Another Hate Crimes Report Contradicts Islamist Claims

4 thoughts on “Another Hate Crimes Report Contradicts Islamist Claims

  1. More than 1,800 reported incidents targeted black people?
    It seems to me that the targets were white people and the predators were blacks…or, the blacks were the targets as well as whites and blacks would be the perpetrators.
    I believe Muslims may be behind much of the crime against whites and blacks as well as Jews.

  2. I agree with al Kidya, (clever name, al). The great majority of violent crimes in the USA are committed by blacks against non-blacks, mainly whites. The latest fad, The Knockout Game, is instigated totally by blacks and includes an increasing number of incidents of easily identifiable, (by their garb and facial hair), Orthodox Jews.
    Although the news media is very reluctant to identify black criminals when they attack whites, talk radio and the internet lead the way in reporting the truth and if the mass media had a conscience they would be ashamed of their protection of Obama’s race, and of Obama’s promotion of Muslims.
    Odd for a Christian to ignore his own religion in favor of the violence prone Islamists.
    Or, could he be lying about his religion too?

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