Will the Real Anna Baltzer Please Rise?

Anna J. Piller, aka Anna Baltzer

Anna J. Piller, aka Anna Baltzer

By Lee Kaplan:

The individual known as Anna Baltzer, whose name remains questionable in terms of legal legitimacy, leads the US Campaign Against the Israeli Occupation and the Boycott and Divestment Movement (BDS) against Israel. Under that name, she has developed a sinecure traveling to churches and colleges worldwide regaling false tales of atrocities by Israel’s Jews against innocent Palestinians with slick presentations, somehow even grabbing a television appearance at Oxford University.

What’s in a Name?

Using the identity of Anna Baltzer, she claims to have appeared at over 500 venues spreading her revisionist history. Billing herself as the “grandchild of Polish-born Holocaust survivors” and a “Fulbright Scholar” to lend her legitimacy in college venues, Baltzer would appear to be the perfect foil to the Jewish state. But what appears to be emerging now is that the woman known as Anna Baltzer is not who she claims to bet While in the’ West Bank’, she routinely rubs elbows with known terrorists while citing her very questionable background.

Based on my investigation, it would appear that she is enough of an embarrassment to some of her family that she allegedly fabricated the name Anna Baltzer – or otherwise associated herself with that name without undergoing any obvious legal means allowing her to do so, to conceal her true identity. Research found that she has at least three aliases, including the identity as Anna Baltzer under which she personally collects money while rewriting history and spreading disinformation about the Jews

Fulbright Exaggerations & Damage Control

As a journalist I first ran afoul of reporting about Anna Baltzer, when I wrote a series of articles for the Gatestone Institute about her. In those articles I reported that there was no Anna Baltzer on record as being a Fulbright Scholar; that no one with the name Baltzer was on record as a Holocaust survivor from the death camps of Poland, and that no record existed of an Anna Baltzer ever going on a Birthright Tour to Israel. The Birthright Tour is of critical importance to her saga as it is during this event that Baltzer claimed she had been falsely indoctrinated into a pro-Israel position and that it inspired her to research the truth about the Palestinian plight.

When my first investigative article was published, a self-described Jewish anarchist named Daniel Sieradski  began tweeting about her at Oxford.. Sieradski, having the same objectives to eliminate Israel, writes all manner of cynical “Jewish” materials, and continually defends anti-Semites and blames Jews for anti-Semitism.

He then contacted Gatestone with false accusations of sloppy journalism, contending the inaccuracy of my information about Baltzer despite the authenticated data contained in my report. For his evidence, Sieradski merely sent a computer screenshot from the Fulbright website that listed Baltzer’s real name, Anna J. Piller, suggesting that my initial information was incorrect.

Inspection of his “evidence” determined that the page he proclaimed as evidence that Baltzer, known as Anna Piller, was indeed a Fulbright Scholar was quickly dismissed. The “evidence” Sieradski offered was nothing more than a page devoted to students hired as teaching assistants by Fulbright, and not a list of actual Fulbright scholars. That page merely proved that Baltzer, under the surname Piller, was hired as a teaching assistant to teach English at an English language program in Turkey – an Islamic country. A separate list of legitimate Fulbright scholars dating back to 1990 showed no entries or listings under her legal name or alias. At best, she exaggerated her academic qualifications to gain entry to the university speaking circuit. Yet, Sieradski suggested that as a Jew, he felt I owed Anna Baltzer an apology.

Fellow activists from the ISM and Sieradski, who also encourages boycotting of Israel like Anna Baltzer does, flew into action and changed biographical data on the  Wikipedia site to reflect now that her real name was Piller, explaining that this surname was the reason that Baltzer did not appear on the Fulbright Scholarshipwebsite. Such revisions were done after and in likely response to the findings from my initial investigative report.

Roseanne Barr bakes and more names for Baltzer appear

It is important to note that Sieradski is a Jew who is part of the in-house staff and writes for the anarchist magazine, Heeb. The word Heeb is considered a racial slur for Jews. The cover of that magazine once featured the notoriously anti-Israel Roseanne Barr, sporting a Hitler moustache and placing cookies shaped as Jewish people into an oven.

Gatestone removed my articles. Undeterred, I moved my investigative report to to a more heavily trafficked site. I decided to increase the scope of my investigation of the individual using the name Anna Baltzer. There was indeed more to be found.

Most important was her claim of being the grandchild of “Polish-born holocaust survivors”. Today, she is against the existence of Israel as the Jewish national homeland and not only a vindicator of the Palestinian goal to replace the Jewish state with an Arab one, but even of the violence that is practiced by Palestinian terrorists against Jews and other Israelis.

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5 thoughts on “Will the Real Anna Baltzer Please Rise?

  1. It is widely known that I support Israel as a Jewish state, support the two state solution, dislike the ISM, am reviled by the BDS movement, and, like Peter Beinart and many Israelis, support the targeted boycott of Israeli settlements specifically because I believe they endanger Israel. While I am in disagreement with the BDS movement and one staters, I support their right to be heard and to not be excluded from the Jewish community nor demonized as antisemites. Also, Heeb is a satire magazine and the work you cite was satirical. You are simply upset because I made you look stupid and now you are trying to get back at me by dragging my name through the mud. Good luck with that, I guess.

  2. Sierdaski, you are a kapo in Jews’ clothing. I saw your Twitters with Anna Baltzer while she was at Oxford lying to an audience that Israeli is an apartheid state like 80’s South Africa, and your desperate attempt to conceal the info I revealed about this anti-Semitic self-serving woman. She is not a Fulbright Scholar, using her teaching assistantship she had breifly through Fulbright to claim she is a Fulbright PhD scholar. In any case, my article said there was no record of an Anna Baltzer found at multiple reference sites by her which was true and the fact she uses aliases doesn’t change that fact. The page you found with her real name PIller for the teaching assistantship was not the Fulbright Scholarship recipients list and she’s not there under any of her alaises either. Fulbright staff and their website verified she’s not a real Fulbright scholar. . You obviously felt the need to try and verify this Tokyo Rose of the Jews who lies for a living and has made clear her goal to destroy Israel for groups like Hamas and the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigage..

    As for your claims you are pro-Israel, you’re full of crap. You advocate starving Jews and it doesn’t matter if they live in Judea and Samaria or inside the green line. You are a momzer. Supporting the right to be heard is fine, but Ms. Baltzer fabricates phony atrocities and lies, thens tell them in churches and at colleges to de-legitimize Israel and encourage BDS you claim you oppose, then admit you support. You found a small detail about her background about which I was not wrong in the intial articles, then tried to claim this invalidated all her lies I proved she tells in the rest of the article. She has lied about an Arab woman losing tow babies at a checkpoint, changing the identity of the woman more than once, lied about bypass roads, lied about the IDF killing Arab children for sport and you went out of your way to cover for her. You apparently want to help Israel’s enemies.

    You’re a fat, overgrown teenager, a narcissistic brat and gnome who aids those who want to starve Jews out of their homes, who doesn’t really want peace and as an associate of Beinart, one has to wornder what God-only- knows is behind the two of you, whether it is funding from George Soros or direct Arab funding. Maybe it’s just because you are so self-serving that you draw on a Jewish ancestral background to try and harm the Jewish people. Free speech is not the freedom to lie. Your magazine HEEB is disgusting, only an egomanic would consider it satirical and not offensive to Jews. Ha! Ha! Roseanne Barr as Hitler throwing Jewish cookies into an oven. Only a creep would consider that funny. . Your assistance to the Occupy Movement that at least in California has endorsed the ISM and Palsolidarity as representing them is also disgusting. You didn’t make me look “stupid,” you actually caused me to follow up with more research where I determined Anna Baltzer has at least three aliases, the truth about her grandmother who the family hid Baltzer’s activities from until her death and (even though grandma was not in a concentration camp or captured by the Nazis, she was a strong supporter of Israel). Anna Baltzer is no peace activsit or human rights worker. While you claim you support the Jewish state, Anna Baltzer has openly said she doesn’t want it to exist. So don’t tell me how you made me look “stupid” you fat, self-obsessed phony “Anarchist Oorthodox Jew.” You are well-known in Jewish journalistic circles as really being anti-Israel. And don’t claim you are disliked by the ISM. Anna Baltzer is ISM and you went out of your way to try and make her look truthful while she was Oxford, so you’re full of crap as much as candy and potatoes.

    As mentioned, your hoax, contrary to making me look “stupid” only developed more investigations into Anna Baltzer who uses multiple aliases and even other information showing her activities in support of terrorist groups like the Al Aksa Martyrs Brigage, all information I wouldn’t have taken the time to find out. You put my articles about her out to the public far more than they originally would have received, five when there would have been only two, plus one nationwide tv interview discussing her lies. Yup, you sure made me look “stupid,” you fat, unkempt, hairy horse’s ass. You also asssured the public-at- large who will now know what a fraud she is when she travels around.

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