland as an act of jihad suffers from mental problems. It reports that he has a history of substance abuse and paranoia and was bipolar. He also has said that he suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder because of experiences with drug cartels.

The executive-director of CAIR’s San Francisco Bay Area chapter, Zahra Billoo, a supporter of Hamas and the elimination of Israel, suggested that the FBI committed entrapment. She is quoted in the article as saying, “Did the FBI take a [mentally ill] aspirational terrorist, make him an operational terrorist and then thwart their own plot?”

The goal, just like with CAIR’s fight against the word “Islamist” and its “MyJihad” campaign, is to shift blame away from ideology. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, bipolar affects about 5.7 million American adults each year and 7.7 million suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Waging armed jihad isn’t exactly a common symptom. This happened because of ideology, even if mental instability made him more susceptible to it.

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