Is Saudi Funding Behind the Boston Marathon Bombing?

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The following links demonstrate that the Saudi government funds a global network of Islamic extremism, and exports the radical ideology (Wahhabism) that formed Al Qaeda.  This global network provides an endless supply of recruits for Al Qaeda in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Africa, and the Taliban in the Af-Pak region.  The Taliban’s fight against the US attracts recruits from all over the world, including Chechnya, the ethnic origin of the Boston Marathon bombers.  This link indicates that Saudi money has been financing Islamic extremism in Chechnya, and this post provides evidence of the brothers involvement in Islamic extremism.  For example, one of the brothers (Tamerlane) was named after a 13th century jihadist who is compared to Osama bin Laden.  The comparison to bin Laden is based on the use of violence to spread Islam.

The first CSPAN clip below is terrorism expert Alex Alexiev.  He lays out compelling evidence of the Saudi government’s financing of global terrorism.  Alex is a former director of the National Security Division at the Rand Corporation, and a consultant to the CIA and Defense Department.  He was also a leading expert on Sovietology during the Cold War and is currently a senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy.  Mr. Alexiev said the CIA, in 1996, cited dozens of Saudi charities that were funding terrorism, and “without huge amounts of Saudi money in the past three decades, our problem of terrorism wouldn’t be anywhere as acute as it is.  It [Saudi Arabia] is the lifeline of terrorism.”   Clip1

The next CSPAN clips are from a House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on the Af-Pak region.  Obama’s special envoy to the region, Richard Holbrooke, was testifying before the committee.  When committee members provided evidence of Saudi’s funding the Taliban, Holbrooke said “we do not have a program to close that down”.  Clip2Clip3Clip4   This hearing was six years after Senator Jon Kyl, during a Judiciary Committee hearing, cited Saudi Arabia as the “monetary lifeblood of today’s international terrorists.”  But President Obama didn’t have a program to shut down Saudi financing.  Oops!  In this next clip, Holbrooke admits that US and Pakistani intelligence agencies helped set up terrorist organizations.  Clip5

This link is an article written by Curtin Windsor, former U.S. Ambassador and Special Emissary to the Middle East during the Reagan administration.  It’s well sourced with many footnotes and is  titled “Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism and the Spread of Sunni Theofascism”.  Check out the section on page 8 titled “Causes of American Inaction”.   In the section on American inaction, Windsor says Prince Bandar bin Sultan helped mask the threat of Saudi sponsored terrorism.  In the PBS documentary “Black Money“, Prince Bandar plays a central role in global corruption relating to the arms trade.

After the 911 attack, some families who lost loved ones refused payments from the US government and sued the Saudi government.  The Texas law firm Baker Botts, a partner of which is James Baker, former Secretary of State under Bush 41, represented the Saudi government against 911 families.   John O’Neill was director of counter terrorism at the FBI prior to the 911 attack.  He repeatedly warned of an Al Qaeda attack on U.S. soil, but frustrated by US officials who ignored his warnings, he went to work as head of security at the World Trade Center and was killed on 911.  To hear his story, watch the PBS documentary, “The Man Who Knew“.

In spite of compelling evidence implicating the Saudi government in global terrorism, the Bush and Obama administrations insist that Saudi Arabia is a US ally in the War on Terror.  Hmmm?  American citizens must question the US/Saudi alliance and demand accountability for the resulting loss of American lives, treasure and freedom.   For more info, check out the sections “Closing the Loop on Terrorism” and “American and Chinese Communism, a Partnership” in Knowledge is Power.

The Saudis have been using their huge reserves from oil exports to increase the influence of radical Islamic doctrine in the US government, universities, media coverage and even grade school curriculums. They fund radical Islamic mosques in the US and groups that attempt to install Shariah law in the US. Watch this webinar to learn more:

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