Benghazi terrorists masquerade as charity

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Ansar al-Sharia, the terror group widely believed to have played a leading role in the attack against the U.S. mission in Benghazi on Sept. 11 last year, now claims that it is carrying out humanitarian and charity work in Libya.

The militants were forced out of Benghazi following the murder of the U.S. ambassador, but they returned in February.  The Globe and Mailreported at the time that “Observers say Ansar al-Sharia is regaining ground in Benghazi by portraying itself as a humanitarian and security organization, protecting the city from external threats and hazardous goods,” in addition to providing “security” at Benghazi’s central hospital.

The Jamahiriya News Agency subsequently reported that Ansar al-Sharia was offering social services for free, suggesting a “hidden agenda” designed “to proactively win people’s trust,” according to a Benghazi resident.

More recently, the Washington Free Beaconreports that, “The group has downplayed its military activities…

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3 thoughts on “Benghazi terrorists masquerade as charity

  1. Thanks for the coverage! Unfortunately, the U.S. media doesn’t seem interested in this. The news was broken by Canadian then African news outlets.

    • Well, the more people publish it, the more chance it has of being seen. The attention stories get is affected by timing with what else is floating around in the news cycle. I’ve noticed that sometimes I will get hits on old stories again when somebody is researching for a new article.

      Don’t get discouraged. Just keep putting the information out there. Your title is good and I like the way you keep your posts brief yet pack them with embedded links.

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