Frank Gaffney: Is North Korea Planning to Launch EMP Attack?


Frank Gaffney appeared on the Kudlow Report on CNBC to discuss North Korea. Amid heightened tensions on the Korean peninsula, the North Korean government told foreign governments to leave South Korean territory for their safety. Today, Kim Jong Un’s government may launch missiles in a provocative test.

Gaffney points out that Obama’s actions and rhetoric toward American nuclear disarmament is dangerous, and has contributed to North Korea’s aggressiveness. In addition, what’s the possibility of North Korea’s use of Electromagnetic Pulse attack?

5 thoughts on “Frank Gaffney: Is North Korea Planning to Launch EMP Attack?

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  2. Obama needs someone with intelligence to tell him what to do. Is there anyone he listens too besides himself and the UN ?? What happened to listening to our government our head’s of war.
    Maybe call in Bush for advice. We need to make a decision and do it. Protect our homeland. HELLO !!

  3. Cindy that would certainly take common sense and wisdom. Do that have those two in Washington? It sort of seems like the right hand may not know what the left hand is doing. Do you think they care about protecting the people? Oh boy!

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