Admin Keeps Calling for Muslim Brotherhood Inclusion as Islamists Incite, Inflate Protest Tolls

By Bridget Johnson:

The U.S. government condemned fresh violence in Egypt and criticized the detention of key Muslim Brotherhood figures even as opponents of Mohamed Morsi say his advocates are both instigating violence and inflating casualty claims.

The National Salvation Front, which was Morsi’s main opposition, said the Brotherhood “has gathered its supporters in Rabaa Al-Adawiya [sit-in in Cairo’s Nasr City] for a month now and claims that confronting the armed forces and the police, attacking private and governmental institutions, and endangering the lives of the Egyptian citizens is jihad for God, and they will receive martyrdom if they [die] in these attacks,” according to Al-Ahram.

The coalition also said the Muslim Brotherhood’s strategy is to “increase the conflicts, and cause more innocent Egyptian casualties” with an “inciting hostility approach” to exaggerate the numbers of deaths and injuries during the clashes. This has been backed up for many days by leading Egyptian tweeters who have pointed out that the facts on the ground are not as the Muslim Brotherhood was claiming through its social networking operation.

“Based on reports of the committee, all those responsible must be held accountable, including the minister of interior, if it is proven that the security forces were involved in excessive use of force against protesters,” the NSF statement said, concluding that the “leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood were not content that millions of Egyptians [on Friday] took to the streets nationwide to confirm their adherence to the roadmap, announced on 3 July,” and thus the Muslim Brotherhood will try to “exploit the current strife to fuel more conflict and refuse national reconciliation.”

Egypt’s health ministry said 80 were killed in clashes and 722 injured. The Muslim Brotherhood’s official website said at least 200 people were killed and about 5,000 were wounded.

The Muslim Brotherhood, for instance, claimed that pro-Morsi demonstrators near Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque in east Cairo were targeted by gunfire from military helicopters and said police on the ground were using live rounds and “intentionally targeting heads and chests.” According to Al-Ahram, Interior ministry spokesman Hani Abdel-Latif said that pro-Morsi protesters had started to block traffic on a bridge, then “clashed with residents of the nearby [working class] Mansheyet Nasr district using live fire and birdshot, and this killed 21 people. The police moved to stop the clashes between the two groups and opened the road again,” but used only tear gas.

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From Walid Phares on his facebook:


Former Ikhwan leader exposes their military tactics: “Division 95 in charge of provoking violent insurgency” 

A former leader from the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, Tharwat al Khirbawi, who defected from their organization, told al Qahira al Yom TV today that “the Muslim Brotherhood are using their ‘security division 95’ (al Firqa Khamsa teseen) to provoke an all out violent insurgency using tactics we know all too well, and I personally taught years ago.” Khirbawi, who was interviewed for an hour exposed the Brotherhood ‘urban Jihadi doctrine’ and its application against the Egyptian Army and Police. “The Ikhwan plan their demonstrations in a paramilitary manner in a war room with maps and experienced veterans involving Jihadists,” said the former MB official. “They launch their militants in ‘Murabbaat’ or squares of demonstrators, some of whom are armed and tasked with triggering violence at the right time. These squares are designated to include exclusive Brotherhood militants while other circles are open to allies and partisans. In short, the exclusive squares open fire on the security forces and the hide behind the other partisans. The expectation is to force the Army and Police to shoot back and kill demonstrators.” Khirbawi adds that “as soon casualties fall on the ground, the scenes are filmed and photographed by specialized propaganda units, which sends automatically to a network of friends and operatives within the Islamist media and international media.” Kherbawi exposed the tactics at length warning that “the propaganda machine of the Ikhwan is very much extended worldwide. There is an operational link between provoking violence and a propaganda machine very efficient worldwide. There is a making of victimization at the hand of an organization bent on violence, using unparalleled influence in the West, in media and think tanks.”

Kharbawi added that “all current leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, such as Mohammed Badi, Khairat al Shater and Mohamemd Morsi are extremists, known as Takfiris, who are inspired by Sayed Qutb” (the ideologue who also inspired al Qaeda). The former Ikhwan leader said “the Brotherhood constantly maintain a secret paramilitary force which is used partially or fully when needed.” He affirmed that their goal “is to do everything they can, including extreme violence to establish a Caliphate.”

The interview was aired between 12 PM and 12:50 PM EST and 7 PM Cairo Time.



Leading anchor woman in Egypt: “Massive propaganda campaign links Ikhwan to supporters in Western media”

Leading Egyptian anchor Hala Serhan revealed that according to her sources “a massive propaganda campaign is underway after meetings took place in Turkey and attended by AKP representatives as well as Islamist officials from Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Libya and other countries.” The “Hala Show” on Dream 2 is one of the leading investigative programs in Egypt and the Arab World. Serhan said “it was decided that a network of friendly journalists in the West in coordination with the Muslim Brotherhood will blast the interim Government of Egypt and use sensitive words in their editorials, coverage and media reporting.” Serhan “said over the past 36 hours or so we can see a wave of coordinated attacks from inside Egypt, on al Jazeera and from US and European outlets fed by Islamist propagandists. Words such as Holocaust, ethnic cleansing, McCarthyism, putshists, majority anti-coup are inserted in the narrative in an effort to protect the Muslim Brotherhood under an umbrella of Western concerns.” Serhan argued that “from aggressors, the propaganda machine wants to transform the Ikhwan into victims.” The popular anchor said there is an ongoing Egyptian media investigation of the Brotherhood’s regional and international influence in media, “which will reveal stunning facts.” An observer in New York said “ironic that the most anti-semitic of all Islamists, the Brotherhood, are now trying to protect themselves with words such as ‘Holocaust,’ while they are the greatest deniers on the planet.”

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