CAIR Leader Nezar Hamze Is Now Deputy Sheriff


First Jewish Sheriff of Broward County picks representative of terror group to wear gun and badge.

Frontpage, by Joe Kaufman, July 24, 2015:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has its foundation in the terrorist organization Hamas. It has been named as a co-conspirator by the U.S. government for two federal trials dealing with the financing of Hamas, and it is recognized as an international terrorist group by the government of United Arab Emirates (UAE). Given this information, how is it possible that one of this group’s leaders, Nezar Hamze, could be considered for a position at one of the most prominent Sheriff’s offices in the United States? However, that is exactly what has happened.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) is the largest fully accredited Sheriff’s office in the nation. As such, having the title of Sheriff comes with much fanfare and responsibility. The current Sheriff is Scott Israel; he was elected to office in November 2012. As Sheriff, Israel has made it a point to reach out to diverse crowds, including those who could be considered enemies of the U.S. and her allies.

Broward Sheriff Scott Israel’s 2015 radical Muslim tour began this past January, when he posed for photos with Sofian Abdelaziz Zakkout and a member of Zakkout’s Miami-based AMANA group at a local mosque. Zakkout is a big supporter of Hamas. On his Facebook page, one can find Hamas logos and photos of Hamas militants and leaders, including Hamas founders Ahmed Yassin and Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi and deceased Hamas bomb maker Yehiya Ayyash.


Can Sheriff Israel, the first Jewish Sheriff in Broward County, seriously believe that Nezar Hamze – a man who has spent years as a leader of a fanatic Muslim organization; a man who repeatedly refused to denounce Hamas when given numerous chances; a man who tried to make excuses for his murderer cousin, after his cousin had willfully ran over a woman, dragged her body for several miles, and then tried to flee the country – should serve as a Deputy Sheriff in one of the most prominent Sheriff’s offices in the nation?!!

By employing Nezar Hamze, Sheriff Scott Israel has compromised not only the Broward Sheriff’s office, but the security of the entire county and by extension U.S. national security. And with the intelligence information made available to someone in Hamze’s position and the misleading information Hamze has exhibited he is capable of providing, who knows how much damage this could cause!

If the situation is not corrected and Nezar Hamze is not dismissed from his position immediately, Sheriff Israel should resign from office immediately.

If you wish to contact Sheriff Israel, you can do so by sending an e-mail, or you can call the Broward Sheriff’s Office, at 954-764-4357. Please be respectful in any and all communications with this office.

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2 thoughts on “CAIR Leader Nezar Hamze Is Now Deputy Sheriff

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    A very fine line has been established. The scales need to balance, and should this be legitimate, a very old criteria has been thrown into the scrap bin, and a new foundation, set. From a former position the subject held, vast amounts of firsthand know-how can be utilized to the good, but if old ways rise up, issues will be bad. Question is, does the man possess sufficient Integrity, to carry out his Oath to his badge? I hope so, for the People of Broward County, FL, sake. Everyone must wait and to find out, what is in the man’s heart, and what is in his soul. This man, hopefully will be a pleasant surprise, rather than a serious consequence. Time will tell. His actions will speak for itself.

  2. Brittius – The problem is that Nezar Hamze is currently active as the South Florida leader of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). In the report below CAIR leaders are tied directly to Hamas as determined at the HLF Trial.

    Based on the group CAIR’s ties to terrorist organization, the DOJ restrictions for dealing with CAIR members, and their current unindicted co-conspirator status — Nezar Hamze should be forced to turn in his badge until he either severs all ties with CAIR or until this unindicted co-conspirator status is resolved.

    Nobody cares that Sheriff Hamze is Muslim there are plenty of Muslim LE officers all over the country. The problem is with Nezar Hamze’s association with CAIR a federal court found was a supporter of Hamas a terrorist group.

    This is a BIG issue!!

    This 2013 Department of Justice (DOJ) report states, “Since the summer of 2008, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has had in place policy for its field offices that was intended to
    significantly restrict non-investigative interactions with the Council on
    American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)…The FBI originally established this policy in response to a
    criminal investigation and prosecution by the Department of Justice in
    which CAIR and other organizations were named as unindicted coconspirators
    in a terrorism financing case. As a result of the
    investigation and pro · the FBI determined that it needed a
    unified and coordinated sharply circumscribing FBI
    non-investigative outreach activities with CAIR, in part, to “ensure that
    the FBI is not supporting individuals who support extremist or terrorist

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