Libya: “The Best of Bad Plans” ?

By Andrew Bostom:

In reality, the entire US-led NATO Libyan fiasco was the worst of see no Islam, see no jihad, see no Sharia bad plans as discussed at length in a presentationhere. (See also John Rosenthal’s superb monograph on the subject, and Diana West’s recent interview of Rosenthal)

Kudos to Texas Rep. Farenthold who pierced the Ambassador Rice talking points epiphenomenon during today’s Benghazi hearings, and grabbed hold, if ever so briefly and superficially, of one of the myriad examples of how our catastrophic policy in Libya empowered North African jihadism.

This loony, self-destructive policy was epitomized in the choice of the “February 17th Martyrs Brigade”—named after the jihadist rioters killed by then US-supported Libyan (anti-jihadist) strongman Qaddafi while they were sacking the Italian embassy in Benghazi, because Italian minister (of Constitutional reforms) Roberto Calderoli wore the satirical Muhammad cartoon image (from Le Soir’s front page, published February 1, 2006, just below, which simply said,“Don’t rale [rage] Muhammad…We’ve all been caricatures here”), on a tee shirt (also below) he exposed on Italian state television.




At 3 minutes of this clip, Rep. Farenthold asks about the “February 17th militia,” i.e., the February 17th Martyr’s Brigade

At the 4:10 mark Rep Farenthold queries,  “I am going to ask you both this question…I am stunned that the state dept. was relying on a militia with extremist ties to protect American Diplomats….that doesn’t make any sense. How does that happen?” Eric Nordstrom replies,  “You mean like in Afghanistan where Afghanis that are working with our Military that are embedded & turn on them and shoot them…or uh Yemen where our Embassy was attacked in 2008 by attackers wearing police uniforms.”

Listen till the end (of this 5-minute segment), when a perplexed and dismayed Rep. Farenthold rather generously characterizes the choice of  the “February 17th Martyrs Brigade” as the security force for the US compound in Benghazi, as “The Best of Bad Plans”….



Nordstrom state’s that they “found it difficult to extract themselves” from the Libyan govenment’s offering of the jihadist February 17th Martyrs Brigade for protection. Why? Because they mistakenly believed that Jihad is caused by our actions and not mandated by Islam itself against all infidels until they “feel themselves” subdued and submit.


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  1. Muslim extremists are like a stick of dynamite, sweating in the sun, just waiting for a tree branch to fall on it, or for some hapless animal to accidentally kick it while walking on a peaceful forest path.

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