BREAKING: Lt. Gen. McInerney Says #MH370 Is In Pakistan – ‘I Got A Source That Confirmed It Yesterday’ (Video)

Gateway Pundit, by Jim Hoft:

Retired Lt. General Thomas McInerney was on America’s News HQ today to once again discuss his theory that missing flight MH370 flew to Pakistan.

McInerney and LIGNET Intel Group still believe the plane flew to Pakistan.
paki flight

Langley Intelligence Group Intel Group released a second report Friday on the missing plane.

As the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 drags on without a trace of wreckage at sea, the likelihood of foul play looms larger. One country keeps rising to the top of the list of suspects: Pakistan.

Ten days after the flight vanished, LIGNET learned that engineers at Boeing, the plane’s manufacturer, believed the missing aircraft was on the ground in Pakistan. For several reasons, including al-Qaeda’s presence there, historical attack patterns, corruption, weakness and terrorist sympathies at the highest levels inside Pakistan, that hunch may be right.

Lt. Gen. McInerney discussed why the plane flew to Pakistan.

“LIGNET put out a report, substantiated yesterday, that there sources got their information from Boeing sources, which is covert. Not that they got their information from the Boeing Company because they’re involved in the investigation, that the airplane was in Pakistan. That was confirmed by LIGNET on Monday and I got another source at LIGNET that confirmed it yesterday… I do believe that those people in Pakistan, in the ISI, those people who knew where Osama Bin Laden was and didn’t tell us. I believe those same elements could be involved with getting that airplane into a Pakistan air force base.”


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  1. My theory to this aircraft missing is I believe also that the plane is landed somewhere in Pakistan and the reason we haven’t heard any terrorist group come forth is because I think they are going to use the airline in a mass destruction towards the U.S.A

    • Exactly what I posted 3 days after it happened. Morons keep looking in the ocean. Who would go to all that trouble to fly it thousands of miles to crash it into the ocean? Could have done that 10 minutes after takeoff.

      • Sure would like to know how the powers that be figured it went on the southern versus the northern route. There are numerous WW-2 air bases in China and one, Kunming, became an international airport before closing in June 2012. Wikipedia has a photo of a 777 size plane at that airport when it was open and there exists airport codes that can be used in the flight simulator. Interim stopping point until the heat dies down???

    • Either us or Israel. Wish they would get off the water and move on. McInerney has not wavered one time. Pak could easily get the plane onto their base. What’s to stop them? Why would you take a plane over Ind Ocean when you knew how far it could travel? It makes sense to me, more than in the ocean. Wasting time…They could be out there forever while terrorist are laughing. They would not claim anything until it hits us or Israel. They know we expect to hear and are holding off. That’s terror…not knowing. Feel for these poor families. Malaysia blew it on the front end. Not buying their excuses…

      • Probably against Israel. Malaysia is a Mooselum country that hates Israel. It’s former PM said “The Jews run the world.” Malaysia has never had diplomatic relations with Israel.

      • They will not be using it now. They underestimated the pings/handshake that continued to go off which the pilots probably knew but the two terrorists didn’t. The plane was tracked and the seas searched. They F-D up.

      • Maybe that is why Israel vamped up their security etc. They know something is up with it too.

    • EXACTLY what I thought from the beginning that it had to do with wanting to attack the USA, but of course I am just a common woman with common sense and no one would listen to my theories. I always have a good gut. Woman normally do. I hope a woman gets into office, not Hillary though.

      • I too am a woman who goes by my gut feelings often. I agree very strongly with you. This plane did not veer off course accidentally. It was intentionally diverted and is sitting somewhere…Pakistan or some other country that hates America. It will return with all 239 passengers to hit another building/event in the USA.

      • Nancy said ” It will return with all 239 passengers to hit another building/event in the USA.”. It could be worse! If they use it to deliver a nuclear weapon they couldn’t deliver by rocket; knowing we would let it land with those passengers on board.

      • I have a gut feeling as well, and have had it from the start. Too many missing links to their stories. I say it will either be used on Israel during Passover, or it will be used in Manhattan. Either way I feel the government knows and knew from the start and they will blame it on someone else. Just a woman’s gut feeling.
        Don’t tell me this plane is lying in the bottom of the Indian Ocean.
        Let’s see….Twenty (FreeScale) employees on board this flight manufacture semiconductor chips which includes those making it possible for planes to vanish from radar. These are people with jobs related with computer high technologies… yet you are telling me…not even one (FreeScale) employee could send a message out saying, we have been hijacked, or a simple…please help us? This is a company that manufactures cutting edge weaponry for the Department of Defense. If anyone group would be able to sit on a plane and use their cellphones undetected I’d sure like to think that these (FreeScale) employees could.
        Overall, these people who work for (FreeScale) are very clever, highly educated, and very computer-savvy people. HMMMM! Tell me again this plane is lying in the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Tell me where this plane is really going to turn up, and who is the target of your attack? I can just smell another false flag operation coming soon and I think you are just judging the public reaction to see if we will swallow the garbage you are about to spew upon us. Who will they frame and blame?

    • Unfortunately I have to agree with you. It is being loaded with a nuclear bomb as I type this and eventually will end up right here in the USA.
      This is my gut feeling and I also think many of our governing body is involved as well. All for the love of Money & Power.
      May God Bless us and keep us and with great hope I wish for it to be destroyed over the ocean as they are trying to make us believe now!

      • They don’t need to use it to hit either israel or the US………..when there’s so much going in in the Ukraine. A nuclear blast there, now, could easily set off WW3

    • I have this theory as soon as I heard from News Channels that the flight was diverted. If this plane is in Pakistan, it could be outfitted into a weapon of mass destruction against the U.S. and our allies. Our government knew more than what is on the news. That’s probably why the FCC wants to suppress all news reporting and communications. I hope all passengers are alive, however, chances are, they could be used as bargaining chips to Al-Qaeda or Taliban prisoners. But then again, I hope to God that if this is hi-jacking or sabotage, or mechanical problems, that all 239 souls on board did not struggle. This incident is very fishy to me because there were no distress calls and the plane’s communication was shut down. Is my theory far-fetched?

    • I agree with your analysis. Unfortunately this is not what we want but seems logical.

    • I totally agree. They are spending millions of dollars to look in the ocean and that plane is somewhere else. I also believe that they are planning some sort of mass destruction and that’s why they haven’t come forward yet, at least not until they have succeeded.

      • I agree the plane isn’t in any ocean it’s on land and will be used against us. The government thinks the people of this country will believe anything they tell the media to tell us LOL neither are very good at bullshit because that is just what this is they are wanting us to believe and it stinks like bullshit. How did the plane get to where they are trying to say that it went down all of a sudden and no other plane saw it or ships ???? If satellites can read a car tag it can see what that is in the ocean. We would probably be scared if we knew everything that our government and other governments have done and are doing. And to the person about a woman president because we have gut feelings better a president that has gut feelings than no feelings !!!! I agree Hillary Clinton is not president material she is a disgrace for women in politics Again if you can’t tell bullshit walking and talking just watch Hillary and you will see, hear, and smell bullshit!

    • i agree with pam wilsons comment on march 22……right from the get go I believed it was a hijacking..and thought Russia, north korea or north Vietnam involvement then i added Pakistan to the mix…whatever is going on its plane to deduct its gonna be used as decoy or in something much bigger….if I was the usa I would be watchin my ass cause if its any of the above countries, they not like usa much…I reckon the usa knows exactly where the plane is…we can kiss goodbye to the passengers, I don’t think they will keep them alive unless they become a bomb trigger when the fuckers send the plane on back…..just think of all those spy sattelites the usa has…they know where the plane has been hijacked to but they not gonna tell us nothing and aussies as well as the rest of the countries involved with looking for the plane wreckage will be duped with the usa coverup of false wreckage off our west aussie coast….yes and you usa spys, we know you read all we type on here…yous have done too much secret stuff for us to be fooled anymore…..

    • do u now realize how it turned out? and how stupid and sick minded u ppl are to even think like that??

  2. There are a couple of airfields on the Pakistan/Itan border, that aren’t anywhere near anything, that have runways that are at least 6000′-ish, the absolute minimum for the 777 to land, especially of most of the fuel is gone.

    Why in the middle of nowhere besides the obvious? Also easy to dispose of bodies in the desert. Also puts it with striking distance of Israel, or a strike on one of our downsizing bases in Afghanstan.

    • Absolute minimum for the 777 is 3,500-4,000. There are many fields that can handle that

  3. With all those Spy Satellites that can read the tag number on your car in the middle of rush hour traffic and they can’t spot or make out clearly wreckage at sea or a Triple 7 sitting on a runway in Pakistan………I just have a huge problem with all this. Heck, I can even see my cars sitting in my driveway clearly on Google satellite…….just saying something don’t add up.

    • I agree something is up (see my reply above), however those Google images are not current. The one that shows my house is 2 years old. That being said, the feds have much better satellites. So, you’re right on there. However, it was probably moved to hangar quickly, and has been repainted. Wouldn’t be surprised if they have changed the electronics to show up as a different plane on radar now too.

      • Don’t they keep backups of satellite images for several days or more? If satellites were in the right position at the time, they should be able to review footage and track the plane. They sure were able to see a caravan leaving Iraq – on the opposite border than the one we entered in the war – via satellite. I would really be surprised if not one satellite has the needed images. Either that, or someone knows enough to hit a window of no coverage!

    • I agree but have to remember our NSA wasn’t looking for this Plane..Only asked after the fact..Satellite’s are pointed by someone and turned on and off by someone Obama hasn’t helped anyone and only aided when asked….They don’t take Pic’s 24/7 like everyone believes…Going to be interesting the next few weeks for sure…

    • I used to be a satellite ground operator/controller. It isn’t as easy as you and Hollywood makes it out to be. Sorry.

      • Oh. Thank you for the information – learned something today. That said, with everything going on and all the unrest over there, if I was in charge, the images would be streaming every time the area came into view. A little preventative … or forewarning … is always nice.

        LOL – know that sounds naive … easier said than done.

    • Getting that detailed on a specific target is one thing… Scanning an area that large, looking for an object the size of a 777 (very small, comparatively) is incredibly intensive. I’m sure “they” are already targeting every airfield in those countries to get as much intel as they can get. People know stuff… And those people aren’t on the TV or radio.

    • I agree Randall. This plane is sitting somewhere where the US military and US gov’t knows where it is at. My guess is that the “planners” are planning to hit Israel or the US with a dirty nuke. My other guess is that we’ve got special ops on the ground and drones overhead watching the plane’s hanger. We’ll blow the plane up with no newscast to announce it, and it will just be considered unfound, like Amelia Earhart.

    • Yes, but you have your address to help you find your house. Imaging trying to find, even, your block, if you didn’t know where in the US to look. The Indian Ocean is a huge area to be looking for something as small as a plane and/or its wreckage. To escape radar detection, the plane would have had to fly very low over India and any other area covered by radar. I’m not sating it didn’t happen, but its a lot harder than you think. People would have noticed a 737 flying that low.

    • If you can see your car on google satellite , why can’t you search for the plane MH370 , . . . ? YOU WILL BE A HERO ON DOING SO !

    • I knew they had to hide it very fast,before the World started looking for it! I thought it was in Viet Nam when they said it turned & it still may very well be! After they went to the pilots homes,I knew it wasn’t crashed or blown or anything like that! After that I knew it was all in one piece! It’s all guess work anyway,until one of those wizards claim responsibility for it!

  4. Israel is the target. The 777 will be used as the delivery system for Iran’s weapon.

    • They’re in for a surprise…God doesn’t let Israel lose. If the aircraft doesn’t mysteriously disintegrate just before reaching Israeli airspace, there will be a major “natural” occurrence to bring it down. Israel is the Apple of God’s eye; He will bless those who bless them, and curse those who curse them. It’s all coming down to Armageddon – keep your eyes on Jerusalem. Maranatha!

  5. Sure hope the NATO group has fighters on alert and loaded and ready to go if any problems standup and all governments OK a shoo
    t down if necessary and confirmed.

  6. No wonder they want the internet so bad. We can’t believe a thing that is on the news!

  7. Dont you think that the counterintelligence forces are allowing the ocean searches to continue as they work the Pakistan option?The “lack of terrorist chatter” is a joke. It has been so stronly advertised, that even the idiot AQ activists know hoe to go dark. Just hope Obama doesnt kill a bunch of seals again after we hit ’em…

  8. I said before that Iran or Pakistan has the plane with intentions of loading it with radioactive material and the passengers (who are probably already dead) and flying it towards Israel, and making them shoot it down or let it crash somewhere in their country.

  9. Lt. Gen. Dumbass, please do tell. I’m about tired of the ‘experts’ that have nothing but speculation to offer. There’s no way that plane could have flown across country that far at tree-top height as to not be detected. Nice try. Back to the toy soldier board you go, please…

    • If it stayed mostly over water, at night it would be quite hard to know what just buzzed you as it flew over, so don’t discount anything yet..

    • Oh, they have other “facts” they’ve leaked via “anonymous US sources” to the media…to wit:

      1) The left-turn was pre-programmed…wrong
      2) The plane followed known navigational waypoints…wrong
      3) The ACARs and Transponder were deliberately turned off…any knowledgeable person can tell you this is impossible to know without the FDR.

      I’m sure there’s others, but that’s all I could think of off the top of my head.

      The problem is our government is full of these idiots who spout nonsense and then cover their ass with “I can’t tell you what I know…it’s super top secret.”

      It’s very telling that the only credible source of information in this whole mess has come from a Brit commercial satellite company and civilian engineers. Probably a good thing because our guys probably think it’s carrying those “slam-dunk” WMD that were in Iraq.

  10. ovomit orchestrated this also as his ratings are in the shitter and he wants to become lord and saviour by pulling some bullshit rescue– WISE UP AMERICA we have a fukin dangerous loon in OUR WHITE house

  11. also ovomit is using this bullshit search to take the minds off of the scandels he’s rolling along

    • So now the thing to do is to have a phone that has long battery life – and leave it on – in your checked luggage. Also – you should have an extra one and stash it in the overhead or under your seat. On silent mode of course. That way, if you are hijacked – and land near towers – even if you are killed – they can call your phone and locate the plane. LOL – And people wonder why I haven’t flown since before 9/11.

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  13. Early on there were legs and waypoints headed toward India. Media now Hans deleted them, makes you wonder what’s up?

  14. One thing is certain! America will do nothing but talk and these people will get no help from us! We have no one with any guts & it take’s a warrior,not a block party organizer to handle a Nation & it’s Enemies or Allies! Americans have become weak & very ignorant,just look who they elected…TWICE!! If it isn’t about something Free,or sueing someone white,America doesn’t seem to be interested! We have shown our weakness to the world,and we are now & have been for some time,a laughing stock! Moving toward being a third world country at a rapid rate! Just like that plane, our future is uncertain but you can bet it’ll get worse before it get’s better! America is like the 777 it’s captured,held hostage,and we now do what we’re told,no matter who’s doing the telling! America dies in 08′ she just hasn’t been buried as of yet!

    • John Wayne is exactly right! I’m just glad that I knew this country when it still had a future – Jefferson’s “Great Experiment” is done – so, so sad……

  15. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re saved. After taking on baggage and fuel we are heading for Tel Aviv.
    Remember, Pakistan has nukes.

  16. with a 666 usurping OUR presidents office we can expect ‘ it ‘ to get orders from
    satan all along !!!

  17. I agree USA is a spineless weak nation but NOT ALL AMERICANS voted for the piece of crap MUSLIM ruining our values, morals and Military!!!!!!!!

  18. Stolen/Gifted for the transfer of Electronic Warfare Equipment and Engineers in the lead up to World War III? 20 Free Scale employees on the plane, including Executive and key Patent filing engineers.

  19. This has got terrorist written all over it. They will have to act fast for fear of being found. An easy target is western Europe. France maybe. I don’t think they will travel all the way to USA for fear of being detected and shot down. But this will be very bad; a suicide mission with tons of explosives on board. God help us. Why we tip toe around the fact that Islam is at war with the West.

  20. Additionally, there has almost always been simultaneous attacks. This plane may be part of a larger attack.

  21. The plane had a large amount of lithium batteries in it’s cargo. Those batteries caught fire and exploded. There was no hijacking. Have you ever seen one lithium battery explode? Now imagine thousands exploding…..stop the conspiracies…

  22. if it comes back to AMERICA- let the WHITE house be the first target and ALL the ghetto gutter trash is home

  23. Of course it’s in Pakistan (we believed there or Iran @ our house). The big media push to “find” the debris and locate a plane is all a ruse. Bet the debris is a decoy. My guess: that plane was hijacked and sabotaged by jihadist pilots who decompressed the main cabin and asphyxiated the passengers & crew, then flew the plane to Pakistan, and are probably being paid big time and hailed as heroes. Plane will most likely be used as a weapon, my guess is on Israel. They’re in for a surprise…God doesn’t let Israel lose. If the aircraft doesn’t mysteriously disintegrate just before reaching Israeli airspace, there will be a major “natural” occurrence to bring it down. Israel is the Apple of God’s eye; He will bless those who bless the, and curse those who curse them. It’s all coming down to Armageddon – keep your eyes on Jerusalem. Maranatha!

  24. Is this the part that Austin Powers comes out flying the airplane back to Its original takeoff location? If that plane still in one piece, I’m afraid that the target is Israel… Sadly… I hope I’m wrong…

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  26. I fear that the target of this 777 now being weaponized will be our newest and largest aircraft carrier the George H.W. Bush, recently deployed to the Middle East.

  27. Fire in the wheel-well or electrical fire would require the pulling out of the busses so they could be tested one by one. But sine “communicate” is last on the list of “Aviate, navigate, communicate” in an emergency, the choking smoke was probably too thick to enable even the first two. It’s in the water. I once thought, Pakistan, nukes, Israel but I’ve since changed my mind. I mean, why would there be a delay?

  28. Combined with the Iranians building a mock up of a US aircraft, this airplane is no doubt being refitted and armed for an attack on a US naval vessel.

  29. I like the way one guy put it, “a 200 million dollar plane and no lo-jack GPS tracking device, my Honda has one from the factory to detour theft. Americans are stupid, am I missing something?”
    His logic make sense to me.

  30. Endgame: The Blueprint for Victory in the War on Terror
    The above book written by the retired Lt.Gen and who is obsessed with war on terror and now he is “targeting” Pakistan by saying foolishly that the Malaysian MAS MH 370 is in Pakistan held by Al-Qaeda.If the plane is in Pakistan as he says,it would have to fly through or pass several sensitive areas/borders including India,Myanmar ,China,Thailand and even a layman knows its not possible to escape the radars of these countries.

  31. It’s not over by any means. Will just wait and see if they find any debris/bodies, etc. Without a trace of the plane I’m not going to jump to any conclusions one way or the other

  32. Hijacked in order to kill three birds with one plane: Chinese hostages = Weegar alliance with Taliban, Nuclear bomb = Israel, Disruption of world air travel.

  33. If we are to believe this story that makes really no sense, where are the photos for us to see of this alleged floating wreckage?? It makes no sense and I smell a huge cover up. I do not trust our Prez nor anyone associated with him. More is known than we are being given. I know that I do not believe they went to the lengths they did just to crash it in the indian ocean. I am not some brilliant human, but it does not make sense and I will never believe it.

  34. When he was on Hannity he said, ” within 24-48 hours we’d see that he was correct.

    That was on the 18th or March, and today is the 25th. How did somebody from the military who’s a 3 star General forget that his timeline expired, and not one shred of evidence points to what he grossly clam as reliable sources.

    You all know that y’all followed him when he went full retard mode.

  35. the general also said iran. why? I believe this is the spot and the general is not a whacko but knows what he is talking about. that debris out there could have been jettisoned by a sub. guess what nation’s sub.? ww3 coming up around inauguration day unless u.s. does something!

  36. A lot of opinion here…and not ONE piece of evidence. You people don’t really believe this BS do you? Oh wait, you’re conspiracy theorists…of course you do. Critical thinking is a foreign concept to you folks. How very, very sad.

    If you’re going to say it’s in Pakistan…provide some PROOF please. Otherwise, this is meaningless.

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