FBI Rewrites Federal Law to Let Hillary Off the Hook

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One thought on “FBI Rewrites Federal Law to Let Hillary Off the Hook

  1. This was not a mere single “felony” committed.EVERY single offense would warrant an additional Felony charge,which would add up to literally dozens of felony charges.
    It is my opinion that Director Comey went beyond his purview and authority to decide to NOT charge her.
    A “special prosecutor” should have been appointed to review the FBI findings and a Federal Grand Jury convened to decide if charges were merited and what charges she would be charged with.
    By denying “We the People” OUR day in court against hitlery,justice was withheld when it was “We the Peoples” lives she jeopardized with her arrogant,cavalier use of non State Department servers which are heavily encrypted and secured to protect sensitive documents and communications.
    For her to NOT use State Department servers shows CLEAR INTENT on her part to hide her communications/deals with person/s unknown.Her attorneys admitted to deleting THOUSANDS of her e-mails.That was a clear case of “Obstructing Justice” and “Tampering with evidence” at the least.
    Right,as an investigator I’m surely going to take THE DEFENSE ATTORNEYS WORD as to WHY evidence was destroyed……………NOT IN A HUNDRED YEARS.
    Director Comey laid out a very detailed,well researched case against her and then due to no previous crimes of this magnitude with which to base charges,and what he claimed as a “Lack of intent” refused to charge her at all.A clear case of “willful blindness” a disease which runs rampant thru the halls of power these dark days.
    It is becoming readily apparent that those at the top do NOT serve “We the People” but rather their own selfish,self-centered interests and “We the People” are no more than their slavish cannon fodder to be used,abused and left to die at THEIR whims.
    I would call this a “Travesty of Justice” but unfortunately,AGAIN,Justice has nothing to do with this deal.
    Semper Fi
    Stop the Threat !

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