Germany: 10,000 rally in Dresden against Islam/asylum seekers

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“Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West” marched in Dresden earlier this week.

A day after the Obama Administration announced it is “welcoming”9,000 Syrian Muslims to the US, Germans are expressing their anger loud and clear about the influx of Muslim asylum seekers. Germany is planning to take up to 20,000 Syrians in the coming months. Demonstrations of this size must be shaking up the European Union.  In October it was Cologne.

From Reuters atYahoo News:

BERLIN/NUREMBERG (Reuters) – Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday condemned anti-Muslim demonstrations centered on the eastern city of Dresden, saying there was “no place in Germany” for hatred of Muslims or any other minority.

In a speech at a party congress of her Bavarian allies in Nuremberg, Merkel also denounced an attack on buildings in a nearby town being turned into refuge for asylum-seekers…

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7 thoughts on “Germany: 10,000 rally in Dresden against Islam/asylum seekers

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  2. Why can’t we take some of the Christian refugees ? They put the persons religion on their ID card. We could buck them right up, no problem, with just a criminal check. Christians from Iraq too, and say that is our quota. And welcome them home.

    What is wrong with choosing people who have the best Chance of integrating Into our country?

    • We should, and probably could if we applied enough pressure on our “leaders”.
      The fact is, the UN determines refugee status, and Christians aren’t on their list.
      I agree, most of the Christians would be an asset to our society, industrious, productive, and grateful to be free after centuries of persecution by their islamic overlords.

  3. And not forgetting that while the lily livered liberals are bleating about torture of a tiny number terrorists, these Syrian (read muslim) refugees follow the doctrine of islam, wherein eternal torture of the every enemy of islam is divinely ordained, and ‘ipso facto’ approved by muslims.
    On current estimates, that is five billion plus of the world’s population, plus all those non-muslims who have already died or are yet to be born, are fated to suffer this torture.

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