White House “Quietly” to Increase Syrian Refugees to America

State and county officials oppose administration’s push.

Counterjihad, March 1, 2016:

The Washington Examiner reports on Obama administration moves to increase the number of refugees from the Syrian war zone coming to America.

The issue has become a flashpoint in the presidential race and among governors who are concerned that Washington won’t properly vet the refugees to weed out terrorists.  But locally, it’s an issue of money and support. Sean Conway, a county commissioner from Weld County in Greeley, Colo., said he has had to “fight” with the State Department to get promised services such as healthcare and interpreters. Worse, he added, “Many times we don’t even know that relocation is taking place until it’s going on.”  

By law, the administration can let in some 10,000 Syrian refugees a year, though fewer have been. There are an estimated 4.2 million Syrian refugees.

Already the United States takes the lion’s share of the world’s refugees:  according to a 2012 UN report, we take more than five times as many refugees as the next leading country, Australia.  We do so in spite of the fact that the tens of thousands of refugees are coming from a world significantly more hostile to American values than existed when our laws were crafted.

The Refugee Resettlement Program of the US State Department and the Department of Health and Human Services is more than 35 years old.  The 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act eliminated quotas for African and Asian countries at a time when the Islamic world was quite different – look at photos of women in Afghanistan, Cairo and Iran from that era.  The cultural situation in the Islamic world has worsened considerably as radical shariah-compliant forms have flourished.

In recent years public opposition to increasing refugees has grown so much that the State Department decided to suspend public hearings on its refugee resettlement program.  In 2014, it took testimony only electronically, and has not made the content of that testimony available to the American public.

And, just as the state and county officials say, the State Department does not work with them fairly.  Local governments have to cope with unexpected overload on their health departments and education systems.  Yet the bulk of Federal grant monies paid out by the State Department in its refugee program go not to the local governments, but to Federal contractors who grow rich off the resettlement process.  Even at the Federal level, State’s movements are kept concealed.   The State Department’s relevant office turns in its reports to Congress years behind the lawfully required schedule, preventing your representatives from knowing what they are doing until it is years too late to stop them.

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  1. president Obama action should be seen as nothing less then and act of treason for siding with potential enemy the terrorist Obama is out to destroy this country by any means possible and far to many are either afraid to stop him or just to plan stupid to see it.

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