Obama’s Legacy is More Jihad


CSP, by Frank Gaffney, Feb. 18, 2015:

The backdrop for today’s White House “Countering Violent Extremism Summit” will be the latest outrage by the Islamic State – its mass immolation of 45 captured Kurdish soldiers.

Like his previous claims to have put al Qaeda “on the path to defeat,” any assertion by President Obama that he is successfully countering such – to use his phrase – “violent extremism” should be seen for what it is: a fraud perpetrated on the American people.

As you listen to news accounts of actual or pledged “progress” at Team Obama’s international summit, keep this in mind: the number, reach and ambitions of global jihadists today constitute vastly more serious problems for peace- and freedom-loving peoples than was the case six years ago. If allowed to continue unchecked, they will imperil our children and grandchildren. Some legacy, Mr. President.


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