Could Iranian Missiles Threaten Florida by 2015?

President Kennedy Briefing Board of Soviet MRBM Ranges October 1962 (3)By Jerry Gordon:

As P5+1 negotiations renewed  in Geneva, November 20, 2013, seeking  a possible interim agreement to temporarily freeze Iranian nuclear enrichment, a renewed concern has arisen about the threat to the US of  long range ICBMs being developed by the Islamic Regime.  Alleged development of Iranian rocket bases in Venezuela on the  Paraguaná peninsula by construction companies controlled by Iranian Revolutionary Guards was reported in 2011 by Die Welt and the Jerusalem Post  from Western security sources.

Alleged Venezualan Missile base complex 2012 Source google Maps(1)

Alleged Venezualan Missile base complex 2012 Source google Maps(1)

These were disputed by both Venezuela and the US, according to  a subsequent CNN report. Nonetheless, that apocalyptic prospect concerns me as both a Floridian and a US Army veteran who experienced the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962.  Two separate events in recent days eerily brought home that possibility.

One was an interview with Mark Regev, Israeli spokesperson for PM Netanyahu  by Jake Tapper on CNN. The other was the response to questions about Iranian Missiles I posed to Israeli Brig. Gen. (ret.) Michael Herzog during a Clarion Project briefing about the Iran nuclear threat.

As noted in a Jewish Press article by Lori Lowenthal Marcus, Regev commented during the Tapper CNN interview:

I mean, the Iranians are building intercontinental ballistic missiles. They’re not building them for us; they’ve already got missiles that can reach Israel. They’re building them for you! For targets in North America and Western Europe. It’s crucial that we don’t allow them to get nuclear weapons.

Regev’s comment was reflected in Herzog’s response to a question I posed to him about the ranges of Iranian Missiles during the Clarion project briefing.



Herzog referenced the status of Iranian development of technology of nuclear warheads and simulation tests of nuclear triggers at the Parchin facility in Iran.  He cited three Missiles in the Iranian inventory, the liquid fueled Shahab 3, the solid fuel Selji-2  and North Korean-supplied  MB-25 solid fuel ICBMs, – many in reinforced silos in Iran – with  ranges from 2,200 to 3,500 Kilometers covering all of the Middle East and virtually many major capitals of Europe – London , Paris, Berlin.  That was reminiscent of Nazi development during WWII of a V or “revenge” hypersonic space rocket plane capable of dropping a radioactive bomb on New York, disclosed by an article in the U.K. Daily Mail in January 2013.   In October 2013, Reuters reported Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu saying that American Intelligence knew that Iran may have under development missiles capable of eventually hitting the US.  Netanyahu was probably basing that assessment on a July 2013 by the US Air Force National Air and Space Intelligence Center, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Office of Naval Intelligence report, entitled Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat 2013. The joint intelligence report predicted that “Iran could develop and test an ICBM capable of reaching the United States by 2015.” An assessment that London –based International Institute for Security Studies called, “a distant prospect”.

According to a 2012 Business Insider report, Miami, Florida is less than 1,300 miles from Venezuela well within the 1,800 mile range of an Iranian Ghadr-100A missile. Then there is matter of Iran launching a possible EMP attack on the US from missile equipped container vessels off the US coast. That is a plausible threat given tests of SCUD rockets  conducted by the Islamic regime from vessels in the Caspian Sea in 2008, we noted in an August 2011 New English Review article, “The Iranian Missile Threat”. We recently wrote about the ability of Iranian vessels using cyber hacking of the international GPS vessel identification to disguise oil shipments with false foreign flags.

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